Ani Mayhem Dragon Ball Z Image Gallery

This is the complete set for the Ani Mayhem Dragon Ball Z CCG. First released in 1996, DBZ was the third and final set of the game, which combined characters from classic anime series like Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, Bubblegum Crisis, El-Hazard, Armitage III, Dominion Tank Police, Oh My Goddess, Phantom Quest Corp and Project A-Ko (all licensed by Pioneer at the time). The game was published by Upper Deck.

Interestingly enough, there is no general consensus on the rules for the game. With each new release, the rules were drastically rewritten and changed despite the fact that the cards were supposed to work with all previous sets (several of the DBZ cards oddly reference characters and species from El-Hazard). Your guess on how to play is as good as ours.

You can find the rules and other information on the game at Ani-Mayhem Online.

5 Comments to "Ani Mayhem Dragon Ball Z Image Gallery"

  1. Speed says:

    I have some of these from when my dad bought a big lot of DBZ cards on Ebay back in like 03 or me when i was 7 or 8. Damn!

  2. How about a link to you are using my images after all.

    • Joshman says:

      Ryan, we received these cards from another website.

      There are no watermarks or information in the files telling us where the scans originally came from so we are hosting them in good faith. I will, however, link your website since it has the rules (something I couldn’t originally find).

  3. […] Ani-Mayhem comes real close (which is really saying something if you ever feel like browsing that set) by adding only a hyphen although it mixes up his history with the non-cannon Mystical Adventure […]

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