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Ive only had a chance to run this deck in one tournament.  My only defeat was to my nephews Namekain Piccolo deck in the finals.  Namekain is pretty rough match up for this deck but you can beat it.  This was before the CRD update so the match up should be better now.  Hopefully Ill have a chance to pilot the deck again in the near future.

The deck hits hard fast but has a tendency to run out of steam if the game gets dragged out. You want to create hand advantage over your opponent by getting out Black Smoothness Drill and using Goku’s power.  This combined with Black’s hand disruption powers will lead to many favorable combats for you.  Rejuvenation is a powerful mechanic in PanZ.  This deck unfortunately does not rejuvenate very many cards.  So it is important to you use Blacks discard pile removal to make sure your opponent isnt rejuvenating key cards back into there decks.  This is very important when facing Ginyu and his allies.

P05 Goku - Super Saiyan God (Comic-Con International 2014)


Black Super Saiyan God Goku 

Attacks: 27

Black Flying Kick*3

Black Disorienting*3

Black Swerve*3

Black Jab*3

Black Entanglement*3

Black Defensive Burst*3

Black Interceptor Barrage*3

Black Energy Web*3

Black Side Thrust*3


Blocks: 17

Black Swipe*3

Black Adaptation*3

Black Corruption*3

Black Finger Block*3

Black Delay*3

Time is a Warriors Tool


Events: 6

Black Scout Maneuver*3



Drills: 3

Black Smoothness Drill*2

Black Targeting Drill




Setups: 5

Black Searching Technique*3

Visiting the Past*2


Dragon Balls: 2



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  1. MagicErk says:

    just a heads up this list only has 59 cards lol

  2. This deck would get wrecked at my card shop. You have no way to directly counter anger, the “HIT” effects in here are too much, namekian and red mppv decks would own you all day every day. You don’t even have heroic plan to search for your smoothness drill which relying on 2 cards out of 58 for your deck to have a “good” combat is silly without ways to search for your combo. So basically you discard your own hand and your own deck and throw out perdictable physical attacks. This deck may have performed ok locally but at a top tier level you won’t beat real mppv decks, like the Ginyu red deck one of our guys runs that gets lv3 in his first combat, which he does 80% of the time. Like I don’t understand why you aren’t running 3 devastating blows, or black lunge, for milling yourself so much you have little endurance when you could have a lot more. Why is there no anger? Like who cares about gaining a little anger, your level 2 takes you down and searches for smoothness drill!!! like come on, you need more anger and anti anger cards so you can search for your drill at lv2, go down to level 1 and pitch the anger cards for the mastery when you don’t need them. Your deck build does not suite your strategy. If you added in the cards I suggested you will see better performance against mppv.

  3. The two decks I have right now are Black Super Saiyan God Goku (Beat Down Deck) and Namekian Piccolo (Dragon Ball Deck). Before the recent rule changes on Namekian Mastery, if I had them compete, Piccolo won every time, but I’ll have to try again with new rules.

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