Respect Your Elders A Roshi Tournament Report

Master Roshi: he is the old man with blue balls. As far as I can tell in my fairly short experience with the game, that’s what he has been for a long time. If you’ve listened to Endurance Test, you know that I like to try odd things and experiment around so I decided to try to breathe some life into a stale Roshi personality with a list inspired by Orange Hat Guy’s Zarbon list. I played a version of this deck at Gencon 2013, and it did not do as well as I had hoped. I finished with a 2-4 record and I was left feeling that the reason the deck performed poorly because of my play over the deck actually being bad. I was able to recall moments in my games where I punted the whole thing away, which left with a case of the could-have-beens. So, when I discovered that I had the Budokai Saturday off work, I immediately started brewing and discovered my old list. Going back to the feeling of disappointment and hope, I decided to tweak it and take it with me.

The tournament in Wichita had a decent turnout (11 players). I had brought a second deck that I was debating playing (Red Android 13), and came very close to running due to a random pick by Matthew. However, at the last minute I went with my gut and picked the deck that I wanted to prove could be a contender and had some actual play testing experience with, CS Orange Roshi Kamehameha.



CCPP Roshi Levels 1-3

Roshi Sensei

Cell Saga Orange Style Mastery



Aura Clash

Goku’s Blinding Strike x3

Trunks Deadly Impact x2


Gohan’s Kick

Orange Reflex Energy



3x Piccolo’s Power Ball

3x Tien’s Tri-Beam

3x Gohan’s Kamehameha

3x Empowered Kamehameha

3x Krillin’s Kamehameha

3x Heroic Kamehameha

3x Teamwork Kamehameha

3x Orange Kamehameha Attack

3x Orange Goku’s Kamehameha

3x Orange Might

3x Orange 5-Finger Focus

3x Orange Energy Discharge

3x Orange Stare Down

3x Orange Scatter Shot

2x Orange Trick Shot


Physical Attacks:

Orange Uppercut



3x Orange Fist Catch

3x Pikkon’s Leg Catch

3x Goku’s Quick Dodge

Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Nappa’s Physical Resistance

Vegeta’s Physical Stance

Nappa’s Energy Aura



3x Hercule’s Amazing Techniques

3x Confrontation

3x Gathering of Heroes

3x Unexpected Allies



Victorious Drill

Hercule’s Dream Sequence x2



Android 18, the Mom

Piccolo, the Avenger

Kid Trunks, Teenager

Vegeta, Raging Saiyan


Dragon Balls:

Dende 3

Dende 5

Dende 7


Round One: I forgot your name, I’m sorry! – MBS Saiyan Kid Trunks, Teenager W/Goku Sensei

On my turn one I dump a Heroic Kamehameha into the discard, rejuving something. He also rejuves on his turn. On my turn two I have a hand of Gohan’s Kamehameha, Empowered Kamehameha, and I think Physical Stance. Not wanting to waste the hand, I enter. I do seven, then he plays Bracing for Impact, and then I play Empowered Kamehameha for 2, shuffling in Gohan’s and Heroic Kamehameha. The game starts getting a little one sided when I get 18 and Kid Trunks into play. All is going well.

Then he gets to level four, and I have a horrific realization. “Right. Trunks, the Powerful exists.”

Now I’m left pitching hands to Vegeta whenever we enter combat, but they are only doing one life card of damage at a time thanks to his mastery gaining him stages. I desperately hold on to a Gohan’s Kamehameha hoping to see a Hercule’s Amazing Techniques come by in my prep. He disposes of Vegeta, so my only option of attacking him in combat is gone. He’s down to about five in deck, I am around 20. Finally, I see an Amazing Techniques in my entering six. I Techniques, he doesn’t sphere, I grab Trunks’ Deadly Impact, discard the Kamehameha to it, and he is not holding a block. I hit him for +5 stages and +18 life cards, finishing him off. We shake hands and say good game, and it is time for the next round.

1-0 Round Two: Logan Dyer – TS Black Frieza w/ Piccolo Sensei

This was a feature match, so I will keep it short and tell you to go watch it right here:


It was probably one of the best matches I have played in. The match should start around 1:27:00 on the video. It was a really close game, with Logan being on the verge of angering out at any point while I pew pew. He recycled Frieza’s Force Bubble a few times. I was able to draw an Empowered Kamehameha and finish him with a hit for 23 life cards.


Round Three: Kevin Bock – MBS Orange Vegeta, Raging Saiyan w/ North Kai Sensei

This was also a feature match, starting at 2:29:00. Watch it as well! Kevin’s got the play, and boy did he have an opener. He lays a Heroic Drill, Fatherly Advice, and Orange Spontaneous Drill. His next turn he enters, confronts, I scatter shot, he masteries away the Spontaneous Drill for 20’s Absorbing and Orange Focusing. From here on, I am left hoping to draw Vegeta or try to get a deadly impact/hat hand as I throw energies and make him pay for 20’s drill. Unfortunately, I hit all my hats and Kamehameha’s and he OVA’s me.


Round Four: John Welter – MBS Freestyle Goku w/ North Kai Sensei

This was one of those “What else can go wrong?” games.

John wins the toss and brings in Dying Planet.

His turn one is laying a Releasing the Sword. I decide to enter on my turn, since I am holding an Orange Stare Down and tend to treat Releasing the Sword like Standstill in MtG (The longer it sits, the worse it is going to get for me). So, I decide to enter and eat the most problematic drill. He draws his extra card off of Goku and releases the sword, hitting Roshi’s Gawking Drill, Devastation Drill, Hercule’s Assault Drill,

and Speaking with the King Drill. He freestyles away a Goku’s Dashing Punch. I stare down the Devastation Drill, which he blocks with Goku Swiftly Moving and eats my Victorious Drill. I retaliate with a Five-Finger Focus, which also gets Goku Swiftly Moving’d and is thrown at me empowered. The other two 5FF go through while he plays two Brothers in Training for Champion Drill and Caught off Guard Drill, naming Pikkon’s Leg Catch (the other card in my hand). He speaks for another card, which he uses to get a draw off of Champ drill. He lays the beats pretty well until the combat ends. The rest is a blur of Goku drawing and recycling cards, but on his next turn he has out another Devastation Drill, and I am dead.


So that’s that. The deck is still a work in progress, and this tournament reminded me of changes I wanted to make after Gencon but forgot about. Also, it gave me ideas as to what should be added in. I somehow forgot to add Trunks Energy Spheres, to which I say…oops. As long as people keep moving away from Prepped Crash and other discard removal, I think he can keep getting better. I may have issues where Baba is legal, and running into a Roshiball may be a problem as well. I look forward to keep improving the deck and seeing what I can do with it.


Listen to Dylan Disney on the Endurance Test Podcast

5 Comments to "Respect Your Elders A Roshi Tournament Report"

  1. deltree5 says:

    Yay! A report from my tournament. I’ll be writing up mine this weekend. The whole event was a blast, I enjoyed all of it. Enjoyed seeing someone break out the Roshi.

  2. S. Dashy says:

    huge props to you for running a deck i’ve never seen before. literally. orange roshi… with that mastery and no DB victory possible? awesome. lol

    • Chris S says:

      First time seeing Roshi Orange Beats? Back when the game was at the peak of it popularity, this deck (and the Vinegar HT villain version) was heavily played. It was so good (Roshi wasn’t nerfed then) I’m surprised it wasn’t more prevalent at worlds 2004. Possibly to PTT PEW PEW beats being better.

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