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Dream Team: The Ten Best Universe 7 Personality Cards

Now that Dragon Ball Super has wrapped up, we wanted to have a Spoiler Free list of the best personality cards for our (mostly) heroes of Universe 7. This won’t be a typical top ten list in that I’m not rating the cards against each other, just picking out the most impactful Retro DBZ personality […]

The Lost Score Entertainment Death Note Card Game

Earlier this week, IDW announced a Death Note card game was on its way to the US this June. A popular anime for sure that narrowly missed having its own game during the heyday of the anime card game bubble. While nothing was ever created and released stateside (there was one in Italy), Viz Media […]

Con Report – Cryptozoic at Gen Con 2015

Hey BroZ, We’re still sorting out everything from all the excitement at Gen Con 2015 this weekend (which you can see some of on our Facebook page), but we wanted to try to get some of our interviews out there first. First up, we spoke to Sara Miguel, Marketing Coordinator at Cryptozoic Entertainment about some […]

Score Entertainment Shonen Jump Ads

I know you all are eager to see the next batch of previews for Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection (and if you haven’t listened to our last podcast on the subject, you totally should!), but we thought we’d bring you a glimpse of how some previews were done in the Score Entertainment years: […]

Akon 2015 Cosplay Gallery

RetroDBZ’s attended Akon this year. There was cosplay a plenty. Please enjoy this cosplay gallery of Garretts pictures from this years Akon adventure.   Follow us on our Facebook page for more up to date announcements by clicking here. Join our Facebook discussion page to talk about the game by clicking here. (It’s a private […]

Score Entertainment Rulebook Extravaganza!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at RetroDBZ, cleaning up a few things and keeping everything a little better organized. You might notice a dead link here or there, I’m not sweating the small ones (like stuff linked from articles) but if you find any broken links on our pages (like a whole image […]

How Do You Chiaotzu?

Poor little Chiaotzu. He’s all but forgotten by the time Androids Saga runs around, but he has managed to appear as a character card in every Dragon Ball Z card game to date. The problem? Apparently no one knows how to spell Chiaotzu. We have the most common spelling of Chiaotzu which appears in two […]

Dragon Ballin’ with a Frenchman 002: Vegeta Freestyle vs. Bojack Black

Joshua Merckle was in the area so I logically forced him into recording some DBZ matches. We managed to get three done so heres the first. Watch this time as a bait flips the game upside down. :O Follow Didier Greenleaf on Twitter @DidierGreenleaf and subcribe to his youtube channel 

The Quick and Easy Path

After getting feedback from the community and reviewing the source material, as of the next CRD update Bardock will be usable as a Villain and become a Rogue personality. Feel free to start constructing villain decks with Bardock as your MP or ally. This of course only affects Retro DBZ formatted events, however as always […]

Bardock: No Hero

With all the hype around Bardock this week, we come back to a question that has been asked since Score first released the Capsule Corps Power Pack: Why is Bardock designated a hero and only a hero? At the time that the Power Pack was released, the only media with Bardock in it was “Bardock: […]

Vegito: Warrior of Tao

When you hear “opposites” what are the first things that pop into your head? Hot and cold? Day and night? While all examples of Yin and Yang, these two Chinese concepts go much further to explain the above mentioned and how they intertwine. Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here hoping to share an “Ah-ha!” moment. Goku […]

The Ten Dirtiest, Sexiest Card Images In Dragon Ball Z

Ok BroZ, I try to be subtle about it but it seems a lot of you are just here looking for T & A from a card game based on a show about musclemen fighting. I know this because at least half the search terms that lead people to this site are hentai or yaoi […]

10 Awesome Items That Should Be In The Game

When it comes to the flavor of the licence and the card game, I gotta be honest with you: things are all over the place. For instance, Gohan’s Masenko attack never made it in the game (at least by name) but then random crap from practically nameless characters like Megaton Bull Crusher get made into […]

Complete Gen Con 2013 Just Saiyan Events

Gen Con Indy has finally approved the last of our events for the 2013 show. We’ll relist all of our other events here as well, but the Thursday line-up is brand new! We strongly recommend pre-registering for events, even the free ones, though we’ll do our best for not turning anyone away. Some of our […]

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