Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains Preview: Face Smash

Previews have begun for the Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains set, and Panini America has given us TEN big previews to lay on you guys. Since we are a multimedia site, we’re gonna split up all the previews between on different outlets but we will deliver all cards to you in the coming weeks. You may have even already seen our first preview for Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains when I guest hosted on Dragon Ball Radio this week. Here it is in case you missed it.

WM Preview C37 Orange Driving Drill

We discuss this card and all the other Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains previews we have seen so far on their latest podcast as well as some of our concerns for the game, so click below to give it a listen.

And finally what you all came to see and probably skipped over all the other text I’ve written (including this sentence) to get to.

Preview Face Smash

I’m sure you would all love to talk about this latest Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains spoiler on the Official RetroDBZ Facebook Group.

Two down, eight to go. So where else will you be able to find our Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains preview cards? I’m glad you asked. In the next few weeks…

We will reveal a Villain ally on this website.

Garrett will be talking about a Saiyan physical attack on his YouTube channel.

We will post two Black Style attacks (one energy, one physical) on our Facebook page.

I will be posting a Blue Style physical attack on my Instagram account @ArguablyTrue.

We will post a Red Style event and a physical attack on our Twitter page @RetroDBZccg.

Garrett will be posting a Namekian style drill on his Instagram account @Garrett_in_the_Hat.


So be sure to follow us on those different accounts to get all the previews. And please, if you would like to use any of the preview images then please use any “Share Button” features or give us a link. Previews are one of the few ways community sites can build massive traffic. That goes for any of the other preview sites too:

Panini DBZ Facebook Page

Dragon Ball Radio

TAK Games

DBZ Fanatics Gaming Network

and DBZ Top Tier


Later, BroZ!


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