Top 8 Feature Match – Vegeta vs Bojack

This year we we able to record some of the Top 8 matches so you guys can enjoy them over and over.  The first feature match was between Didier Greenleaf’s Vegeta Freestyle deck vs David Fashbinder’s Bojack Black TS decks.  This was one of the craziest matches I’ve seen in a long time.  Full of big momentum shifts and near comebacks.  Be sure to check back for more match videos, panel videos and tournament reports from this years Gencon.


14 Comments to "Top 8 Feature Match – Vegeta vs Bojack"

  1. The_Matt says:

    Chippy…where trying to have a top 8 match here..

  2. Didier says:

    Ugh, why did I get Gutter after I Jolting Slashed :'(

  3. Chipmunk says:

    My fav game in all of Top 8. Great matchup.

    David “Chipmunk” Eckhard
    The Interrupter

  4. Maupin says:

    After watching this match I have to say it was enjoyable to watch and one of those matches that no one could feel bad about losing based on how well it was played.

  5. tommy says:

    Epic match, I really didn’t like how he was doing his discard/rfg pile though… how hard is it to just have 2 separate piles to avoid confusion? Just saying.

    • Didier says:

      It’s not confusing to me :'(

      What confuses me is having two separate unmarked piles face up.

      • Mankat says:

        That’s legit. I personally can’t stand having my RFG pile on the bottom of my discard because I like to check what is on the bottom every now and then. I do use two separate piles just the RFG pile is tapped or sideways. Not that it matters because nothing illegal come from it. Though the only part that was confusing was Vegeta’s Jolting Slash and Vegeta’s Jolting Slash being on the top and bottom

  6. Garrett says:

    This match was a ton of fun to watch. It made me realize how bad my build of Vegeta Freestyle is. lol

  7. Chris S. says:

    Awesome match. Grats DBM. Even though it was just last weekend, I am already thinking about stuff for next year. lol

  8. Brian Valdez says:

    Really wish I didn’t have so much going on here at home, cause watching these matches makes me really want to play. So much in fact that I checked out my Magic Online account I haven’t used in forever and saw I had like $150 in there. One thing I think would really improve this video would be captions, so it would be easier to follow.

    • Joshman says:

      I was planning on commentating, but it’s hard to do so when you can’t comment on the hands and you’re relegated to pretty much having to announce what was going on. The whiskey probably didn’t help any either.

      • Mankat says:

        Even just relegating what is going on through cards being played is nice. Some of the cards I couldn’t see due to camera being to far away/glare from the sleeves. There was some card that had what looked to be Grand Kai on it and every matched that I had seen had this card, what was that? I check the Card Image data base and I couldn’t find any though I could have missed it

  9. mcq26 says:

    great game…orig we built the deck to be able to 1-3 anger…but without vegeta’s percussion concussion (tuff enough only) it lost some steam and in playtesting it almost always auto-lost againts broly saiyan 1-3 anger…also lmao the night before cell’s presence was in the sensei deck and it was taken out because we thought the only ally decks we’d see would be chi-chi and virtual vegeta

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