111 Krillin’s Power Tap

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  1. The CRD has the following listed for this card: “…Krillin’s Power Tap creates a floating effect that is a copy of that Drill. This floating effect only works during Attack Phases in the Combat Step of the current turn…”

    Does this mean that Krillin’s Power Tap’s effect is only active during the Attacker Attack’s phase? If so, wouldn’t this mean you could not Power Tap and use anything that activates during the Defender Defends phase such as A20 Absorption Drill? Also, since damage is calculated inside the Defender Defends phase, this would also mean floating prevention like Black Groveling Drill and Underdog Drill would not prevent extra damage when Power Tapped yes?

    • I think I just answered my own question and am now taking my foot out of my mouth. You have to be able to use the floating effect during the Defender Defends or it would have very little and next to zero effect at all. Since all damage is calculated during a Defender Defends phase, not even damage modifiers would work. If that was the case then you could only power tap drills activated and used on your turn like Speaking with the King. The CRD is kind of misleading by saying ‘Attack phase’. I don’t think it was intended to be taken the way I read it. I don’t know, now I’m confused.

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