Didier Plays with Himself: Tapion Orange vs Vegeta Freestyle

It’s been a while since a video went up here, so I bet you’re teething for some hot DBZ action. Catch glimpses of my smiling face in my new YouTube segment entitled ‘Didier Plays with Himself.’ Witness as I face off two decks in epic battles that shake the table in my living room.


4 Comments to "Didier Plays with Himself: Tapion Orange vs Vegeta Freestyle"

  1. Bryan Hayden says:

    I’m almost positive I played you once. It was a podunk little shop in Cedar Rapids, IA. If memory serves you were running a saiyan Broly, Electrified deck and I was playing an Orange PMF deck. I believe we played in the final. …you owned me….

    • Since I’ve been active here your name looks familiar. I haven’t been in Iowa that much but its possible somewhere else. When I did move around for this card game a lot however I looked very different. Hard to grow a goatee back then and I definitely remember more hair on my head.

  2. Mark G. says:

    great video man, really enjoyed watching it.

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