First Thoughts: Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG

Well it has been quite the exciting weekend, with the long awaited return of the Dragon Ball Z CCG after ten years being announce and getting our first look at a good chunk of the cards. So how are things shaping up so far? We’re just going to take a look at what has been released so far and give some of our thoughts on it. This is far from a review, we could only do a fair review after seeing all the cards and in their final versions with the complete set of rules. Here we just have a handful of cards, many are not their final version and the only rules adjustments we’ve had have been passed on by word of mouth. So let’s cover what we have seen.

25 Saiyan Empowered Mastery

From the looks of things, it seems like everything is going to be standardized: strict 60 card deck size and playable personalities go from Lv. 1-4, both of which were things I wished we would’ve seen in the old game. No more characters having inherent advantages just from the amount of levels the character had, and the sixty-card deck size takes away some of the forgiveness that larger decks would afford you in just mindless beatdown.

I also like from the looks of things that character levels are much more cohesive in their abilities from one level to the next. While it does look like some characters were clearly made to work with certain styles, it does seem as though there is a little bit of flexibility there which avoids having strictly “generic” powers while also not locking you into a play style. The only personality to give me a little pause for concern is the Super Saiyan God Goku promo, whose improbably high power levels combined with an ultra generic yet useful personality power (in fact the only personality or mastery card that gives you an essentially free card draw). To further compound this, the Kaioken Enhanced Goku Lv. 2 can infinitely lower you back down to your Super Saiyan God state, negating any leveling through anger or IT’S OVER 9000! I’m curious to see how much abuse that chain will be able to get out of Saiyan Empowered Mastery.

06 Goku 2


Following that, as I alluded to earlier it’s really great to see that there aren’t many effects that you can start the game with that will instantly give you card advantage (the only I noticed so far was the previously mentioned Super Saiyan God). In the old Z, especially towards the end of the game, many characters just couldn’t compete against characters and/or styles that would basically allow them to start with a hand double the size of a normal hand. This movement towards archetyping of characters and styles is definitely very welcome, with decks and styles being more clearly defined and characters working better with some styles than others rather than the bland and generic mishmash of the old game.

The one thing I wish they would’ve moved away from was power levels. All of these characters seem fine and playable now, but when you start bringing in powerhouses like Majin Buu or even Cell into the mix I fear these personalities will end up in the trade binders like their Saiyan Saga ancestors did ten years ago. A color system would’ve been much better for determining power, at the sacrifice of a little bit of flavor. The only way I can see this being remedied is if the power chart never changes and all future characters are made with power levels to fit that chart. However since power levels are dictated by licensing guidelines, I doubt that will happen.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how things have shaped up so far, and so honored to have been named as a reason for the game’s return. I can’t wait to see how the game turns out after release.

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Later, BroZ

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42 Comments to "First Thoughts: Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG"

  1. S. Dashy says:

    games evolve. so, power ratings becoming much larger is fine in my opinion. after X number of sets, the first set or so become less and less played anyway due to new tech and the power creep. so, when cell… buu…bils.. all come out, i’ll be fine with it.

    also, as long as they make cards that say “if your power rating is…” in a low bracket, you get some broken effect, these personalities will probably see play in random decks.

    my entire group of friends who played this game 10 years ago (as well as naruto, just recently) are all interested in playing this game again. we are excited for the release.

    • Kolzi says:

      Also I think if you look at how the power ratings on these cards go, it’s not exactly like classic Z. Evil buu’s lowest power stage was 3.6 million. SSG goku’s lowest power stage is 5000. There isn’t a huge jump between 0 and power stage 1 like there was on most z personalities, which means getting the personality down even a few power stages puts them on a much more level playing field with others. I think this is a good way to do things while keeping the flavour of just how powerful these characters are.

      • Brewster says:

        It’s just more similar to how power stages were done in Cell Saga. Buu Saga just randomly upped the power curve by a ridiculous margin is all.

        • Kolzi says:

          Well even in cell – I played goku named a lot so I remember the lowest power stage of goku 1 in cell saga is 575 and his mid is 725, highest 1100. That’s still a giant random cliff from 0 to 1.

  2. omod says:

    Ss god Goku also pairs really well with red style, witch the mastery draws you cards as well.

  3. There were two solutions to power level creep in Old Z. As S. Dashy mentioned, one was underdog cards and things like it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those return in some form (possibly even in the first set.) It’s worth noting that Re-Z had a lot of cards with powers like that, and Aik seems to like them.

    The other solution was the double-power rule, which is confirmed to be gone.

    A third possibility that isn’t likely would be for characters to reference their own PAT. So set one personalities would always reference set one PAT, and 10,000 would still be C for Frieza even though for Majin Buu C may start at 500,000. I don’t think that’s likely, though. I fully expect most of these personalities to fall out of favor in a few sets as a direct result of power creep and in a more dramatic fashion than Old Z due to lack of DPR.

    I agree completely about Goku god promo. His top level being 100,000,000 may as well be a joke and doesn’t necessarily make him broken, but his power levels leading up to it are still considerably higher than any other level one, and as you pointed out he has hand advantage that’s generically useful and can skip back down to level 1 whenever he feels like it. He’s going to be really, really good (and have limited availability, to boot!)

    I don’t mind all personalities having a level 4, although I thought 1-3 anger was an interesting part of the metagame. I don’t love MPPV as a victory condition, since it lends itself so directly to poor balancing. It will probably start out pretty good and wane with each set released, just like it did in old Z. Forcing you to reach max anger at level 4 is a solid change, though. Gives level 4 a purpose even if you don’t use MBS mastery or Aura Clash.

    This is widely known, but I disagree about 60 card decks. I like leaving all of the options in the hands of the players. The deck range was probably too wide at 50-85 but forcing everyone to use 60 limits deck-building skill, hinders archetypes, and makes the environment too predictable. I think this change will work fine in the first set but down the road it’ll feel more restricting. From a design point of view, it’s much easier to balance at a set deck size, though.

    I’m indifferent towards characters being more focused on certain playstyles. I think having some characters like that is a good thing, but making every character like that hurts the game (especially with so few characters in set one.) Old Z was probably too generic, but most decks had a handful of viable personality options. Once again, I think this limits the players too much, but makes the game easier to design and balance. The focus on the game seems to be accessibility and conservative design (compared to the Wild West days of old Z.) If these things make the game more popular, I’m all for them. Above all else the only thing I want is a healthy, competitive game. So far, I don’t agree with all of the changes, but I’m excited and optimistic about its release!

  4. epicstarwars says:

    I’m excited for the game and love everything I’m seeing for it except this one big thing:

    – UR 1:72 is terrible! And the spheres being URs?! Again with this crap!?

    I’m praying they change something about that. Other then that, this game looks like a blast. I’m all for the changes. In fact, my play group had already made a deck rule of 60 and made named cards exclusive to their personality, so it feels normal to me.

  5. I’m warming up to 1:72 UR Spheres. It will make cards exciting to open again, some players will buy a lot more product because of it, the game will be collectible, product prizes will have value, etc. Obviously it means we all have to pour out more money to play at the highest level, but at this point in my life I’d rather give my money to this hobby than just about anything else. If we support it in droves when it comes out, it will stick around for a long time.

    I also like the named card change, and so far the two they’ve released have been cool. They’re like watered down finishers from Re-Z and I think that’s perfect.

    • S. Dashy says:

      URs should be one per box. You could have 4 URs per set (or so) and people would STILL buy cases, as each box would yield a money card and you’d have to buy boxes to get playsets, etc, etc.

      The only other solution is to give out alt-foil / alt-art URs during events so that they circulate through local metagames… so that players don’t have to buy cases upon cases to get what they need. The original foil URs will still hold their value, but at least this won’t be old Z where “the best” players kept their stranglehold for years on the competitive scene because they had everything.

      Naruto CCG started off with 40 card decks and then moved to 50 card after X sets because the game warranted a change. I could see this happen with Z down the line, and I’m fine with that. I love the 60 card deck size. It should be 60 card mainboard for EVERYONE not including personalities, mastery, etc…

      • Friendly reminder that URs used to be one in 12 boxes, and boxes used to be 50% larger. They were 6 times rarer than they’re going to be.

        Also, about your “best players” comment, any player at that skill level will win all of their locals even if they don’t have URs/ubers and will quickly develop a sizable library of cards from local prizes. That’s why “the best players” had all of the URs. The best players worked their way up quickly. I didn’t have much money to spend on DBZ but I made the most of what I had. I won more product, used decks that weren’t expensive, and traded creatively until I didn’t have to buy product anymore and could run whatever deck I wanted with no regard for cost. Inuyasha was a game where money was a major deciding factor in tournament results (or access to expensive cards through some other nebulous means.) DBZ was never that game.

        • S. Dashy says:


          I was referencing rumors (which I believe to be 100% true) that SCORE employees used to give their friends (the “best”/named players) playsets of cards, broken cards, etc. for free. This abuse exploded in GT meta when players had 3 of certain cards in their deck that they shouldn’t have had. This explains why some players had 3 You’re Invited after the first GKI when – if I recall correctly – players could only have received one. I remember some players having multiple Farewell Drills by the end of the game’s life when there were allegedly only “16” in the world… ridiculous. It wouldn’t be a problem this time around as long as Aik doesn’t make stupid crap like “Ultimate Champion” (yes I know only one person could use that but that’s broken regardless) or ALMIGHTY LIGHT CAGE (shout out to you and your brother)…

          I am looking forward to a good competitive scene where the money cards / prize cards are either alt art / alt foil reprints and not some OP junk that gives the winning players a gigantic advantage.

          • Fresko says:

            You’re Invited flooded the market due to a Score employee (Who has not worked there for a long time, and I’m almost certain went to court for it) who traveled to a lot of events with stacks of them. He then sold them for super low prices, $50 a piece or something like that. I believe this happened with a lot of other high level cards also. Grabbed from Score’s stock, and sold under the table to ANYONE willing to buy. Friends or not didn’t matter, making a few bucks is all that mattered. I don’t really know anyone who associated themselves with him, though (Or even talked to him outside of a passing word or two at an event). So I don’t think there was anything about it that had to do with friends. Score is also not the only company he has done this to from what I’ve heard.

            As far as Farewell Drills. If I remember correctly from the TopTier days, fakes of the top cut promos actually started hitting eBay towards the end of the games life. Pretty good fakes too if I remember correctly. Chippy can comment on this, as Im not certain, but I don’t think there were extras of the top cut cards. I’m pretty sure they shredded any extras they had. Hopefully he can clarify, as I believe the started doing this due to a previous problem. Seeing Ki Focus at all on ebay was often a guarantee of a fake. You would usually have to track down who they got it from if it wasnt the original recipient. I know that within less than a year, I had sold 6 Ki Focus to MirkoJaros (A well known German collector/seller who had a seemingly endless supply of money, I’ve sold thousands of dollars of cards to him, as have many others), David Bauer sold at least 1, if not 2 to him. Joey Dicarlo’s was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, and a few others were easy to track down as they held on to it as a knowing that at least 7 were in Germany, and one was dead, only 8 were left, and 4-5 of those weren’t going anywhere. It was pretty easy to figure out that fakes were hitting ebay when at least that card showed up even somewhat consistently.

            The better players often had access to these cards as they usually had money anyways. As Phil said, winning a lot locally, which I personally won quite a bit locally, and product really adds up. Not to mention winning something like a PreRelease nabbed me a Vegeta’s Energy Focus when it saw it’s first release (Which earned me a stack of cards from a local player who had a ridiculous collection). A lot of people who had a lot of stuff sold a lot, and usually just put the money right back into the game. I ebay’ed a ton of UR’s that I had pulled or even traded for (Id often trade bulk product won for UR’s, Fatherly’s, etc as those were guaranteed to make me money), just so I could buy other high end cards when I’d go to events.

            It’s definitely more work if you don’t have money. Winning, or at least earning prize consistently at a local is a major help. And trading is an art. Especially when you are done looking for smaller things. Stop opening product (I know, it’s a lot of fun to open packs. RESIST TEMPTATION!) and save up enough to trade straight across for a needed UR. If they open up more worth than you traded them, congratulate them. You took the definite win, they took the gamble. In the long run, gambles wont pay, and trading product for definite needs is always a win.

            And I agree with top cut cards. While I had the money in old Z to drop some cash on that (I had a set of 4 Ki Focus before I left Focused Worlds), I dont have that luxury now. Im not a kid with minimal bills and a solid cash flow with nothing for it to go towards. I have more bills now, and more important things to save up for.

    • epicstarwars says:

      I would be fine with 1:72 URs, but I feel they should be cards that not every deck needs full play sets of to compete. Cards that are limit one per deck, LV 4 personalities, or niche type cards I feel would be more correct. I’ll end up spending lots of money on the game with crazy URs or not, but I’m more looking out for my playgroup. My friends are not going to spend a lot of money for play sets of spheres and they’ll get frustrated with rare levels and will lose interest like they did with the old game. Us die hards will spend the money, but a lot of people will not and have no chance on the completive field I feel. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

      • Aaron Gapen says:

        It’s interesting seeing this announcement now, as when I was playing the original competitively, I was 15 and jobless, and things have changed a lot since then. I know at least for me, purchasing things online was a lot harder then. I sold my Ki Focus to be able to buy a lot of the other URs I couldn’t get my hands on normally. eBay wasn’t small, but it is certainly a lot bigger now in terms of CCGs. So I think card availability isn’t going to be as big of an issue as it was then.

    • Fresko says:

      I agree with you completely. I’m fine with the rarity. Is there a more iconic card from DBZ? If rumors are true, and Sphere’s aren’t staples, then it will still be worth money, and a great pull to see. I have a feeling that we may not see events that were as high powered as HAT, SSE, a pile of combat enders, etc. Even “It’s Over 9000!” is Aura Clash with a requirement (And seems to be not as good with anger seeming to be at least somewhat consistent to gain for a lot of decks). I’d hope that they would keep the game design from having decks like Saiyan CS which, as we all know, has the potential for a turn 2 kill. If that happens, then I can see Sphere’s being more of a meta choice if/when control decks become a thing. Less damage per combat obv means Sphere’ing a Time is less effective (I get it, Sphere’ing Time will rarely be a bad thing, but it was obv game breaking in old Z, where you could flip their deck over out of no where. For the time being at least, you probably aren’t looking at a ton of damage, especially if Sphere was one of your 4-5 cards)

      May take a bit though for at least ball decks to become a thing, as I have a feeling that Balls can hit discard piles like in ReZ (For those who didn’t look at ReZ, balls acted like any other card, counted as life cards of damage, and just like any other card, had to be shuffled back if you wanted it, ball decks were never real in ReZ unless your name was Ashley, and you played in a side event in Florida). I base this on the Namekian Mastery referencing shuffling back Dragon Balls.

      I can see Sphere’s being that card to help keep control in check. If you expect a lot of control, run Sphere, if not, don’t. Just like recent Retro events. I can see a pretty big argument that can be made for not running TES in retro events if you expect to just play beatdown vs beatdown. It worked well for Dave with Bojack, and he actually had a least a little reason to run TES (Stop Cell’s Presence, protect Gathering of Heroes and/or Unexpected Allies). Honestly, two GenCon’s ago, when I ran Broly Saiyan, I would have been far better off running Startled!. TES did pretty much nothing for me. I went 4-2, losing once to ball on turn 2, and Blue Roshi doing a great job locking me out through Sphere AND a full set of Showdowns. Startled would have been severely better against it as Initiative. Teaching the Unteachable…, Hercule’s Dream Sequence, etc were what I couldnt deal with. Sure Startled can be Sphere’d (Though Broly’s Might is a real thing too), but at least I would have better targets with it. I believe my only TES target that game was Blue Leaving anyways, as most problem cards on NonCombats. TES made no difference in my wins, as most ended up as landslide wins. TBH I would probably run no TES before replacing it with Startled, it was just an example. In a beatdown matchup I would probably rather just have another attack in my hand in most instances.

      So yeah, while Sphere is easily the most notable staple in Z, I think it’s safe to assume that there is also good argument to not run it in certain decks/meta’s.

      This will be mostly dictated by card design though. I can see it being far from a staple for the first 2-3 sets at least. More of a, “Run it if you’d like, but you’re probably fine if you don’t” type of card. Hopefully no super high powered events like HAT, or severe hate cards like SSE. SSE is a pretty bad card from a design standpoint anyways. Making cards that allow games to be less interactive. SSE obv making a physical beatdown deck pass for the majority of the turn isn’t terribly fun for the player, and is just one player playing the game for that turn. This is a major reason why Magic has moved away from making constructed playable hard Counterspells. Instead, the playable ones have drawbacks or are restricted to specific card types (Unlike the old days when Counterspell was in every core set up to 7th, we had cards like Forbid, and Force of Will was in Standard, and more importantly, original Extended). They noticed players having less and less fun when they lose a game with maybe having one card resolve against permission based decks. The game was more frustrating than fun.


  6. Any word on an official release date yet?

  7. themrkunkel says:

    When I started playing original Z I had no URs or promos. I met people playing online and they were willingly to lend me cards to play in tournaments. After I won my second foil deck I then had my own cards to keep.

    That being said the droprate in these is much better than back then and there will be no outside promos that unbalance the game (Fatherly, Namekian Strike, Champion Drill, KRAFT CHEESE MAJIN BUUS CHILDISH TAUNT).

  8. I hope it’s out late August or early September. I’m currently selling off cards from another card game to stock up on this game.

  9. Joshman says:

    I have no idea why people are freaking out about the Spheres being UR. What they really should be freaking out about is Super Saiyan God being an exclusive promo (so far).

    • epicstarwars says:

      I was able to pick up SSG Goku for $10 on ebay. How much is a play set of both spheres going to cost me on ebay? $100+ each set? That’s why there’s some freaking out. I can deal with it, but trying to look out for my playgroup who can’t afford to pay this kind of money.

    • Shannon J. (aka Edison) says:

      Sphere’s mean that people have to buy product to get them, and most players will want them but most good players don’t buy product. So that leave it up to the collects to sell of their extras (since they typically only want one copy per card anyway).

      SSG Goku was given out free and there are probably hundreds of them out there already and are going for around $10 on eBay (I bought a full set of the SDCC promos for $23 shipped, including Goku). But I bet that won’t even get me ONE Sphere. And if you want to play based on whats good, you will need SIX sphere’s (one set hero, one set villain) laying around as the game changes.

      I don’t think that’s cool at all.

  10. Icey Reed says:

    ok the power levels thing annoys me because there are plenty of characters in the base game that could absolutely destroy that never left the B rating on the fusion chart.

  11. I don’t understand why people are freaking out over the ultra rare ratio. The ultra rares were harder to get back in the day, but I was able to get every ultra rare that I wanted either by randomly pulling them in packs or by trading for them. You have to keep in mind that ultra rares aren’t valuable to everyone. Some people only go for the cards that they find useful in their decks. I had plenty of ultras that I got rid of because I knew I would never use them. Also, we have to keep in mind that none of these cards are set in stone. Sphere may or may not be an ultra. It may not even be released in this set if they can justify holding off on it. We will need to wait until an official spoiler list is released before we start grabbing our torches and pitchforks.

    • epicstarwars says:

      Back in the day, my playgroup had a really hard time getting URs. I may be off a couple, but our entire playgroup pulled 10 URs between all of us from Saiyan Saga to Kid Buu Saga (and we opened a lot of boxes). Perhaps we were just very unlucky, but luckily most URs were not must haves in the old Z. But Sphere is a 3x must for all decks, and I plan on haveing many decks built at a time, which means I’ll need a ton of Spheres. Most smart players aren’t going to trade theirs and you’ll have to open a lot of boosters to pull them. So how much are you prepared to pay for Spheres at UR level (or any other staples they might throw in at UR)? I’m really trying to just push this point so that it might see a change, because I know I’m not the only one thinking this.

  12. David says:

    Is it possible that the Lvl 2 Goku pictured here suggests that there will be no discarding of drills when you go up or lose a level? Or is it simply you may find it more important to have the option to lower yourself down a level and forego the drill?

  13. Smithformeragent says:

    I think that spheres are a poor UR choice from a marketing standpoint. I think that you really want your URs to appeal to the collector market. Hence, why some jank level 4/5 UR personalities like Goku the Unbeatable always were big money cards over actual useful URs like Trunks Guardian Drill and WTLTH. From a competitive standpoint, I think people freak about the spheres being UR. There may not even be a whole lot worth sphering in set one other than confrontation. Let’s see the whole set before jumping to conclusions. I remember in Baby Saga how some were freaking at the prospect of needing to have 6+ URs from the set in your deck (lv 5 MP, 3 Styled URs plus 3 It’s the Inside That Counts).

    I do like making the UR’s one per box, but it is what it is. Proxy them out and if they become absolutely necessary for competitive reasons, bite the bullet and buy them.

  14. Out of the things shown the mastery cards are what I personally have found to be the most interesting. I love how many of the masteries remind me of older ones, yet still have things that make them slightly different. Black Devious Mastery is currently the most appealing mastery for me and makes me look forward to playing black style once again.

    As for the UR ratio, I’m not too worried about it since I’ll probably be buying a few boxes for the first set anyway. I can see how it will be worse for others since not everyone will be able to afford buying boxes at a time, but depending on what prices look like ebay will be the best choice for most people.

  15. Andrew Dill says:

    I would have really liked to see them to move away from power level and the physical attack table. Just using power stages would have worked fine, have energy attacks deal life cards of damage and physical attacks do stages (no PAT involved). Yeah it does not make sense for Bulma to be able to do any damage to Majin Buu if she punches him, but who cares if it provides balance. On the other side you could really say Majin Buu should insta-kill bulma if he punched her full force, so not sure how accurate a base of 6 stages is anyhow for being in the F Bracket vs A Bracket lol.

    UR rarity is fine. I mean back when Score’s game was out I am not even sure I pulled a single UR until I got my boxes of every set from the 1st GKI, I had to buy literally every UR I wanted on ebay. So 1 in 72 seems fine to me, in that they are actually attainable by pack this time around. Things should be a lot better in terms of even playing field, so many old cards were special judge/cookie bag only cards that you basically just had to buy them on ebay if you wanted stuff ( see Fatherly Advice).

    Masteries seem cool, they all seem to have uses just off initial glance and should provide some variety. The game will be fun and give us an excuse to travel and hang out again, that is what I care about. The competitive tournament structure is what I am looking forward to hearing about the most at this point.

  16. Bryan Hayden says:

    I’m okay with SSG Goku. His power is the ultimate in generic versatility and his practical joke power level ensure eternal beatdown relevance. Still sorta wondering why no one is talking about Trunks or his new Roshi-shaming heart of the cards power which is phenomenal in any style, control or otherwise.

    • Aaron Gapen says:

      I get what you’re saying, but 4 is a lot less than 10, or even 6 with Android 18. SSG Goku’s power is essentially Trunks’ except you get the card in hand, which is definitely worth more than the extra discard pile banish from Trunks and the small drawback on Goku’s power.

      • Bryan Hayden says:

        No, Trunks is worse. Roshi and 18 only diddle with their own junk. Trunks is deck rapist. “Huh, guess I’ll god draw off last turn’s setup then enter and hose your’s.” I expect him to see heavy use in saiyan since MBS mastery is returning and can quickly propel him to his “my-or-your top 6” level 4.

        • Aaron Gapen says:

          I would agree, except what made Roshi and A18 so good is that it was their level 1. From the first combat you were at an advantage. I still think Trunks is powerful and will see plenty of play, but his abilities don’t quite give you the same type of advantage that Roshi and A18 offered.

  17. Evil_palmer says:

    Not sure if anyone has posted as of yet, but unofficial ship date from distributors is September 3. Literally just received the email from my distributor.

  18. Matt Susalka says:

    I also disagree with the new 60 card limit. This choice inherently powers up every aggro deck and every attack in the game by a good 20%. This game is supposed to be compatible with the old CCG we all know and love, right? So, let’s do a quick thought exercise here:

    Remember back in the days of yore, hurling a Goku’s Blinding Stike at your opponent? Aside from the onvious power of nuking their game plan by neutering certain cards, you also smacked them for a hefty 7 life cards. Fun right? So, you just effectively hit 12% of their life in one shot. (10/~80)

    Fast forward to now, will that 60 card deck include MPs, Masteries, and Senseis? Let’s assume it doesnt for this experiment for convenience. So, that same GBS now deals nearly 20% (10/60, more like 18%) of your life per hit. What if you happen to play a Frieza is Ready during your NonComb step? Well, dealing just under 1/3 of their life in one attack sure sounds fun.

    So that’s my little thought experiment on the new limit. Expand that to other possibilities: how does sitting down across from Piccolo’s multiform sound to you? That deck already had an easy enough time shredding through 80 cards in the first 3 or so turns. For you MTG players out there, how does playing your Storm deck sound if your opponent starts at 16 life?

    This further begs the question, will the new attacks printed be nerfed? In order to level the field and not give just aggro an edge while leaving DB decks and other combo exactly the same, shouldnt they print Saiyan Saga-level junk attacks? Physicals dealing +2 power stages, costing 1 power stage to perform? Sounds about right. But, as aforementioned, who the hell would ever run any? Why run any Saiyan saga physical attack when Saiyan Dashing Kick exists? How can this new 60 card limit do anything but completely blank any new attacks printed, assuming they scaled back the 20-some percent to accomodate for the deck shrinkage?

    What do you guys think?

  19. […] is except for the booster pack exclusive Trunks (and the ridiculous and questionably legal promo Goku – Super Saiyan God). So how does Trunks fit into the color wheel of the game? Will he be a jack of all trades or be […]

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