Shannon Jakul’s North Kai Tournament Report

I hope everyone that travelled to North Kai has made it home safe, or if you have not left yet I wish you a safe journey. Remember, it’s Dangerous to Go Alone!
Here is a deck list of my Vegeta, Raging Saiyan Orange MBS deck. In playtesting, this deck was code word “Range Vegetables” because every time either Darryl Fisher and I would type “Raging Vegeta” into a text message autocorrect would change it to Range Vegetables.
This is a very aggressive deck. A lot of people called this just an OVA deck, but I say otherwise. I differentiate it from pure OVA because I don’t want/need to stock TONS of drills to win, and I don’t run or stall combat. I get down and dirty, take hits and go in head first. In playtesting I had won games with as few as five drills out. The main goal is to get the card drawing drills: 3x Speaking with the King, Champion Drill, and if lucky Vegeta’s Quickness Drill and Heroes Drill. Orange Spontaneous Drill will make any physical deck afraid to hit you as they will quickly be eating more than they dish out. Once you have a few draw drills out, an Orange Joint Restraint brings the pain. Orange Discharge is there to back it up along with Gawking Drill. From here, Vegeta’s power starts letting you turn all those drawn cards into attacks ranging from +8 to +6, and Vegeta has a base damage of 4. You do the math on that.
27 Vegeta Lv. 1
The deck is maxed out on Drill searchers except for Long Journey. Like I said, this deck doesn’t want to stall out. I cut Journey because I didn’t want to skip combats.
Vegeta, Raging Saiyan lv. 1
Vegeta, Settled Down lv. 2
Vegeta, the Last Prince lv. 3
Vegeta, Ascendant lv. 4
Vegeta, the Revitalized lv 5
Orange Style Mastery MBS
North Kai Sensei
Sensei Deck:
1 You’re Invited
1 Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill
1 Knockout Drill
1 Black Water Confusion Drill
1 Huh???
1 Breakthrough Drill
1 Orange Vegeta’s Assault
1 Straining Jump Kick
1 Supreme Kai’s Ki Push
1 Energy Lob
1 Hero’s Drill
2 Black Scout Maneuver
Main Deck:
Dragon Ball:
1 Earth Dragon Ball 7
3 Winter Countryside
1 Fatherly Advice
1 Expectant Trunks
1 Releasing the Sword
3 Orange Focusing Drill
3 Speaking with the King Drill
2 Orange Joint Restraint Drill
2 Android 20 Absorbing Drill
2 Master Roshi Gawking Drill
2 Caught Off Guard Drill
1 Orange Discharge Drill
1 Champion Drill
1 Victorious Drill
1 Vegeta’s Quickness Drill
1 Orange Haulting Drill
1 Heroic Drill
1 Orange Lifting Drill
1 Orange Destruction Drill
1 Orange Spontaneous Drill
3 Hercule’s Amazing Techniques
3 Confrontation
3 Freiza Smiles
3 Trunks Energy Sphere
3 Brothers in Training
2 Land in Pain
1 Super Saiyan Effect
1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool
Physical Combat:
3 Orange Searching Maneuver
2 Gohan’s Kick
2 Orange Vegeta’s Assault
3 Pikkon’s Leg Catch
3 Tien’s Block
1 Vegeta’s Physical Stance
1 Nappa’s Physical Resistance
Energy Combat:
3 Orange Power Point
3 Goku’s Power Strike
3 Krillin’s Solar Flare
3 Orange Stare Down
1 Nappa’s Energy Aura
1 Freiza’s Force Bubble
Normally I would a card by card explaination of why I chose some things but I’ll just let the reader ask questions instead this time and answer them to my best ability.
Round 1 – 0-1 Jake Shrum
Jake played a Goten NTW ally Roshi Sensei deck. This game went as bad as it possibly could. He got Blue Draining Blast, Z Warrior’s Gather and Yajirobe first draw. Blah. He quickly got 8 allies out, and hit Draining from full for 13 or so, Goten’s Power and his allies. A lot of his allies were physical so I used a Brothers in Training for a random orange drill, tossed it with mastery to get Orange Spontaneous and Gawking Drill. I used Spontaneous to keep getting cards from his attacks and dumped them with my power to chip away is allies and used Gawking drill to keep any good Non-combats from getting Yajirobe’d. I ate TONS of damage, probably 50 or more. With his allies all locked down (they only had 2-3 stages each). With his allies locked down, I started my next turn by a drill, searching an OJRD and card drawing drills. Speaking with the king drills allowed me to thin out my deck into my Power Strikes and Power Points to get more drills and I made a big come back by drawing a huge hand and hitting for 10 each, while Spontaneous made sure he supplied me with more. Next combat I was able to Mastery for Haulting and Absorbing to stop his attack and we were pretty even but I was pulling ahead with my card draw drills. We both had less than 15 life cards left and he Orange Obliteration away my defensive drills and my OJRD. I played another physical that got him down to around 4 life cards but I had about the same and he played an energy and won.
I lost but was proud that I was able to come back from what was truely an opening hand from the DBZ CCG gods on his part.
Round 2 – 1-1 Matt Gette
Matt was using Piccolo MBS with Namekian WGS. I go first this time (I went second last game) and draw an early COGD to name Namekian Shield Destruction, played an Absorbing and passed. He drew a handfull of physical blocks and passed. I drew some more drills (Imposter Drill and a few unimportant ones) and passed. He entered combat, and I ate a fairly mild attack, searched out some card drawing drills with my mastery. He attacked and I Tien’s Blocked the drill I mastery’d back. Drew some cards and got the mild beat down on. Maybe did 20 life. I go next, declare with Krillin’s Solar Flare and it locks him out of his hand. I do my “search for card draw drills, fill my hand, and attack”. I empty my hand except for an OVA. He has little life left, so I OVA and then follow it by killing a Orange Focusing Drill via OVA for the win.
Round 3 – 2-1 Kirby Collins I believe was my opponent here.
He’s another Illinois guy and I had played him before. He was also using Vegeta, Raging Saiyan but he was Saiyan CS. He rolled first and entered on a North Kai. Since our base was the same, he dealt some stages but I was able to return it back with Vegeta. I came out on the losing end though. I draw one drill (Orange Destruction) and pass. He North and declares again. I was able to draw into an Orange Power Point and a Pikkon’s Leg Catch so I blocked his attack, fired off Power Point and grabbed Haulting. I come out on the winning end thanks to my attacks doing more damage. I actually OVA this turn and JUST get rid of Destruction Drill to dump him to zero at the end of combat so I can start the next one with 3 base damage on him. Now with my mastery, I can get out OJRD and Champ Drill, Champ Drill pays off into a drill searcher, I get Speaking, Speaking for an OVA and throw my hand at him via Vegeta for 50 life cards, and end it with OVA just having to get rid of Orange Focusing Drill so I don’t have to wait for him to draw out.
Round 4: 3-1 Jay Davis
Jay played Goten Red TS 1-4. He goes first, shuts down my mastery and does a few life cards. I eat a few attacks along with a Spooked for 2 Kamikaze Ghosts (one was sensei’d out). Next turn I drop a few drills and shut off his mastery and enter. I get out OFD, OJRD and OHD to get a mix of defense and offense. He hits level three with Advanced basics but I quickly smacked him to zero with my card power. I dump a few other attacks to keep him there. I evened us up pretty well. Next combat he starts and I’m able to stop shut down his energies with Absorbing Drill so his level 3 never pops off and OHD is keeping me safe on the physical side, but Spontaneous is making those physicals risky. I get COGD on Red Energy Blast. Jay levels up and kills OFD with Goten 4, but I promptly block it with Tien’s Block. My card draw drills are out, I dump my hand and pull an OVA and ditch 2 drills from it to finish him off.
Round 5 – 4-1
I don’ remember my opponent’s name but he was part of Blue Thunder with Didier. He was Vegeta, Young Prince Blue CS. I go second but he doesn’t get too much first turn. I draw an orange drill early (Lifting) and enter and get rid of it for an Imposter Drill I put in. I lock him down a few combats and hit him pretty hard while collecting a variet of card draw and damage pump drills. Gawking Drill helped me get rid of his City in Turmoils which I successfully Land in Pain’d. He was able to Blue Betrayal but the damage was done: I had hit his Double Whammys while Imposter was out. He got out Pan, put Whammy back in and was able to get Kid Trunks, Goku, Future Gohan and Pan to join his part. They just weren’t enough. I get Absorbing Drill to slow him up, and his board hate was gone. I get 3x Speaking and OJRD and put the smack down.
Round 6 – 5-1
Darryl helped playtest this deck a lot. I had the idea for this deck while at work one day and I thought it sounded dumb. “Hey, what do you think of a deck with Vegeta that is all blocks and stuff and then you just somehow draw cards and do a bunch of attacks? Naw, won’t work” was my though but he actually liked it and I typed up a crappy first draft and we compared notes. He ended up building a broke sauce Tien Freestyle deck that was ally. I’ll let him tell his story but the deck was nuts and I luck sacked in this game. It was the only other game of Swiss where I went first and got an early orange drill. I enter right away and rush over to find my Imposter Drill and a Focusing Drill. With that out first turn and Freestyle’s lack of quality removal, I was in a safe place the rest of the match.
Top 8 – I end up making it to top cut where I face our soon to be Champion Joel Glasser.
Joel was playing Goten Saiyan CS. He goes first, north kai’s and hits me with a spooked, his level 2, and a bunch of attacks. I go second, shut off his mastery and enter and hit and get out Spontaneous drill. We swing attacks back and forth for a for turns and I even up the game with a turn of Solar Flare + card drawing drills + OJRD and Vegeta’s power. I get him down to 24 cards with each of my swings doing 11 each. I end my last combat with OHD, Absorbing DRill, OJRD and Spontaneous. Here’s where it fell apart. I have one card left in my hand and that is a Frieza Smiles. I can either ditch it and cut his remaining life in half or save it, let him declare next turn, spot all and then finish it. But . . . I forget to draw cards off my Spontaneous Drill twice after he hit me. Had I did that, I would have had just enough to kill him this turn. I realize it too late and it’s top cut. I admit to my game play mistake and pass. Next turn he enters, and hits me with Saiyan Power Beam. I attack and he plays Time is a Warrior’s Tool. He hits me and I try to stop it with Frieza Smiles and it get Sphered. I pass and wait for the end to come and it surely does.
Very close game coming back from the bring only to forget my Spontaneous is out and let it slip away. Joel is a great deck builder, great player, and nice guy. I’m now 0-2 in tourny play vs. Joel so he must just have my number.
Time for Props and Slops.
Props to Darryl Fisher for doing so much playtesting with this deck prior to the event.
Really can’t stress how much playtesting went into it.
Thanks to Trent for letting me stay at his house and being a wonderful host.
Thanks to everyone from Ohio and PA that drove mind numbing distances to come play. And thanks to the other Illinois groups that showed up.
Thanks to Nick Glaser for not being totally mad that I thought he and Joel were related. NOTE: Nick’s name has ONE letter S, Joel has TWO. It’s just a coincindence their names are so close.
Thanks to Nick Glaser for being a worth arm wrestling challenge. With hard work and Time Chamber Training you can go Super Saiyan and take back your crown.
Props to Rob Turner and Kevin Bock for riding with me.
Props to Chris Smith for once again organizing the event.
Props to Merckle for doing prize cards.
Slops to dice.
Slops to toll roads.
Slops to Rockford for being a crap hole.
Slops to snow on the way back.
That’s all I can think of for now. Thanks everyone for making the event possible. Words can’t describe how much fun I had.

4 Comments to "Shannon Jakul’s North Kai Tournament Report"

  1. Chipmunk says:

    Great article! 🙂

    The Luncher

  2. Jacob says:

    I didn’t notice this when you posted on the Championship page, but I was running North Kai, not Roshi. I actually think you started most combats of any consequence, so I’m not sure I even used him.

  3. Shannon J. (aka Edison) says:

    Thanks for the correction Jacob.

    I really hadn’t planned on doing a report. I couldn’t hardly remember anything from my games Saturday night I was so out of it. Then it started coming back to me but I left a lot of minor details out.

    Some additions:
    In my round two game vs. Matt Gette, he got some POOPY draws. We both did but my poopy draws weren’t as bad since he was pulling up blocks. Bad draws suck even when you opponent gets them, since it kinda leaves a sour taste in your mouth if you win that way.

    My round 5 opponent I believe was Zach Brandau. I had dealt the death blow to him with an Orange Vegeta’s Assault. He had a few life left so I Hercule’s Amazing Techniques for Energy Lob, Energy Lob for Fatherly Advice, and Fatherly Advice for OVA. Then OVA killed him I think by just discarding a Victorious Drill (I believe I didn’t even have Orange Focusing Out at this point since Betrayals were gone).

    In my top cut game verse Joel, he had played Saiyan Truce Card. Then the next combat when he had a bazillion cards is when I got lucky and landed a Solar Flare to lock him from his physicals and shut him down to zero with attacks so he couldn’t wail on me.

    A lot of people asked why I didn’t use Excitement. For the most part, my drills all hit the table from the attacking searchers and my mastery. I can’t think of any time where Excitement would have really netted me that much. I’m sure you could do another build of this deck to make more use of it, but I was more focused on taking advantage of Speaking with the King Drill x3. Once they are out, I can drag combats out and thin out my deck to fish for the other drill searchers. Speaking really was the MVP in a lot of games.

  4. Tonytoughbreak says:

    Great report well done as always!

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