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The Lost Dragon Ball Z Board Game Saga

Hey BroZ, The years end had us digging through our cameras, and there was one thing we forgot to cover after this year’s Gen Con : the Dragon Ball Z Board Game Saga. We got a hands on experience at Gen Con thanks to Lynnvander Studios, however we haven’t heard much about it since then. […]

The Dragon Ball Panel – Gen Con 2017

Hey BroZ! We are back from Gen Con 2017 and will be rolling out content from the event in the coming days and weeks. To start off, we have out annual Dragon Ball panel with myself and Nick Glaser. We do this every year in the same format, and hope to see you at a […]

Dragon Ball Events at Gen Con 2017

Gen Con time is here again and RetroDBZ will be there to cover all the Dragon Ball action, as well as hosting a few events of it’s own. Here is your guide to everything Dragon Ball that we could find! For the most up-to-date info and for finding more players, trades and events, we have […]

A Message From the Future for RetroDBZ

Hiya BroZ, I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted on here. I encourage all fans of Retro DBZ games to follow us on our Facebook page for more regular updates, but I wanted to deliver a message a to everyone who comes here for our great card library, classic decks and tournament coverage. […]

Gen Con 2016 Dragon Ball Z Wrap-up!

Hey BroZ, Gen Con 2016 has come and gone, and we hope you enjoyed all the Dragon Ball Z events this year. We’d like to thank Tim Batow for keeping the RetroDBZ alive with his innovative Fusion Format Tournament that he ran this year in place of our regular straight RetroDBZ event. By all accounts, […] Events at Gen Con 2016

Hiya BroZ! It’s been an exciting year already and Gen Con is only days away now. Here is a rundown of all the Just Saiyan events at this year’s show. Also, I am super proud to be one of Gen Con’s Industry Insider Presenters this year and represent the DBZ community. Be sure to check […]

Dragon Ball Z TCG Lead Designer AIK Interview – GenCon 2015

Hey BroZ. Sorry this is a bit late. I had a chance to sit down with Aik, Dragon Ball Z TCG Lead Designer and brand manager at Gen Con 2015 to talk to him about a range of subjects concerning the game. Aik doesn’t make many public statements, so I tried to cram as much […]

Con Report – Cryptozoic at Gen Con 2015

Hey BroZ, We’re still sorting out everything from all the excitement at Gen Con 2015 this weekend (which you can see some of on our Facebook page), but we wanted to try to get some of our interviews out there first. First up, we spoke to Sara Miguel, Marketing Coordinator at Cryptozoic Entertainment about some […]

The RetroDBZ Podcast: San Diego Comic Con Edition!

Hey BroZ, Sorry for the delay on this but we’ve been getting pretty busy preparing for all the fun at this year’s Gen Con. This week on the RetroDBZ podcast we talk to former Scrye Magazine and Pojo writer Matthew Low about all the DBZ events at this years San Diego Comic Con and Anime […]

Akon 2015 Cosplay Gallery

RetroDBZ’s attended Akon this year. There was cosplay a plenty. Please enjoy this cosplay gallery of Garretts pictures from this years Akon adventure.   Follow us on our Facebook page for more up to date announcements by clicking here. Join our Facebook discussion page to talk about the game by clicking here. (It’s a private […]

RetroDBZ at Awesome Con 2015

Hey BroZ, RetroDBZ traveled to Awesome Con 2015 this weekend in Washington DC, bringing a few Dragon Ball Z decks and checking out their tabletop scene. It’s really great to see more and more conventions, particularly non-gaming conventions, allowing small game publishers to set up shop and test out their new games. One such group […]

Virtual Card Set 2015 – Last Update Before The Gen Con 2015 Dragon Ball Z Tournament

Hey BroZ, With all the excitement of Panini America hosting the first official DBZ Tournament at Gen Con in nearly a decade, we told you this year would be a more subdued year for Virtual Cards for the RetroDBZ format. Well, here is the final batch of cards for you to work with before the […] Events at Gen Con Indy 2015

A lot has changed since the last time we announced our annual events for Gen Con. Now that the game is back in print, this will be the first Gen Con with events for the Panini America game. We fully expect many of our events to sell out (like many have for the past few […]

Con Report: PAX South 2015

Over the weekend I attended the first annual  Penny Arcade Expo South held in San Antonio Texas. Commonly called PAX South.  Just like with the other PAX conventions tickets very quickly became hard to find.  Leaving Sunday as the only day you could buy a badge for leading up to the convention.  PAX South set a record […]

Yajirobe Black Energetic Expanded Deck: Winner of 2004 DBZ Atlanta Regional

Talk about a blast from the past! I was going through some of my old belongings and I found the deck list for my Black Yajirobe deck that I used to win a Dragon Ball GT Expanded Regional at the DBZ Atlanta Comic Con event way back in 2004. There were 128 players in that […]

Final Gen Con 2014 Preparations, CRD Updates and Schedule

This is it, we are about to head out to Gen Con 2014 where we will have a few demo decks to sample the Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG. We have posted a couple of the demo decks in the Card Library where you can actually print out and sample your own games with […]

The Dragon Ball Z CCG: The Journey From Score Entertainment to Panini America

It’s been such a crazy week since the announcement that the Dragon Ball Z game was coming back. It’s fun to look to the future, but while we wait for more information let’s look at how we got to where we are now. A few years ago, some alumni from Score Entertainment got together at […]

First Look: Panini America SDCC Exclusive Dragon Ball Z CCG Promos

Panini America is continuing the roll out for the Dragon Ball Z CCG rerelease with images for five of the promo cards that they are passing out at Comic-Con International this year. With the exception of Super Saiyan God Goku, all are alternate art versions of characters found in the starter sets. Follow us on […]

Your Wish Has Been Granted

Its  hard to believe that what started as a casual lunch conversation at last years Comic Con has turned out to be one of the most exciting announcements to come out of this years Comic Con. We here at RetroDBZccg are proud to announce that Panini America will be releasing the game we all know […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Twisted Personality

This is the last Virtual Card that will be legal for Gen Con. It was made and released based on fan feedback and a demand for a Majin Dabura that would make a useful ally, as well as one that could work well with the underrated Majin Dabura Lv. 2 MBS HT card. This card […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Love and Raditz!

Ok, we heard you and we are making it happen! We underestimated the Raditz love. The earlier revealed Blue Double Sunday is now Blue Raditz Double Sunday! We better see some Trunks Saga Blue Style Mastery decks with HT Raditz Lv. 1 and Dragon’s Victory after this! The fans have spoken!

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Rainbow Convention

Only 30 days until Gen Con, so we are pushing out the last legal cards ASAP so you can get to building your decks. These are the cards that were worked on and even changed by the community after receiving their input on the official Facebook group for Retro DBZ (we accept all members, just ask […]

Gen Con 2014 Preliminary Events Schedule

It’s that time again already for the planning to start for Gen Con 2014. The event schedule is already live on the Gen Con website, so let us point out some of the events we have that are already on the schedule. Anime events have not been added to the schedule yet, but we anticipate […]

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2014

The Just Saiyan guys were at the Dallas Comic-Con Sci-Fi Expo this past weekend, getting their usual geek on. We got to jump into the “Dr.Who Panel” with Karen Gillan and Sylvester McCoy (which we have plenty of pictures from below) and catch “The Vigilante” Stephen Amell from the CW’s Arrow at his panel. Overall […] at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2014 Feb. 8-9

The staff of Just Saiyan/Retro DBZ will be covering the Dallas Sci Fi Expo this weekend. Feel free to sound off if you’ll be there. For those that can’t make it, we’ll be posting pics and updates throughout the weekend. Later BroZ!

Late to the Party: Booking Your Convention Hotel Last Minute

One of the biggest conventions that we attend, Gen Con Indy, announced today that for the first time in its nearly 47 year history that it has sold out of rooms in its dedicated housing block on day one. While this is a wonderful problem to have for the convention, inevitably this leaves many people out […]

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2013 recently got to attend the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days event, being Dallas locals and all. Once again held at the Irving Convention Center, the set-up was much better than the previous event and the congestion in the halls was not as bad this year. Hopefully in the coming years, Dallas Comic Con will […]

Broly is Tuff Enough: DBMs Gencon Tuff Enough Tournament Report

About The Deck I have never played Saiyan in any sanctioned event before, both standard and TE.  I did know Broly was probably the most powerful choice, especially with Broly, The Electrified.  So, I cobbled together a proto-version of this deck on OCTGN and was fortunate enough to playtest a few games.  I definitely wanted […]

Goku’s Anger: Merckle’s Gencon Tournament Report

After the changes and new cards time was running out before gencon, so I decided to build an old classic. It seemed like a good choice since I wasn’t sure what the meta was going to be. I went back n forth between SSJ Goku lv 4 and King’s Pupil. I ended up going with […]

Team Baba: Shannon Jakul’s Gencon Tournament Report

Baba 1-3 Black Style Mastery CS Elder Kai Sensei Sensei Deck: 3 Black Scout Maneuver 2 Power of Cookies 2 Showdown 2 Awful Abrasions 2 The Plan 1 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7 1 Huh??? 1 You’re Invited 1 Piccolo, The Trained 1 Ghost Usher, Attendant 1 Spike, Devil Man 1 Bandages, the Mummy 1 […]

Team Baba: Kevin Bock’s Gencon Tournament Report

Baba 1-3 Black CS Mastery Elder Kai Sensei Sensei Deck HUH??? x1 Black Scout Maneuver x3 Black Mischevious Drill x1 Black Water Confusion Drill x1 Android 20’s Absorbing Drill x1 Majin Babidi’s Ship x2 Mind Control Device x3 The Plan x2 Fangs x1 See-Through x1 Bandages x1 Spike x1 Grandpa Gohan x1 Ghost Usher x1 […]

Gencon 2013 Recap

  RetroDBZccg Championship 2013 Top 16 Mike Ingersell – Trunks, Weaponmaster / MBS Freestyle Billy Skreiner – Goku, HT WGS / Orange MBS Chris baker – Jajirobe, Retired / Non-Toku Todd Bolen – Bojack / Black TS Scott Dashy – Broly / Saiyan CS Joey DiCarlo – Master Roshi / Blue CS James Stadtmiller – […]

Die Con Tournament Schedule

Its turning out to be a good year for players.  The fine people over at Die Con are running a number of DBZ related events this year.  Die Con is in St. Louis, MO running from June 21-23.   Each event uses a different format.  Giving each tournament a unique feel.   For more info visit […]

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