Virtual Card Set 2015 – Welcome to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse!

Greetings, Z-players!  It’s been a while since the last group of Virtual Cards, and an even longer while since my last article.  But today shall reset the counter on both, as I present to you the latest additions to Virtual Subset, along with some insight into the way a few of them were designed.
First up is Blue Assault Cannon.  Those who follow the Discussion Group may recognize this card’s effects from this past summer, when it was originally teased as Blue Burning Attack before being benched for Blue Raditz Double Sunday.  It was given a new paint job and is now being released for use.

07 Blue Assault Cannon

Next up is a brand new Uub personality set!  I know this is a character that at least some people have been clamoring for since his rather unspectacular debut in the Kid Buu Saga.  This was made with the idea of giving the Saiyan Style to a non-Heritage character, as has been done with Namekian in the past.  Since Uub has not technically begun his training as of the end of Dragon Ball Z, this is reflected in his requirement to use the Majin Buu Saga Mastery if he declares a Saiyan Tokui-Waza.

08 Uub Lv. 1

09 Uub Lv. 2

10 Uub Lv. 3

Since he was to be trained by Goku and was presented as Goku’s successor in the series, it felt logical to integrate some of Goku’s iconic powers into Uub’s new power set, while also retaining a bit of Uub’s niche.  So, Uub’s powers take on the anti-endurance aspect of his Kid Buu Saga personality levels while also taking a page from Goku’s Cell Saga personality levels.


Next up is Flash Beam Feint, created by David Eckhard, aka Chippy.  At first glance it may seem like a useless card, but it can nearly guarantee a Dragon Ball capture, as well as trigger effects that occur upon successful energy attacks.  For those wondering, this attack will not trigger a Survival Victory while counting out the damage (which is what the “immediately” wording is for).

11 Flash Beam Feint

Finally, we have a new Trunks personality set inspired by the upcoming (or recently released in Asia) Dragon Ball Xenoverse game!  For those unaware, Xenoverse is based on the now dead Dragon Ball MMO game from Korea, which was a canon continuation of Future Trunks’ story.  Trunks is reprimanded by the Supreme Kai of Time for interfering with time, and as his punishment he is recruited to lead the Time Patrol.  When the enemy organization (the Time Breakers) become too much for the Time Patrol to handle, he uses Shenron to summon a Future Warrior (your created character) to assist him and the rest of the Time Patrol.

12 Time Patrol Trunks Lv. 1

Since Future Trunks was trained by Future Gohan (who was trained solely by Piccolo, and as such was given Namekian Tokui-Waza access), this Trunks set is given the ability to declare a Namekian Tokui-Waza as well.  However, since the training degraded due to not being taught by an actual Namekian, Trunks must use the Cell Saga Mastery if he wishes to use this Style.  In addition, since he summons a Future Warrior to aid him in battle against the Time Breakers, he is given the innate condition of being considered to have an Ally in play for card effects.  His level 1 power brings the theme of a few previous Namekian Style cards full circle, and will hopefully allow the Cell Saga Namekian Style Mastery to be usable for quite possibly the first time ever.  To note, in order to attach an Assault card to something, the power of either the Assault card or the card it’s being attached to must allow for that to happen, as would be the case with Namekian Assimilation Assault.  This power is also the reason Blue Assault Cannon got a new paint job, as Blue was the only Style without an Assault card.

13 Time Patrol Trunks Lv. 2

His level 2 was designed as an alternative to the Cell Saga’s double physical attack, without replacing it.  It requires the removal of a card with Endurance so as to not give Trunks control decks a guaranteed Sphere or better every turn.  The theme of Combat cards will carry forward to his higher personality levels as well due to how Xenoverse plays out.  Remember that in GT, Expanded, and Panini, what Retro Z refers to as Combat cards became Event Combat cards or even just Event cards.  In Xenoverse, Trunks and the Future Warrior travel back to famous events in Dragon Ball Z history to stop the Time Breakers from screwing it up.

14 Time Patrol Trunks Lv. 3

His level 3 continues the Combat card theme, offering up an alternate version of his Cell Saga level 3 as well.  You can either continue with the Xenoverse theme, or go with a more defensive power and higher power levels from Cell Saga.

15 Time Patrol Trunks Lv. 4

His level 4 has a similar effect to his level 2, though as a When Entering Combat effect.  This also offers up a more offensive based power when combined with Combat cards, finally giving Trunks a level 4 that is not purely defensive in nature.


That’s all for now, folks!  Be sure to stay tuned for further Retro Z news, Virtual Cards, and Panini Z Set 2 information!



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  1. grimlock64 says:

    Love the new personalities, but any particular reason Uub and Trunks can only use those respective masteries? Does it have to do with when they appear or are at their peak in the series?

  2. Very radical addendum!

  3. Rexx says:

    Hey, when the uub level 2 gains stages and gets anger, is it whenever he gains stages, or only if he actually gains them?

  4. chris says:

    how about some masteries freestyle really needs a new one

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