Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG Preview: Trunks Sword Slash

I’ve been keeping an eye on Trunks, trying to determine if he is playable or simply meh. We will have to wait until the full set and environment emerges to determine his impact on the environment, but in the mean time we can reveal his pretty sweet named card.

Preview R159 Trunks Sword Slash

Trunks is looking like a Combo King with this card. Get this off, and you get two successful attacks in a row! With his deck stacking powers, you can now choose to stack your opponent’s combat hand with an energy block that will turn into a dead card after getting SLASHED! The secondary effect will also severely hamper Namekian, Frieza and Gohan decks by selectively pruning their discard piles.

And in case you missed it, her are the last two previews we ran on our Facebook page for the Red Style.

Preview C048 Red Flares

Preview U099 Red Lightning Slash

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