Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2014

The Just Saiyan guys were at the Dallas Comic-Con Sci-Fi Expo this past weekend, getting their usual geek on. We got to jump into the “Dr.Who Panel” with Karen Gillan and Sylvester McCoy (which we have plenty of pictures from below) and catch “The Vigilante” Stephen Amell from the CW’s Arrow at his panel. Overall we had a good time, but the con definitely suffers from lack of space and the desperate need for crowd control. Hopefully their move to a larger convention center for the next event, and their recent acquisition by Fan Expo will help fix these issues soon.

Our best moment at the con was meeting Karl Urban, and having him sign our Dredd movie poster. When he asked us what we wanted him to write on it, we of course said “Stallone Sucks!” He politely, yet firmly, declined.

Below are some of our pics from the event. Enjoy! Later, BroZ!

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