Gencon 2013 Championship Finals Match – Trunks vs Goku

At long last the finals match from the 2013 Championship.  Mike Ingersell (Trunks Freestyle Sword) vs Billy Skreiner (Goku Orange).

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  1. manic084 says:

    Billy played a pretty bad game, and prolly cost him that match. Not sure what was in his sensei deck, but this game is all the reason you need to put 1 copy of OVA in your side deck. If he had just used HAT for ova that 1st combat he would have put a huge dent in that sword deck. Depending on how much damage ova did then you could of decide whether or not to use farewell to lv 5. I would have also used that cogd on gohans sword play drill, if he had stayed on lv 1 you have 2 blocks and none of those sword cards would have done anything.

    Congrats on the win tho Mike, card tournys are as much about Mental toughness (and being sober) as anything

    • Jacob says:

      He did have OVA in his sensei. I believe Kevin Bock acknowledges this in his coverage of their top 4 match in his tournament report. As to why he didn’t use it here, I can’t say.

      I do think it’s interesting to note that Kevin Bock actually would have taken Baba to the finals were it not for a misplay on his part which he also acknowledged in his report.

      Not to take anything away from Billy or Kevin Bock, certainly both of their decks were well built and getting to where they got in the tournament makes it clear that they’re both very talented players! 🙂

  2. S. Dashy says:

    i agree with manic on this one. both decks were amazing, but billy was possessed by majin babidi a quarter of the way into this match and decided to farewell when he had the field of god on his side (amazing drills out, noncombat presence, dragon ball protection, etc). if i didn’t know that mike had won, i would’ve thought billy had this based off the first few turns of just field presence alone. he should be proud of his deck and his performance though, because he beat didier (who i thought was going to win the whole thing because his deck was ridiculously good as well). and i am embarrassed to say that i thought black baba was 2nd place for the past 7 months lmao…

    PS: i do not suggest anyone play a drinking game like i did where i took a shot of wild turkey every time mike said “…when entering…” …very bad idea.

  3. Heading into the final round I honestly thought I would be going against the Baba deck. While I was pleased to see Billy’s deck make it to the finals (as I have a great appreciation for Goku/Farewell/Orange decks in general.) Having seen much of Billy’s previous two matches, I had seen how well constructed/executed his deck was and could think of very little in terms of a strategy to beat him; other than hoping for another perfect early draw. With that realization, I told myself that as long as I played my deck to the best of it’s/my ability, I would be content with whatever outcome.

    As you said manic, mental toughness is key to a long tournament. Billy certainly had to orchestrate his previous two victories (both of which I was surprised to hear he pulled off the win given the state of the game when I stopped watching.) This goes to show how well constructed and well played his deck was. But he was clearly exhausted in this match.

    In the end, the tournament was very enjoyable. I was pleased to see the variety of decks being played (which I believe is a direct representation of how well Retro is doing in terms of breathing new, balanced life into the game.) I also enjoyed the players I had the honor of competing against. Their level of intelligence and quality of decks made each match an experience in and of itself. I look forward to seeing what 2014 has in store. I hope for matches with the same players (or at least those of the similar ability) at Gen-Con this year. See you at North Kai.

  4. mcq26 says:

    omg scott can i play that with you next year! thats a game i could actually win!

    • S. Dashy says:

      i want to make a trunks freestyle with so many “when enterings” that it stalls for time and wins off of lifedeck count. OP!!!!

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