The Road to North Kai 2014

I know many of you must be antsy about seeing those action packed North Kai tournament Top 4 match videos and beyond, but good things come to those who wait. In the mean time, follow along with me as I travel halfway across the country.

Join the East Kai crew as we voyage to the 2014 DBZ CCG North Kai Tournament, traveling 800 miles over 17 hours to Beloit WI from Allentown PA.

Special Guests: “Current DBZ CCG #1 Loser” Matthew Ryan, Zach Brandau, Joshua Merckle, Chris Smith, John Spears


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4 Comments to "The Road to North Kai 2014"

  1. mcq26 says:

    next time please rufie me so the trip doesn’t take so long…then i can just watch the movie montague (?) after to remember what happened

  2. S. Dashy says:

    17 hour drive… you guys are fiends.

  3. mcq26 says:

    this was by far the longest dbz trip i’ve ever made…my longest before this from eastern pa was gencon indy (not including the 1 year dda and myself went to gki texas and flew)…it was by far the best though…which is funny after what? like 2 decades or so…the people i’ve met in the past 2 years playing in retro make it worth wild…the people is what made it worth the trip…i would cut off my left hand for the people i’ve met…seriously…please ask me to cutoff my hand for you…only if you find me a green lantern deck box…god i need a girlfriend

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