Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG 2014 Ultra Rare Cards

Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG Ultra Rare Card Images. These are the most expensive and valuable DBZ cards you can find in packs. How much are they worth?

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  1. sccra says:

    They are worth a good bit, i think about $80.

  2. […] at the Panini America Ultra Rare cards, most of them are based on Uncommon cards from the Trunks Saga. With more focus on utility […]

  3. Seabass says:

    I just got a villainous engery sphere Woot I used to play the old game

  4. I got a foil Villainous Visage, only the second Ultra Rare I’ve ever gotten. They seem to be MUCH easier to find in this game.

  5. Does anybody know what the Ultra Rare ratio is in this game compared to the old one?

    • Matt Cinalli says:

      I believe the rate in the panini CCG is 1 ultra rare per every 3 boxes (72 packs). I bought a booster box of the game myself and didn’t receive any URs, so it feels about in-line with the old DBZ CCG in terms of rarity.

      • In the old game, I believe I bought 6 boxes of Booster Packs (1 each of Saiyan, Trunks, Androids, Cell, Cell Games, and Buu), and NEVER got an Ultra Rare (the sole Ultra Rare I got in the old game, L5 Vegeta the Revitalized, I purchased individually). I must have just gotten really lucky this time. Too bad the Panini Ultra Rares all suck so far, I would have killed to get Ultra Rares in the old game.

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