Kid Buu Re Do

Ever notice how in Kid Buu, there were certain personalities that had unbelievably high power levels for no discernible reason? These personalities are Bulma the Wife, Chi-Chi the Grandmother, Pan the Granddaughter of Gokuand Hercule the Everlasting World ChampionHeck, that Hercule has a higher power level at level one than any non-Buu, non-Fusion personality (he ties with Majin Vegeta). Well, one of our first changes for future Retro Events is to correct those personalities.

Consider these to be an errata for those corresponding personalities in the Kid Buu Saga. With the recent changes to the Double Power Rule, some may think this change is really moot, but it was done for a few reasons:

1. This is how they were originally intended to be played, the extra zeroes in their power levels were a printing error.

2. This is more in line/flavor with the source material.

3. With Hercule in particular, these personalities were meant to be used with a few different cards that relied on low power levels.

These cards will be added to the virtual card library for proxy use if you so choose to use proxies instead of the original cards. Later BroZ!

11 Comments to "Kid Buu Re Do"

  1. Mankat says:

    I always did wonder why Chi Chi and Bulma level 1 had more power than their other levels combined. Also did wonder why Pan’s power rating was more than 10x that of her mothers, even if she had saiyan blood in her.

  2. Didier says:

    Good good good. Does this mean all retro events will not contain the DP rule?

  3. Sayjin says:

    Unless some horriblely unintended result came about from a rule change, I don’t really see why a rule would haphazardly be applied.

  4. Chipmunk says:

    I approve. Good Jorb.


  5. I cant remember why we never changed these when they came out. We must been have so far into developing we never noticed.

  6. Bojac says:

    Dislike. I always liked how ridiculous it was.

  7. DBM says:

    yeah this was really not something that came up during testing; and then we went right on to GT where everyone had 16 stages and 10 bazillion power levels.

  8. Nate says:

    Pan is the only wrong change I say…she DID beat Goten in the final Worlds Tournament (you see this in the final credits images)…She had been training with Goku as well…I can see her having the higher power level…

  9. themrkunkel says:

    It 100% isn’t a moot change. It allows them to use Underdog Dropkick and Krillin’s Overhead Smack which is the main cards that let weak power-level personalities compete with the big ones.

  10. Maverick says:

    Even the corrected numbers are a little high. Satan with 2.000 have the same amount as Raditz, but he doesn’t seem to have half the power Raditz have on the show. Chi-chi and Bulma always had messed up powers… =p

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