Team Baba: Kevin Bock’s Gencon Tournament Report

Baba 1-3 Black CS Mastery Elder Kai Sensei 31 Baba Lv 1 Sensei Deck HUH??? x1 Black Scout Maneuver x3 Black Mischevious Drill x1 Black Water Confusion Drill x1 Android 20's Absorbing Drill x1 Majin Babidi's Ship x2 Mind Control Device x3 The Plan x2 Fangs x1 See-Through x1 Bandages x1 Spike x1 Grandpa Gohan x1 Ghost Usher x1 Froug x1 Life Deck Non-Combat/Location Watching From Afar x3 Caught Off Guard Drill x2 Releasing the Sword x1 Expectant Trunks x1 Gravity Chamber x3 Black Searching Technique x3 Krillin's Concentration x3 Piccolo and Heroes Gather x3 Don't You Just Hate That x1 Android 20 Absorbing Drill x1 Hercule's Dream Sequence x2 Fatherly Advice x1 Black Thought Focus x3 Black Weakness Drill x2 Earth Dragon Ball 7 x1 Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation x1 Combat Cards Trunks Energy Sphere x3 Time is a Warrior's Tool x1 Stop! x3 Nappa's Blinding Stare x2 Oh Hoi Hoi Hoi Poi x3 Dazed x1 Super Saiyan Effect x1 Confrontation x3 Dream Fighting x2 Pure Defense x1 Brothers in Training x1 Drills Are For the Weak x1 Pan's Victory x3 Aura Clash x3 Land In Pain x2 Frieza Smiles x1 Stupid Tricks! x1 Physical Combat Cards Black Buffer Block x3 Black Body Destruction x3 Nappa's Physical Resistance x1 Vegeta's Physical Stance x1 Energy Combat Cards Nappa's Energy Aura x1 Black Recovery x3 Energy Ricochet x3 Frieza's Force Bubble x1 Black Protection Orb x1 1115983_3381631155468_1597282800_o Round 1 - Shaun Hindman - Trunks HT Orange MBS I was a friggin' idiot and didn't Sensei in HUH. He Sensei'ed in Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill. He went first, had some random Orange Drill. He played it, entered, and Mastery'ed for OFD and Imposter Drill. Fuck me...My turn wasn't anything amazing, maybe a couple Non-Combats or something. His next turn, he dropped Countryside so I couldn't clash him. I never drew my COGDs or DYJHT or anything useful until it was too late. He used EDQ and won 7 turns later. 0-1 Round 2 - Brian Vasquez - ??? Black TS I felt bad for this guy. Had no idea what Baba did. I don't remember the MP but it was definitely black TS. Maybe Goku. I used Land in Pain early. He had no CITs (or anything else). I used Scout naming Fury. He had no Furies. :\ That about sums it up. Game was over quick, I had 40+ cards left. 1-1 Round 3 - Unkown - Goku Blue CS Ball Same as above, he had no idea what Baba was. I went first, he then used South Kai Sensei for Chi-Chi. Game was over in like 6 turns. He was speedball, I removed a ball from Ghost Usher. He basically scopped. 2-1 Round 4 - Didier Greenleaf - Majin Vegeta Saiyan TS This was an interesting game. He used the new Majin Vegeta that has an energy attack and shuffles back an ally (bypassing Baba's power.) I was doing fine for a bit, until middle of the game I decided to clash him so I could get to level 3. His level 2 was Settled Down (I knew it was beforehand, just thought I could manage the win without using Combats but using my allies). In hindsight, I should have kept him at 1 and dealt with the shuffling of allies. I lost but he had like 10 or less cards left. 2-2 Round 5 - Orange Hat - Zarbon Orange TS This is one of the decks in playtesting that Baba regularly owned. He was 1-3 and using Energy Beats. He got to level 2 and never had more than 2 anger after that. I put Mind Control Device on him and kept him in check with Fangs (lowers anger 5). I won with 30+ cards left. 3-2 Round 6 - Bill Holub - Vinegar Black TS I clashed him early to level 2 and got to level 3 myself shortly after with Poi. This game wasn't even close. Even after he Ki Pushed back to 1, I beat him and still had over 40 cards left. 4-2 We cut to top 16, and there were quite a few 5-1s and a TON of 4-2s. I was lucky enough to make it, I think I was seed 11 or something like that. Not all of the 4-2s made it (I know Merckle and Shannon Jakul were 4-2 and didn't cut.) Topcut Round of 16 - Geoffrey Brewster - Future Gohan Namekian WGS Brewster knew exactly what Baba did. However, Namekian is probably Baba's best matchup. He got to level 3 (angered to 2 and I clashed him to 3) and never had more than 3 anger due to Fangs. I kept either stopping all his attacks, discarding his hand, using SSE, or ending Combat. I beat him and had 30+ cards or so left. Topcut Round of 8 - Chris Bhatti - Cell Namekian TS Reals is cool. I was scared shitless of Reals due to him beating Chris Smith's Black CS Baba 3 times in a row in the hotel room the night before. It was a close game. He clashed early to get to level 2, same combat I clashed as well to get him off that amazing level 2 of his. He was primarily energy. I won with a good amount of cards left in my deck. Topcut Round of 4 - Billy? - Goku Orange MBS Out of the entire weekend, this is the game I am MOST pissed off about. I had the game won. It was over. Then I fucked up and he won. He was not running Imposter Drill. His 1st turn he grabbed Chi-Chi with South Kai Sensei. It's an ally that blocks an attack, I don't need to worry about her, right? We kept playing, I got to level 3 and was destroying him. We get to last combat, the only 2 allies I have left in play is Bandages (mill 4 or discard an ally or Non-Combat) and Ghost Usher (remove top card when Celestial leaves play). I used PAHG to get Aura Clash and Drills Are For the Weak. Was going to use both to kill his OFD and everything else. Well, he used Confrontation getting rid of DAFTW. I passed. He used a Champ Drill and drew into a HAT. Used HAT to use Orange Vegeta's Assault. Fuck me. He used Mastery to kill OFD for something else and a COGD naming Aura Clash. He has less than 10 cards left in his deck, my turn next, if combat ends and I am alive, it's game, I win. I have over 50 cards in my life deck. He starts to OVA me for 9-10 each, luckily I had Gravity Chamber in play (all physicals cost +2 stages to perform). What did I decide to do after he sac'ed OFD for OVA? Nothing. Could have freaking Clashed him to wipe his drills and then no more OVA. Although he did have one more card in hand, could have been a sphere, I don't know. He used OVA 5 times, brought himself to 0. I was like cool, he's done. I sac'ed Bandages to make him mill 6 and remove 1. He had 2-3 cards left. And then................Chi-Chi starts to OVA. FUCK ME. Should have used Bandages to kill Chi-Chi and that would have been game. He OVA-ed me 3-4 more times killing me. That was my main Event. I'm not going to bother posting the TE report. Just know that Fashbinder destroyed me in Swiss and in Top 4.

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  1. shannon says:

    Good job again Kevin. Thank God Baba was nerfed before gencon because as she was originally she would have been the most broken thing to ever grace Dbz CCG.

    There were four Baba decks, all 90+% the same. Three of us were 4-2. I was 4-2 with a win first round but didn’t top cut for reasons unknown to me.

  2. Leo says:

    I’ve been out of dbz for so long. Since like 05. I really miss it. I got rid of my collection. I’m guessing this is a good deck. One question though, isn’t the sensei deck always full? How does this deck work exactly? It doesn’t look too powerful? I used to play a bunch of pretty good decks. I would win tournaments every week.

    • deltree5 says:

      You need to read Baba and all of her allies to understand how this deck works. Basically, every turn she gets some of her Allies out from the Sensei Deck, and then can Remove the Allies from the game to make your opponent mill, but the Allies go back into the Sensei deck.

      • shannon says:

        Deltree, I just reread your report. I told you vegeta, settled down was a bad match up for baba. I was deathly afraid of facing a deck that sat at settled down on purpose. You are right, I bet The Grinch would have still been less painful.

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