Gencon 2013 Recap


RetroDBZccg Championship 2013 Top 16

Mike Ingersell – Trunks, Weaponmaster / MBS Freestyle

Billy Skreiner – Goku, HT WGS / Orange MBS

Chris baker – Jajirobe, Retired / Non-Toku

Todd Bolen – Bojack / Black TS

Scott Dashy – Broly / Saiyan CS

Joey DiCarlo – Master Roshi / Blue CS

James Stadtmiller – Master Roshi / Blue CS

Geoff Brewster – Future Gohan, Nightfall / Namekian WGS

Kevin Bock – Baba / Black CS

Chris Bhatto – Cell, Stage One / Namekian TS

Korey Hicks – Future Gohan, Nightfall / Namekian WGS

David Fashbinder – Piccolo the Trained / ┬áNamekian TS

Shaun “Alabama Man” Hindman – Trunks, HT / Orange MBS

Didier Greenleaf – Majin Vegeta, the Grinch / Saiyan TS

Joel G – Cell, Android 20’s Legacy / Namekian TS

Darryl Fisher – Baba / Black CS


Saturday Night Tuff Enough Top 8

David Fashbinder – Broly / Saiyan CS

Darryl Fisher – Baba / Black CS

Nick Wasinski – Trunks HT / Saiyan MBS

Didier Greenleaf – Krillin CCCP /Freestyle MBS

Scott Dashy – Broly / Saiyan CS

Kevin Bock – Baba / CS Black

Chris Bhatta – Android 18 / Black TS

Josh Merkel – Broly Saiyan CS

20 Comments to "Gencon 2013 Recap"

  1. Leo says:

    wow so awesome…I wish I still had my cards… I got 5th at akon in 2002

  2. allan says:

    Sounds great! Seems like Namekian did it’s thing this year. Congrats to everybody!

  3. Fresko says:

    Let us know if you pull the Star Trek UR

  4. mcq26 says:

    your ‘top 16’ only has 15 people listed…whont whont…

  5. kunk says:

    I can only imagine someone went undefeated in swiss and then dropped, again.

  6. deltree5 says:

    The person missing from Top 16 is Darryl Fisher with Black CS Baba.

  7. shannon says:

    Thanks for running the events. Looking forward to the next one. I imagine we will do one soon in Illinois.

  8. Sayjin says:

    Joel went undefeated in swiss, given that the final round of swiss was me vs him and we were both 5-0 at the time. I beat Joey in… I want to say round 5, but it may have been round 4. Forget the order I played him and Dave, but I remember them being back to back.

  9. Fresko says:

    Should be another Baba deck in Top 16.

  10. mcq26 says:

    i think its funny that so many namekian decks did so well and obviously they were different builds…future gohan…piccolo the trained (great meta choice imo against baba and bojack)…virtual cell with the crazy db finisher…hi tech cell…OMG THE META HAS CHANGED!!1!!1!1!!!1!1!11111!1!1

  11. DBM says:

    Just makes me wish I played against a single Bojack or Baba deck….

  12. Chipmunk says:

    I hear that Jajirobe is a beast…

    Waking Up

  13. mcq26 says:

    no…? ouch…

  14. I plan on having a deck list / round by round analysis posted today. Also, Garrett, my last name is miss spelled on the list. Chippy’s hand writing is hard to read.

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