RetroDBZ at Awesome Con 2015

Hey BroZ,

RetroDBZ traveled to Awesome Con 2015 this weekend in Washington DC, bringing a few Dragon Ball Z decks and checking out their tabletop scene. It’s really great to see more and more conventions, particularly non-gaming conventions, allowing small game publishers to set up shop and test out their new games.

One such group was Deerfox Games, whom we talked shop with about anime and are releasing their own anime based game “Mahou Shojo”. The game is pretty interesting and worth a look.

We also ran into our old friends at the One Piece Podcast in Awesome Con’s Artist Alley. (Fun Fact: Joshman was a guest of the podcast in 2011). Check out their work and follow them on Tumblr by clicking here and then clicking here.

Awesome Con 2015 One Piece Podcast

And of course we ran into some great cosplay too, though sadly we didn’t make it to any cosplay events this year so we only got a couple of pics (literally).

Thanks again to Awesome Con for a good show, and thanks for giving tabletop a space for games.

Later, BroZ!

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