Kevin Bock’s Tenka’ichi Budokai Tournament Report

We had 11 people come out to play, far more than I expected. We even had 2 random local guys come and play that I didn’t expect whatsoever, I thought that was pretty cool. Guys came from Oklahoma, KC, and Northern Kansas (Manhattan). Overall, a pretty good turnout. I wasn’t sure what deck to run. Thought about playing Orange Bardock again, but the improved version from North Kai. Thought about PTT Black TS, but figured it was too slow. Also considered Gohan Bookworm Retro 3 Saiyan TS Face Bash. But then I got the idea (from Darryl Fisher) to run Shannon’s Range Vegetables (Orange Raging Saiyan) that he Top 4’ed with at North Kai. So, I did. After making a modification (adding Orange Reflex to the Sensei Deck.)

Not sure how obvious it is or not, but the entire point with the deck is to get as many Drills out ASAP with cards like Brothers in Training, Orange Searching Maneuver, Goku’s Power Strike, Orange Power Point, etc. etc. Go for Speaking With The King first usually and try and draw into more searchers. By the end of the 1st combat, having 5-6 Drills in play is pretty normal and is the goal. Next combat is to setup even more and the 3rd is almost always the kill turn. It’s pretty straight forward. Calling this an OVA deck, is not doing the deck justice. I don’t think I ever won a game with OVA, even though I was able to.

I Live Streamed the entire tournament, with 1 match of each round being Streamed. Link –

Main Personality/Mastery/Sensei

Vegeta, Raging Saiyan Lvl 1
Vegeta, Settled Downn Lvl 2
Vegeta, the Last Prince HT Lvl 3
Vegeta, Ascendant Lvl 4
Vegeta, the Revitalized Lvl 5

27 Vegeta Lv. 1

Orange Style Mastery MBS

North Kai Sensei
You’re Invited
Energy Lob
Orange Reflex
Black Scout Maneuver x2
Breakthrough Drill
Black Water Confusion Drill
Knockout Drill
Orange Vegeta’s Assault
Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill
Surpeme Kai’s Ki Push
Straining Jump Kick Move

Winter Countryside x3
Fatherly Advice
Expectant Trunks
Releasing the Sword
Earth Dragon Ball 7
Victorious Drill
Champion Drill
Heroic Drill
Vegeta’s Quickness Drill
Caught Off Guard Drill x2
Android 20 Absorbing Drill x2
Speaking with the King Drill x3
Orange Destruction Drill
Orange Lifting Drill
Orange Discharge Drill
Orange Haulting Drill
Orange Spontaneous Drill
Orange Joint Restraint Drill x2
Orange Focusing Drill x3

Combat Cards
Time Is A Warrior’s Tool
Super Saiyan Effect
Land in Pain x2
Trunks Energy Sphere x3
Brothers In Training x3
Hercule’s Amazing Techniques x3
Frieza Smiles x3
Confrontation x3

Orange Searching Maneuver x3
Orange Stare Down x3
Goku’s Power Strike x3
Orange Power Point x3
Krillin’s Solar Flare x3
Gohan’s Kick x2
Orange Vegeta’s Assault x2

Pikkon’s Leg Catch x3
Tien’s Block x3
Vegeta’s Physical Stance
Nappa’s Physical Resistance
Nappa’s Energy Aura
Frieza’s Force Bubble

Round 1 – John Welter – Goku CS Freestyle MBS North Kai Sensei
Wasn’t sure how fast his was going to be or what to really expect. Freestyle decks are always so different. And this would be officially my 2nd game ever running Range Vegetables. I think he went 1st, dropped a Non-Combat and passed. I did the same. He entered on the next turn, and I got a lucky draw by getting a TIAWT. He leads with something Goku named and I toss out Time. That pretty much stops him completely this Combat. I proceed to load up on Drills and combat is over. I get a turn, I enter, load up on more drills and he’s not doing much due to my Haulting Drill. Another Combat, and I am set up for the kill. I use Vegeta’s power and gain cards from Champ/Speaking Drills and unload it all doing +8 stages.


Round 2 – Tim Cable – Kid Buu Red TS West Kai Sensei
I wasn’t sure how fast his deck could anger out, so I knew I had to beat his face in much quicker than normal. This game didn’t last long, I think maybe 15 minutes. I got lucky with a very early SSE and then was able to get it again via Quickness Drill. I beat him on the 2nd Combat of the game and I had 10 cards in my hand before I unloaded with Vegeta’s power.


Round 3 – Dylan Disney – Roshi Orange CS Roshi Sensei
Not going to go into too much detail, but this was the Round 3 feature match (starts around 2:28.) I knew his deck was very Ally based, but that was only because I had walked around and saw him using it earlier in the tournament. I felt bad throwing in Imposter Drill only based on the knowledge I had while walking around, so I didn’t do it. I didn’t need to. I got an early Absorbing Drill out with Focusing and started to build up. It didn’t last much longer, I unloaded with Vegeta again for the win.


Round 4 – Matt Blackstock – Retro Cell Blue CS South Kai Sensei
Again, this was the feature match (starts about 3:07.) I played against Retro Cell at North Kai, Allies or not, I’m Sensei’ing in Imposter Drill. I get out Imposter Drill very early and it’s just a one-sided match from then on. I keep my Imposter Drill in play while building up and eventually unload Vegeta for the win.

Topcut Round of 4 – Matt Blackstock again
I did the tiebreakers and Matt had the least points than any of the other 3-1s, so he played me. This game was MUCH closer. I did get out an early Imposter Drill, but he managed to get rid of it very quickly. So, let the Cell Jr.’s replicate!!!! And oh, they did. I think he ended up with like 7 or so in play. I managed to Stare Down one of them, but due to my Haulting Drill and Absorbing Drill, he wasn’t doing much damage at all. He using Searching Pattern to remove both my main decked OVAs. I kept building up and building up, and I waited to unload on him until I was very close to losing. I think I unloaded with Vegeta + HAT’ing for an OVA and using that a couple of times too to kill him off. I had only 3 life cards left. It was very close.

Finals – Logan Dyer – Frieza CCPP/Retro 2-5 Black TS Piccolo Sensei
We decided to just play one game, instead of the three games for the finals, because we were ready for it to be done. This was streamed too, starting around 4:50. He went first, and passed/rejuv’ed. I then got an insane draw of 3 Drills. He passed/rejuv’ed again and I again get 3 Non-Combats. He then enters and immediately passed. I already have a COGD in play naming Black Pivot Kick. So I lead with Land in Pain for CIT. That pretty much takes all chances of him winning, gone. It didn’t last much longer, was completely one-sided. I won 10 minutes after it started.

I was pretty stoked I managed to win the tournament and go undefeated in doing so. Range Vegetables is a pretty fast deck with a wicked punch. Only thing I would change with the deck is to make room for Red Kaio-Ken Drill for some Discard Pile Removal. For winning, the store gave me a Piccolo hat (it’s a white beanie with a purple top). Thought that was kind of cool.

– 11 people for this tournament with 2 randoms
– Winning and going undefeated with Orange MBS (favorite Mastery) and Vegeta (favorite Z character)
– Hanging out and playing DBZ all day (the tournament and had Hugh Spector at my house and played for several more hours)
– Meeting new people and putting voices to faces/names – specifically the Podcast crew (John, Logan, and Dylan)
– Technology – being able to Live Stream was AWESOME

– Not having the Top 4 prizes at the tournament (but they’re all mailed out now)
– Crazy Wichita weather

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  1. Shannon J. (aka Edison) says:

    I’m gonna spam this response everywhere, but you forgot Master Roshi’s Gawking Drill.

  2. Shannon J. (aka Edison) says:

    Raging Saiyan isn’t OP. it is very good. But no one was talking about him prior to this deck debuting at North Kai. But not a lot of folks are talking about him now either to be honest. =/

  3. Deke G says:

    Really confused about this, there’s black cards, but to play a mastery, you have to declare a orange tokuwazi.. Doesn’t that mean this deck is illegal?

    • Deke G says:

      To play a Mastery card, you must declare a Tokui-Waza, To declare a Tokui-Waza, your Life Deck must have a Mastery card, and have only Styled cards that match the style of your Mastery card, and lastly If you declared a Tokui-Waza, all Styled cards in your Sensei Deck must match the Style of your Tokui-Waza.

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