Complete Gen Con 2013 Just Saiyan Events

Gen Con Indy has finally approved the last of our events for the 2013 show. We’ll relist all of our other events here as well, but the Thursday line-up is brand new! We strongly recommend pre-registering for events, even the free ones, though we’ll do our best for not turning anyone away. Some of our panels have over 50 people signed up already, so be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out.

Thursday August 15th

5:00 PM – ANI1340894 – The Record of Lodoss War – Learn the history of the ultimate fusion of gaming and anime! Based on a series of Dungeons & Dragons play sessions, Lodoss War is the definitive anime fantasy title. – Westin : Chamber – FREE ENTRY!

7:00 PM – ANI1340893 – The Dragon Ball Panel – The Dragon Ball series has been a worldwide phenomenon for almost 30 years! Come join an informative and open celebration and discussion of the series with some of its most passionate fans. – Westin : Chamber – FREE ENTRY!

Friday August 16th

12:00 PM – TCG1340899 – RetroDBZccg 2013 Championship – The 3rd annual RetroDBZccg Championship: A friendly tournament and get together for fans of the Classic Score Dragon Ball Z CCG. – ICC : Hall F : Yellow : 22–29 – $8.00 Entry Fee

Saturday August 17th

5:00 PM – SEM1340895 – The Fantasy Football Panel – Jocks and nerds collide in this interactive competition that has swept the nation, from friendly office pools to the high-stake floors of Vegas. Get ready for the 2013 NFL season! – Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn C/D – FREE ENTRY!

7:00 PM – TCG1344096 – Saturday Night Tuff Enough – RetroDBZccg is proud to bring the Tuff Enough format back to Gen Con. – ICC : Hall F : Yellow : 1–3 – $8.00 Entry Fee

11:00 PM – SEM1341924 – The Drinking Games Panel – Sometimes all you need is your beverage of choice and a group of pliable friends and strangers for a night of great gaming. A how-to guide for a fun and safe time. – Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn A/B – FREE ENTRY! – 18+ Only, 21+ to Drink – BYOB (Water is an excellent choice.)

7 Comments to "Complete Gen Con 2013 Just Saiyan Events"

  1. I’m so sad that it will be nearly impossible for me to attend the Dragon Ball Panel. Nevertheless looking forward to everything else you guys are putting out this year.

  2. Dfisher says:

    How long did the tournament take last year? Will it be done by 5?

    • Chris Smith says:

      I believe the retro one went for 8-10 hours last year. Also who is the head judge this year and will you guys go over any ruling questions before hand?

      • Darryl Fisher says:

        Yea, I’ve had a couple questions that I would like answered before i make my deck as well.

      • Joshman says:

        Garrett will be head judge at the event with support from me, Chipmunk and I believe Orange Hat Guy. For the sake of consistency, all rulings before the tournament will come from me and Garrett. If neither Garrett nor I gave you the ruling, it’s not the official ruling.

  3. Blackblade says:

    Looks like fun, I should go to the Dragon Ball panel and Tough Enuff, Bubbles ftw!

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