The Quick and Easy Path

After getting feedback from the community and reviewing the source material, as of the next CRD update Bardock will be usable as a Villain and become a Rogue personality. Feel free to start constructing villain decks with Bardock as your MP or ally. This of course only affects Retro DBZ formatted events, however as always we encourage you to play the game in whichever manner you choose and however you think is the most fun, whether it’s with special house rules or your own created cards.

Villains, Asses and Badasses!

Villains, Asses and Badasses!

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7 Comments to "The Quick and Easy Path"

  1. Mark says:


  2. Bryan Hayden says:

    This had been alluded to when new levels were dropped for him. I’ve been testing a villain version of him since then in preparation and it’s nothing to scoff at so I’m totally on board with this.

  3. deltree5 says:

    Solid move. Bardock should have been Rogue from the get go.

  4. S. Dashy says:

    The new CRD should restrict Krillin’s Concentration to 1 as well. Card is absurd at 3.


    Pretty please?

    • Shannon J. (aka Edison) says:

      When was the last time a deck abusing three Krillin’s Concentration won a tournament? And anyway, this isn’t the topic for that I think.

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