Meta Cooler’s Blue Christmas Decklist

Despite my cherry warm demeanor, I’ve always been a little blue. Every Magic deck I’ve built has included islands. Reactive playing, using your opponent’s strength against him. With how much I love being defensive it should come as no surprise that I’ve been trying to build Blue style every way imaginable for a while now. It’s going to be a blue Christmas. Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with the second cyber crusade where I’m playing with decks online so you don’t have to. It’s been a while since Tapion awoke, but when I say you’re not going to lift a finger I mean it.

Total: 85

Main Deck: 80

44 Blue, 36 Freestyle

Sensei Deck

You’re Invited

Blue Battle Drill

Black Water Confusion Drill

Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill



Physical Attacks (33)

Blue Sledgehammer x3

Blue Stomach Eruption x3

Blue Smirk x3

Blue Betrayal x3

Blue Multi Jab x3

Blue Round Throw x3

Blue Right Cross x3

Blue Beatdown x3

Blue Lunge x3

Blue Slam x3

Goku’s Power Strike x3


Energy Attacks (4)

Blue Terror

Android 19’s Energy Burst x3


Combats (11)

Android 17 Smirks

Cell’s Presence

Cell’s Threatening Position

Brothers in Training x3

Unlocked Potential x3

Gohan’s Nimbus Cloud

Land in Pain


Blocks (7)

Blue Energy Guard

Blue Weaving

Blue Stopping Technique x3

Tien’s Block x2


Drills (15)

Blue General Blue’s Fascist Drill x3

Blue Prevention Drill x2

Blue Battle Drill

Blue Biting Drill x2

Black Groveling Drill

Blue Reversal Drill

Blue Mental Drill

Meta Cooler’s Assimilation Drill x2

Victorious Drill

Android 20’s Absorbing Drill


Setups (4)

Fatherly Advice

Heroes Lucky Break

Releasing the Sword

Expectant Trunks


Locations (3)

Winter Countryside x3


Allies (1)

Chilled, Space Pirate


Dragon Balls (2)

Alt Earth Dragon Ball 3

Earth Dragon Ball 7


Unlike the last crusade, this one doesn’t revolve around a personality set. Instead, two drills  released brought Meta Cooler from unplayable status to competitive. Sadly that doesn’t speak for Blue style as a whole.

25 Blue General Blue's Fascist Drill

Blue General Blue’s Fascist Drill is absolutely cornerstone. Blue style never had the ‘oomph’ to compete with the heavyweights in terms of beatdown. With this card, lowering anger becomes both defensive and offensive. Your opponent is punished for gaining anger (Saiyan MBS, lol) and it makes cards like Victorious Drill very deadly; adding free, unstoppable damage to everything that lowers anger. As you can see, many of the attacks played here do just that.

Slow and steady pretty much sums it up. The deck takes thickness to a whole new level, sporting a massive amount of endurance (15 cards have Endurance 3). If your opponent lets you use the mastery you’ll seem to last forever and Blue Prevention Drill sends this all into overdrive.  Because of your dependence on it, cards that shut down the mastery’s effects like Saiyan Power Beam take a big toll. Actually pretty much anything with “Saiyan” in the title ruins your day. They can be real Grinches sometimes.

20 Meta-Cooler's Assimilation Drill

City is Turmoil is scary as is Aura Clash, but placing down Winter Countryside feels like walking in a wonderland. Blue’s severe lack of board clear forces you into playing 19’s Energy Burst. As you can see, the freestyle count is rising. This is why Meta Cooler’s Assimilation Drill changed the game for Meta Cooler. It’s not that you need to worry about damage hitting freestyle cards; you can react to that. Not wanting to face the wrath of the Android 17 Smirks your opponent has been holding, you are banned from playing freestyle cards from your hand. A heavy restriction on a mediocre personality. Assimilation Drill takes this away by making the top always considered Blue style and opens up a wide array of options for Meta Cooler.

This deck plays like a defensive/control beatdown hybrid. Chilled – Space Pirate gives stage management to keep Meta Cooler in Bracket “C” as well as giving a free card – a huge advantage. Master Roshi Sensei is also a very good alternative to South Kai Sensei. Rush out your Fascist and Blue Biting Drills as fast as you can and start laying down the cold milling. Unlocked Potential brings insult to injury, adding an upwards of 6-12 damage to all your attacks! I can remember many a game won with this card even without drills. Other more control oriented drills are played such as Blue Reversal Drill. Copy gems like Goku’s Power Strike and Orange Vegeta’s Assault to really turn the tides. Blue style may have its holes, but Meta Cooler offers a unique deck type that can make your dream of a “Blue” Christmas come true.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Nearly every game your first drill placed into play should be Meta Cooler’s Assimilation Drill.
  • Sometimes using Unlocked Potential on your Lv. 2 is better than your Lv. 3. Don’t forget it’s there!
  • If you can use your mastery, do so. Don’t wait for the opportune moment because there are too many twists and turns that can happen.
  • Never give up! Things may seem bleak when you only have 15 cards left, but that will last a lot long longer in this deck than in others. Stick it out and seal the W.


Gamer, scientist, and in the spirit. Follow Didier Greenleaf @DSquareGamer

7 Comments to "Meta Cooler’s Blue Christmas Decklist"

  1. Joshman says:

    I think Blue Torso Strike is a staple in any Blue physical beats deck.

  2. Joshua says:

    Its a good card, but not in this deck. Cooler has too tech for ally, control, and other beats while making sure it has enuff cards that lower anger. That card doesnt accomplish any of that, so it always found itself out of my decklists.

    Ive tried alot of versions of this deck, and i didnt care for the south kai/Chilled combo. I felt roshi sensei or north kai were better. It also allowed me to put other tech in my sensei instead of cluttering up my main deck. Not sure if i like your line up of physical attacks. I havent looked at my deck in awhile but i know i didnt most of those in mine.

  3. William Dyer says:

    I wonder if you haven’t had trouble against anything packing Goku Sensei or Saiyan Mastery (Buu). Those match-ups are effectively unwinnable in my testing, if you don’t have North Kai and/or Namek Balls. I’m also fond of the bonus obtained by having Namek balls and Blue Trapped Strike.

    • Joshua says:

      well if ur facing anyone using goku sensei you should win since thatd be a pretty crappy deck or something you wouldnt have to worry about in a competitive environment. As for a saiyan mbs deck that should be a pretty easy matchup, theres no hand adv for them and every time they raise they anger they are going to be milling themselves. So that matchup would be over before it began. Trapped strikes isnt bad, but since cooler doesnt wanna be off lv 1 your getting no real adv from it.

    • The big things that scare this deck are anything that stops prevention or your mastery. With how Fascist Drill is worded, I don’t think Goku Sensei would stop milling from taking place so it really only affects Biting Drill.

  4. allan says:

    LOVE LOVE THIS DECK!! I’ve always wanted to find the right kind of deck to make Meta cooler playable but simply have not been able to. I will certainly give this a try! Now if I can just get a decent Turles deck, my life will be complete!

  5. SaiyanWithStyle says:

    “_Would_ gain or lose anger”… aye, there’s the rub. You don’t actually have to gain or lose it then… Hmm…

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