Virtual Card Set 2013 – Resistance is Futile!

We have often argued over what to do with the Cooler and Meta-Cooler personalities. They both *kinda* work with the Blue Style, and nothing else, so we often thought of allowing the personalities to mix. Ultimately they were just too different to make that even a viable choice. We also thought of allowing Meta-Cooler to use the amazingly powerful Cooler’s Surprise Attack, which we were pretty close to doing until we came up with this card.

20 Meta-Cooler's Assimilation DrillThis card is pretty much made for the Meta-Cooler Lv. 1 personality. In fact, the way that personality is worded, once you have this drill in play than really nothing can get at your drills. They cannot be discarded, removed or shuffled away. Really, your best shots at getting Meta-Cooler separated from his drills are advancing him a personality level, shutting off his drills or shutting off his personality power. The downside is, you’re going to be limited to the Blue Style, but they do have some pretty impressive for offense and defense. You also get to protect your Freestyle drills (though it won’t do anything for your Devastation Drills). Meta-Cooler definitely wants to stay on Level 1, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of his later levels with an Unlocked Potential (which will make all your attacks do +5 stages with Meta-Cooler’s Assimilation Drill out and even more if it’s a Blue Style physical attack when you choose the Level 3 power). Throw in Space Pirate Chilled and you’ve got all the ingredients to make a nasty little control/beats deck.

Originally this card worked with all effects, but we had to throw in the clause that it doesn’t work with Mastery effects because we did not want this combo’d with the Majin Buu Saga Blue Style Mastery which would essentially allow you to prevent at least 2 life cards of damage from every attack, as long as you had a discard pile. An unintended side effect of the drill, and way too powerful with Meta-Cooler’s other advantages, so we nerfed it. We did add the Red Tokui-Waza clause, in case any Cell Saga Red Style Mastery deck wanted to add the card to gain a little more consistency.

That’s it for this card, we can’t wait to see how Meta-Cooler will affect the “meta” (haha) at Gen Con this year. Next time we’ll reveal the first ever Retro DBZ virtual TUFF ENUFF ONLY card, and it’s one that’ll really amp up a lot of decks!

Later, BroZ!

16 Comments to "Virtual Card Set 2013 – Resistance is Futile!"

  1. TuffEnuff says:

    Should be Meta-Cooler only, imo.

  2. Miyamoto1 says:

    Nice one. I agree that it should be meta-cooler only but it hink it might be pretty too good making drills nearly undgetridable

  3. Yep this, is going in my meta cooler. I didn’t play Unlocked for the sole reason of it giving my opponent a chance to make it useless in the next phase. Now I can play things like Power Strike and Brothers in Training.


  4. allan says:

    LOVE IT. I do agree, it should be Meta cooler only though, but great job gang.

  5. Darryl Fisher says:

    Out of curiosity, why do you guys think it should have been “meta cooler only”

    • Joshman says:

      Wondering the same.

    • TuffEnuff says:

      Past Rildo who else assimilated objects into themselves? This card is something Meta-Cooler could only do. Hence Meta-Cooler Only. Not to mention this drill auspiciously seems intended for use for someone else and not Meta-Cooler with the whole unnecessary “red” clause.

      • Joshman says:

        Purely intended for Meta-Cooler, but able to work with a few other cards as well like Mighty Mask Lv. 1 (which assimilated Kid Trunks and Goten into one personality).

  6. Jojo says:

    Not sure why it shouldn’t be able to work with MBS Blue Mastery. There is enough discard hate in the game that if that mastery ever became good there is tons of ways to side deck against it. It would make this card significantly less wordy and open up more interesting meta-cooler possibilities. Also agree with Meta-Cooler Only for nothing else but flavor reasons.

  7. allan says:

    I suppose, cooler only could could work, in case somebody wanted to try and work cooler as well since they are the same person really. Just food for a thought though.

  8. Kolzi says:

    Pity that regular cooler still sucks, there’s not much you can do to save a personality with disparate and situational powers I guess.

  9. Mark G says:

    I have a Metal Cooler deck id like to share and get some feed back on, it even uses these awesome new card.

  10. TuffEnuff says:

    I was thinking it would be nice to have a Salza, Dore, Neiz that could work around the Cooler personality levels that are somewhat weak aside from the level three that works around and helps Coolers personalities that lack of a punch. Cyclopian Guard(s) who could be Saibaman/Cell Jr-esque and/or even a “Meta-Cooler Bot” or something of that sort as i’d sugest altering the limit of Meta-Coolers that could be placed on the field to a certian number but Meta-Cooler personalty lacks the Ally potential and would by itself be a useless waste of space unless more Meta-Cooler cards would be made. .At any rate adding these allies this could also make some of the Blue Style Drills/cards that work in conjunction with Allies and make Cooler/Meta-Cooler viably diverse which is greatly lacking.

    • TuffEnuff says:

      I made a subset years ago on the Cooler movie and would be happy to share it and the idea’s I had for it if the site that uploaded it on is still active.

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