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The Ginyu Force’s Signature Pose – A Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Team

Hey BroZ!   I’m posting one of the Dokkan Battle teams I’ve been having fun with. As is the nature of the game, it’s not always easy to get the optimal characters that you want. So with that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine that there are some better choices (mainly higher rarity versions) […]

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Library – UPDATED!

Hey BroZ! Our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Library just got a massive update! Nearly every English released card is in there, and we will update with all of the new cards released for the 2nd World Tournament in there soon, as well as some neat team combinations (we know it’s hard to come up […]

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Quick Level Up Guide

Hey BroZ, We’ve noticed that many of you have picked up the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle app game, and it being a card based Dragon Ball Z game we wanted you to know that of course we support it and related discussion about the game. I’ll try to post some articles about the game […]

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