Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG Redemption Wrap-Up

Now that the game has been out for a few weeks, those of us who are veterans of Score Entertainment games have been bringing up what was essentially a mainstay for the old game since the Saiyan Saga: Wrapper Redemptions (or redemptions of some kind). We are ready for a Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG Redemption.

Just taking a quick peek at our card library, you can see that there have been redemptions offered in the Saiyan Saga, Cell Saga, Cell Games Saga, World Games Saga and the Fusion Saga. They have been administered in different ways over the years, from sending in whole wrappers, to the introduction of Capsule Corps Credits and even sending in cards on the banned and restricted list.

50 Capsule Corps Credits

So how would you like to see a redemption run by Panini America? Would you want to send in wrappers or something else? I have some expertise on this topic, I used to be the one who handled all the games redemptions when I worked at Score Entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of the options:

  • Wrappers. Did you save all of your wrappers from your packs? I know some folks have. This was how the first wrapper redemption was done way back in Saiyan Saga, where you could get the game changing HT Trunks and HT Vinegar cards. Originally you had to send in 100 wrappers to get a set, but this was lowered to a more reasonable number for the average player/collector (you could still get an autographed Vegeta Lv. 4 and Goku Lv. 4 if you sent in 100). The problem with this method is that I’m sure a large amount of wrappers have already been discarded and as the person who used to be on the receiving end of the redemptions, it sure is a pain to count all the wrappers.
  • Capsule Corps Credits. Unfortunately the ship has sailed on this one, but there’s always set two and on. With this option, it’s a little more intuitive to the person buying the product to start collecting these. This is how almost every other redemption was done at Score after Saiyan Saga and with their other games (though they weren’t called Capsule Corps Credits for those redemptions). Although, let me assure you that this can be just as frustrating on the receiving end and no matter how explicit your instructions are you’ll always somehow end up with a majority of the submissions being just a bunch of confetti-like bits shoved in an envelope.
  • Banned/Restricted Card Exchange. This was my favorite and always seemed the simplest. Just send in a banned or restricted card and you get a new card in return. You even got more is you sent in a foil version. The obvious issue with this, unfortunately, is that you would need banned and restricted cards to make this work (something we as a community personally don’t want either). I jokingly mentioned that you should be able to send in duplicates of Mastery cards you got in packs, something that you would rarely need more than one of, is already available in a premium version from the starter decks and something that everyone seemed to be pulling many duplicates of. That could actually work.

P19 Reality Checked

The next question is obviously what do we get for our redemption? The thing that pops to mind immediately is the missing starter card Orange Truck Lift. The only other options right now are any of the alt art promo cards that were printed with the Premiere set. At least this time it looks like Panini learned from the mistakes of the Bleach TCG where they gave away what was arguably the best card in the set as a redemption promo (pictured above), causing more harm than good to sales. Alternatively, if it’s delayed until set two for a redemption system, promos with unique card powers could be introduced.

Personally, I think it would be really cool if a redemption was done where you could get exclusive play mats, card sleeves, and deck boxes. Or even gasp… WARRIOR SWORDS and SCOUTERS!

So what would you like to see? How would you like to see the redemption implemented and what would you like to get in return?

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Later, BroZ

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12 Comments to "Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG Redemption Wrap-Up"

  1. grimlock64 says:

    My friend and I have both been saving our wrappers because of how the original game had redemptions in the past. I would love to send in my wrappers (though hopefully when and if you switch to Capsule Corp points or some other currency the wrappers aren’t entirely voided).

    As for what we could get, I’m all for getting promo cards of some sort, but getting other gear would be fun too, but not AS cool IMO.

  2. Jake Ferrari says:

    Do it like pokemon does. Insert cards in packs with QR codes on them which are redeemed online. You could collect “points” this way.

  3. Shannon says:

    I have saved every wrapper from the 100+ packs I’ve cracked. 2 booster boxes, and about 60 packs in prizes from releases and constructed tournaments.

  4. Jordon Phelps says:

    I’d enjoy playmats, each set has there own version. maybe even have them be singed by R&D or voice actors

  5. John Spears says:

    One really fun thing they could do that would add value to even the “redemption” points would be to have inserts in packs that were “part” of a promo card. When you collect all of the parts, for example, if they split a card into four sections, you then turn in all four sections to receive a playable copy of that card. The inserts could have the same rarity as a foil, 1 in 3 packs. Just a thought…

  6. zehamberglar says:

    What’s the point of this article? On the back of each wrapper it tells you about the redemption process. You don’t need to save wrappers. Just send up to two postcards to the address on the back of the wrapper.

    • Joshman says:

      The article is meant to discuss the different ways a redemption could be executed by Panini America, and to see what methods the community likes plus any ideas they may have.

      The thing you are pointing out is not a redemption, but the “No Purchase Necessary” clause. In the United States, there are regulations for sweepstakes and one of those rules is that no contest can require a purchase to enter. Because there are chase cards (foils in the case of DBZ) that are not in every pack and an element of chance is involved, nearly every trading card product must run an “NPN” sweepstakes.

  7. chris says:

    I don’t want a redemption the codes would be nice if they would take the game virtual put it on xbl. psn. or cpu then the codes could be used to buy packs starters ect. promo cards started this unneeded pressure to spend money making people who couldn’t pay to play hate and quit the game.

  8. Eric says:

    More chances at God Goku would be nice.

    Also, maybe you can have “new” promos that are still old reprints or current cards in a retro card frame/style.

  9. jowzer says:

    L5R has a “Koku” icon on the boosters that you cut out and sent in, if you made an additional perferation on the pack with something like that I’m sure that’d be an alternative than sending in whole packs.

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