Exclusive Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG Previews Start Today!

Starting today, we will be previewing cards from the new Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG 2014 set, up until its release on October 17. We have fifteen cards to preview, so we are going to start with five today and then reveal a new one each day up until release. The ones you see today are the final versions of a few cards already revealed in the San Diego Comic Con demo decks. All the cards after today are brand new, never before seen cards. Enjoy!

Preview R148 Saiyan Power Up Preview R158 Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon Preview U084 Namekian Wish Preview U090 Orange Empowered Drill Preview U095 Orange Overhead Smash

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  1. Chipmunk says:

    Yay! Cards!


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