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Dream Team: The Ten Best Universe 7 Personality Cards

Now that Dragon Ball Super has wrapped up, we wanted to have a Spoiler Free list of the best personality cards for our (mostly) heroes of Universe 7. This won’t be a typical top ten list in that I’m not rating the cards against each other, just picking out the most impactful Retro DBZ personality […]

The Lost Score Entertainment Death Note Card Game

Earlier this week, IDW announced a Death Note card game was on its way to the US this June. A popular anime for sure that narrowly missed having its own game during the heyday of the anime card game bubble. While nothing was ever created and released stateside (there was one in Italy), Viz Media […]

A Look Back at 17!

Hey BroZ, Happy (belated) new year! We thought we’d take this time to look back on 17 and the effect it had on the card game. Not the year mind you, the year kinda sucked (even for DBZ card games). We’re talking about one of the most overlooked Androids from the Score game: Android 17! […]

The Lost Dragon Ball Z Board Game Saga

Hey BroZ, The years end had us digging through our cameras, and there was one thing we forgot to cover after this year’s Gen Con : the Dragon Ball Z Board Game Saga. We got a hands on experience at Gen Con thanks to Lynnvander Studios, however we haven’t heard much about it since then. […] on Pod Nerdy 2 Me

Hey BroZ, The guys from Pod Nerdy 2 Me invited JustSaiyan to be a part of their Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion. Give it a listen if you want to hear some super passionate fans talk about the latest movie with a healthy dose of DBZ references dropped in. Obviously there are spoilers. Later, […]

Dragon Ball Events at Gen Con 2017

Gen Con time is here again and RetroDBZ will be there to cover all the Dragon Ball action, as well as hosting a few events of it’s own. Here is your guide to everything Dragon Ball that we could find! For the most up-to-date info and for finding more players, trades and events, we have […]

A Message From the Future for RetroDBZ

Hiya BroZ, I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted on here. I encourage all fans of Retro DBZ games to follow us on our Facebook page for more regular updates, but I wanted to deliver a message a to everyone who comes here for our great card library, classic decks and tournament coverage. […]

Gen Con 2016 Dragon Ball Z Wrap-up!

Hey BroZ, Gen Con 2016 has come and gone, and we hope you enjoyed all the Dragon Ball Z events this year. We’d like to thank Tim Batow for keeping the RetroDBZ alive with his innovative Fusion Format Tournament that he ran this year in place of our regular straight RetroDBZ event. By all accounts, […] Events at Gen Con 2016

Hiya BroZ! It’s been an exciting year already and Gen Con is only days away now. Here is a rundown of all the Just Saiyan events at this year’s show. Also, I am super proud to be one of Gen Con’s Industry Insider Presenters this year and represent the DBZ community. Be sure to check […]

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Library – UPDATED!

Hey BroZ! Our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Library just got a massive update! Nearly every English released card is in there, and we will update with all of the new cards released for the 2nd World Tournament in there soon, as well as some neat team combinations (we know it’s hard to come up […]

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Quick Level Up Guide

Hey BroZ, We’ve noticed that many of you have picked up the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle app game, and it being a card based Dragon Ball Z game we wanted you to know that of course we support it and related discussion about the game. I’ll try to post some articles about the game […]

Dragon Ball Z TCG Lead Designer AIK Interview – GenCon 2015

Hey BroZ. Sorry this is a bit late. I had a chance to sit down with Aik, Dragon Ball Z TCG Lead Designer and brand manager at Gen Con 2015 to talk to him about a range of subjects concerning the game. Aik doesn’t make many public statements, so I tried to cram as much […]

Con Report – Cryptozoic at Gen Con 2015

Hey BroZ, We’re still sorting out everything from all the excitement at Gen Con 2015 this weekend (which you can see some of on our Facebook page), but we wanted to try to get some of our interviews out there first. First up, we spoke to Sara Miguel, Marketing Coordinator at Cryptozoic Entertainment about some […]

The RetroDBZ Podcast: San Diego Comic Con Edition!

Hey BroZ, Sorry for the delay on this but we’ve been getting pretty busy preparing for all the fun at this year’s Gen Con. This week on the RetroDBZ podcast we talk to former Scrye Magazine and Pojo writer Matthew Low about all the DBZ events at this years San Diego Comic Con and Anime […]

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Card Based App Game Review

Hey BroZ, In the past week I injured my hand and couldn’t enjoy my usual hobby of playing video games, so I did the next closest thing and tried out my first free-to-play app game. Lucky me, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle also came out in the last week on Android and iOS so at […]

RetroDBZ/NLZ Podcast: Taking Note of The Golden Frieza Promo

Hey BroZ! On this exciting episode of the RetroDBZ/Next Level Z Podcast, we are joined by Matt and Thomas from Next Level Z to talk about what we feel will be the availability of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Golden Frieza promo and it’s many uses. Also, Panini America developer and RetroDBZ founder Garrett […]

Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection Preview: Dr. Wheelo and the Saiyan Menace

We hope you enjoyed all the previews from last week’s podcast and have been following along on our Facebook page for additional releases from us and other community websites (a great way to make sure you catch a lot of the previews). You can hear our latest podcast with Next Level Z and Panini Developer […]

Score Entertainment Shonen Jump Ads

I know you all are eager to see the next batch of previews for Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection (and if you haven’t listened to our last podcast on the subject, you totally should!), but we thought we’d bring you a glimpse of how some previews were done in the Score Entertainment years: […]

RetroDBZ at Awesome Con 2015

Hey BroZ, RetroDBZ traveled to Awesome Con 2015 this weekend in Washington DC, bringing a few Dragon Ball Z decks and checking out their tabletop scene. It’s really great to see more and more conventions, particularly non-gaming conventions, allowing small game publishers to set up shop and test out their new games. One such group […]

Virtual Card Set 2015 – Last Update Before The Gen Con 2015 Dragon Ball Z Tournament

Hey BroZ, With all the excitement of Panini America hosting the first official DBZ Tournament at Gen Con in nearly a decade, we told you this year would be a more subdued year for Virtual Cards for the RetroDBZ format. Well, here is the final batch of cards for you to work with before the […] Events at Gen Con Indy 2015

A lot has changed since the last time we announced our annual events for Gen Con. Now that the game is back in print, this will be the first Gen Con with events for the Panini America game. We fully expect many of our events to sell out (like many have for the past few […]

Score Entertainment Rulebook Extravaganza!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at RetroDBZ, cleaning up a few things and keeping everything a little better organized. You might notice a dead link here or there, I’m not sweating the small ones (like stuff linked from articles) but if you find any broken links on our pages (like a whole image […]

An Ultra Rare Super Saiyan God Goku?

Last time, I talked to y’all about the negative impact of too many lower-rarity personality cards and the need for a more sensible way to release main personality cards (like a Capsule Corps Power Pack for instance). The community’s response to that article was fantastic and generated a lot of discussion, so much so that […]

Bring Back the Capsule Corp Power Pack!

The Capsule Corp Power Pack was one of the coolest releases of the RetroDBZ CCG. It was halfway between a starter release and an expansion, and the closest the game got to a “game in a box” release. For those that don’t remember (or weren’t around), the Capsule Corp Power Pack was a card storage […]

Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains Preview: Face Smash

Previews have begun for the Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains set, and Panini America has given us TEN big previews to lay on you guys. Since we are a multimedia site, we’re gonna split up all the previews between on different outlets but we will deliver all cards to you in the coming […]

The Fail of Nail the Namekian

With the announcement of Nail the Namekian in the next set of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z, we take a look back at his storied history in the Dragon Ball Z CCG (or lack thereof). Well there he is. Even though both the character and the personalities are unremarkable, Nail the Namekian has somehow made […]

Namekian Style Domination!

A little over a month after the release of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z TCG and already a clear dominant deck has emerged: The Namekian Style (usually Piccolo). It seems to be the topic du jour of the community, with that subject popping up daily on the Retro DBZ Discussion Page and generally erupting every […]

How Do You Chiaotzu?

Poor little Chiaotzu. He’s all but forgotten by the time Androids Saga runs around, but he has managed to appear as a character card in every Dragon Ball Z card game to date. The problem? Apparently no one knows how to spell Chiaotzu. We have the most common spelling of Chiaotzu which appears in two […]

ReZ – Score Entertainment’s Dragon Ball Z TCG (2005) Card List on RetroDBZ

We are happy to announce that all images from the base sets of Score Entertainment’s Dragon Ball Z TCG remake, dubbed ReZ by the fans, are now on RetroDBZ. Released in 2005, this short lived game lasted only three sets and though it used similar mechanics and card designs to the original Dragon Ball Z […]

Ten RetroDBZ Cards That Could Be The Next Panini America Ultra Rare

Looking at the Panini America Ultra Rare cards, most of them are based on Uncommon cards from the Trunks Saga. With more focus on utility than fluff, it now seems like any reasonably useful freestyle RetroDBZ card could be the next Panini America Ultra Rare. And while the next Dragon Ball Z TCG set isn’s […]

Dragon Ball GT TCG Card List on RetroDBZ

We’ve had all the images for a Dragon Ball GT TCG card list for quite some time, but have always debated putting it up. For starters, it’s not the most well loved period of the game and we did not want to confuse new players by having sets that are compatible with Retro DBZ but […]

Learn from the Best: Selling Dragon Ball Z Singles

Who is the all-time most successful salesman of the Dragon Ball Z CCG? Easily it’s Erin Giddings, the man who was behind getting many of your favorite Score Entertainment games into your local game store. These days Erin has shed the trappings of the corporate world and now sells gaming products with Miniature Exchange (including […]

Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG Redemption Wrap-Up

Now that the game has been out for a few weeks, those of us who are veterans of Score Entertainment games have been bringing up what was essentially a mainstay for the old game since the Saiyan Saga: Wrapper Redemptions (or redemptions of some kind). We are ready for a Panini America Dragon Ball Z […]

Virtual Card Set 2015: A Dragon Ball Z Halloween!

After the announcement of the Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG, many of you asked what would become of the Retro DBZ format. It was a question that we asked ourselves as well. We know that most of the interest will be in the new game, which we feel is where it should be as […]

RetroDBZccg Video Blog – The Game is Back with Panini America DBZ TCG

Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z game is now back in stores thanks to your overwhelming support on Retro DBZ. Let’s all play some Panini America DBZ!

Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG Complete Set

Now that it is after midnight, the Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG set has officially been released. The entire set is now viewable in our Card Library. You can view each of the cards, sorted by rarity, by clicking the links below. Commons Uncommons Starter Deck Exclusives Rares Ultra Rares Promos   The […]

Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG Preview: Tenshinhan

This is our last preview for the Dragon Ball Z TCG 2014 before it releases this Friday. We hope that you have a great time trying the new game out and playing in prerelease events. Be sure to join our Facebook group here if you are looking for a prerelease event near you. That’s a pretty […]

Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG Preview: Trunks Sword Slash

I’ve been keeping an eye on Trunks, trying to determine if he is playable or simply meh. We will have to wait until the full set and environment emerges to determine his impact on the environment, but in the mean time we can reveal his pretty sweet named card. Trunks is looking like a Combo […]

Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG Preview: ChiChi Ally

Chi-Chi enters the arena of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z. I personally love playing as ChiChi in Retro DBZ, she has a really unique feel and there are so many ways that you can play her. Let’s take a brief look at ChiChi through the various Premiere sets of Score Entertainment and Panini America. Wow! […]

Exclusive Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG Previews Start Today!

Starting today, we will be previewing cards from the new Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG 2014 set, up until its release on October 17. We have fifteen cards to preview, so we are going to start with five today and then reveal a new one each day up until release. The ones you see […]

Fusion Fail: Do we really want a Panini America + Retro Dragon Ball Z TCG Format?

(Editor’s Note: This article only considers Retro DBZ rules changes and authentic Score Entertainment Dragon Ball Z CCG cards. Virtual Cards are not included in this discussion.) One of the biggest selling points of the new Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG is it’s compatibility with the Score Entertainment Dragon Ball Z CCG. And […]

IT’S OVER 9000!!! in Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z TCG

In the Retro Dragon Ball Z CCG, it was several sets before we saw a card that could level both yourself and your opponent in the Cell Games Saga with Aura Clash. While it didn’t bring about a radical change or reach staple level, it certainly had an impact in the game and at the […]

Future Trunks’ Roots in Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG

Having seen all the known playable personalities, save Captain Ginyu, all of them have something in common: They each have a particular synergy with at least one of the playable styles. All that is except for the booster pack exclusive Trunks (and the ridiculous and questionably legal promo Goku – Super Saiyan God). So how […]

Breaking Raditz: The Characters Forgotten By Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG

At this point we know who is playable in Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z. We’ve seen Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta, Frieza and Future Trunks already on this website, and promotional materials reveal the final Main Personality as Captain Ginyu. All in all, that’s the same number of playable Main Personality sets as was available […]

Block Formats: The Future of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG?

I know that the first set of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z isn’t even out yet, but how it’s shaping up at the moment there are definitely some directions that they are taking that I really like. However, since this is not the first time this game has been released, it’s definitely easy to compare […]

Final Gen Con 2014 Preparations, CRD Updates and Schedule

This is it, we are about to head out to Gen Con 2014 where we will have a few demo decks to sample the Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG. We have posted a couple of the demo decks in the Card Library where you can actually print out and sample your own games with […]

The Ten Dragon Ball Z CCG Cards I Never Want To See Again

What an exciting time to be into the game right now! With the Panini America Dragon Ball Z game fast around the corner, we’ve already started to see many of the card images for the game. It already appears that a significant amount of the cards are either direct remakes of Score Entertainment cards or […]

The Prince of All Saiyans Returns! Vegeta Arrives in Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG

After reviewing the footage from San Diego Comic Con, we were able to find some clear-ish pics of the Vegeta personality set and added them to the Panini America DBZ Card Library. We will add clearer pics as soon as we are able, but we thought some of you might appreciate the spoiler now. Follow […]

The Dragon Ball Z CCG: The Journey From Score Entertainment to Panini America

It’s been such a crazy week since the announcement that the Dragon Ball Z game was coming back. It’s fun to look to the future, but while we wait for more information let’s look at how we got to where we are now. A few years ago, some alumni from Score Entertainment got together at […]

First Thoughts: Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG

Well it has been quite the exciting weekend, with the long awaited return of the Dragon Ball Z CCG after ten years being announce and getting our first look at a good chunk of the cards. So how are things shaping up so far? We’re just going to take a look at what has been […]

Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG Image Library is Live

We have collected all of the images released of the Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG and posted them in our Card Library. Most of these had to be taken via cell phone on the floor of a very crowded San Diego Comic Con, so some images may be hard to read or have obscured […]

First Look: Panini America SDCC Exclusive Dragon Ball Z CCG Promos

Panini America is continuing the roll out for the Dragon Ball Z CCG rerelease with images for five of the promo cards that they are passing out at Comic-Con International this year. With the exception of Super Saiyan God Goku, all are alternate art versions of characters found in the starter sets. Follow us on […]

First Look: Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG Remake

Panini America just released a few card images in a press release, including a look at all seven Namek Dragon Balls, a Goku Personality Set, and a Trunks Personality set. Follow us on our Facebook page for more up to date announcements by clicking here. Join our Facebook discussion page to talk about the game […]

The Dragon Ball Z CCG is Back!

This is no joke, you heard it right. After years of staying true as a community, hosting events, writing content, and creating virtual cards… WE WON! Say that again out loud with me and pump your fist… “WE WON!” This is not a new game, this is the original Jim Ward designed, Score Entertainment published […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Twisted Personality

This is the last Virtual Card that will be legal for Gen Con. It was made and released based on fan feedback and a demand for a Majin Dabura that would make a useful ally, as well as one that could work well with the underrated Majin Dabura Lv. 2 MBS HT card. This card […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Love and Raditz!

Ok, we heard you and we are making it happen! We underestimated the Raditz love. The earlier revealed Blue Double Sunday is now Blue Raditz Double Sunday! We better see some Trunks Saga Blue Style Mastery decks with HT Raditz Lv. 1 and Dragon’s Victory after this! The fans have spoken!

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Rainbow Convention

Only 30 days until Gen Con, so we are pushing out the last legal cards ASAP so you can get to building your decks. These are the cards that were worked on and even changed by the community after receiving their input on the official Facebook group for Retro DBZ (we accept all members, just ask […]

Gen Con 2014 Final Events Schedule

This is the final events schedule for JustSaiyan events at Gen Con Indy 2014. Added is the Dragon Ball panel on Thursday. While we try to accommodate everyone, preference is always given to those who reserve their space. For some panels, this has never been a problem and so far we haven’t had an issue […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Tapion’s Master Sword

Discuss this card with us in our discussion group by clicking here! One of my favorite scenes in Wrath of the Dragon is right before the credits roll. Tapion hands his sword to his new friend, Trunks, followed by flashing scenes of its use against Frieza and his father, highlighting that it was the Kontas […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – PAFU PAFU!

This is the final card meant to support the whole Bulma the Wife archetype, but it has so many uses beyond that as well. It’s not Bulma named, we expect that it may find it’s way into a few non-combat and drill oriented decks. This card ought to get a rise out of a few […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Labra Kadabra

Continuing Bulma week, we have a card that had many iterations before we came back around to its current state. Last week we showed you an Oolong ally where I even mentioned how that Oolong which became Announcer was originally Bulma’s Lab. The reason why we originally abandoned the location is simple: no deck using […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Messing With The Time Stream!

The cool thing about the Bulma cards that we made is that while they’re all made to specifically help the Bulma the Wife archetype, we made them non-specific to the Bulma personality and they each can have a useful function in control and other deck types. We also tried to capture specific things about the […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – ADVENTURE TIME!

We have shown Bulma some love, both practically and fanservicey with our Virtual Cards so far. There have always been calls to have us help out Bulma the Wife by improving cards like Bulma Finds a Drill and Bulma Finds a Dragon Ball with errata, however we have always stood by the belief that errata […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Sensei-able Options

One area of the game that felt like it could use some true expansion was the Sensei card pool.  However, we did not want to just go creating new Sensei cards that might end up overpowered or underpowered, so we looked to the GT card pool and chose two that would carry over well for […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – The Rules Lawyer!

This is a long storied card with both an ability and a character I always wanted to see in the game.     Bringing the Announcer in the game, there always had to two things he would do to be loyal to the source material. First, he had to be able to be used by […]

Gen Con 2014 Preliminary Events Schedule

It’s that time again already for the planning to start for Gen Con 2014. The event schedule is already live on the Gen Con website, so let us point out some of the events we have that are already on the schedule. Anime events have not been added to the schedule yet, but we anticipate […]

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2014

The Just Saiyan guys were at the Dallas Comic-Con Sci-Fi Expo this past weekend, getting their usual geek on. We got to jump into the “Dr.Who Panel” with Karen Gillan and Sylvester McCoy (which we have plenty of pictures from below) and catch “The Vigilante” Stephen Amell from the CW’s Arrow at his panel. Overall […]

Virtual Set 2013: Plan to Errata the Saiyans

Occasionally we goof up a bit with our virtual cards, and we’ve always relied more on the community to help catch our mistakes since we don’t always have the time or resources to continually playtest eight hours a day, five days a week like back in our Score days. Well after hearing some concerns and […] at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2014 Feb. 8-9

The staff of Just Saiyan/Retro DBZ will be covering the Dallas Sci Fi Expo this weekend. Feel free to sound off if you’ll be there. For those that can’t make it, we’ll be posting pics and updates throughout the weekend. Later BroZ!

Late to the Party: Booking Your Convention Hotel Last Minute

One of the biggest conventions that we attend, Gen Con Indy, announced today that for the first time in its nearly 47 year history that it has sold out of rooms in its dedicated housing block on day one. While this is a wonderful problem to have for the convention, inevitably this leaves many people out […]

The Legacy of Saiyan Goku Part II

When we last left off, I was gearing up for the 2003 National Championships with Saiyan Goku. The other two major decks on my radar going in were Piccolo the Trained Namekian, a deck I wasn’t particularly fond of and was a bit out of my price range because of Namekian’s Strike, and Master Roshi […]

The Legacy of Saiyan Goku Part I

It’s hard to believe that the last National Championships for the Dragon Ball Z CCG was over 10 years ago. It’s an event that holds some pretty big significance to me, and not just because I ended up winning it all that day. From that victory I was eventually able to secure a job at […]

2013: RetroDBZ Gets Huge

As 2013 came to a close, we once again get to reflect on all the awesome things the community has brought forth and accomplished this year. We nearly doubled in size on Facebook, going from 400 fans towards the end of 2012 to almost 800 fans at the end of 2013 (let’s see if we […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Slay Balls

It’s the time you’ve all been waiting for! Frieza Level 5 is finally here! This was the card I wanted to make if I won the Grand Kai Invitational all those years ago. The power I had in mind for him was reused in one of our very first Virtual Cards, Tapion Level 4 (though […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Outer Space Liberace

When we added to Frieza’s personality stacks last year, there was somewhat of a gap for the Level 3. Frieza’s current (and only) Level 3 isn’t terrible per se, but it just doesn’t leave much to the imagination and doesn’t flow with the new virtual personalities we created. We thought we had done enough to […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Frieza Banzai!

Frieza has always been a pet project of ours. Not only that, a Level 5 for him has always been a popular request. With the two Frieza personalities we did release, some folks have found him to be in a more playable state, just not quite there yet. We’re gonna try to get him there […]

The Quick and Easy Path

After getting feedback from the community and reviewing the source material, as of the next CRD update Bardock will be usable as a Villain and become a Rogue personality. Feel free to start constructing villain decks with Bardock as your MP or ally. This of course only affects Retro DBZ formatted events, however as always […]

Virtual Set 2013 – Gohan the Attack!

When it comes to power levels, unless you are talking about Fusion personalities the heroes have always fallen way short. There are no Evil Buus swinging from Power Bracket E first turn for the good guys, so we tried to come up with something to remedy that. The problem is, there are no immensely powerful […]

Bardock: No Hero

With all the hype around Bardock this week, we come back to a question that has been asked since Score first released the Capsule Corps Power Pack: Why is Bardock designated a hero and only a hero? At the time that the Power Pack was released, the only media with Bardock in it was “Bardock: […]

Virtual Card Set 2012 – Nasty In The Pasty

No, you read the title right. This is a virtual card from 2012 that I never got around to putting up for some reason. In fact, all this time the Virtual Cards from the 2012 set went from 45 to 47 and I’m not sure if anyone ever noticed. All well. As we mentioned in […]

Vegito: Warrior of Tao

When you hear “opposites” what are the first things that pop into your head? Hot and cold? Day and night? While all examples of Yin and Yang, these two Chinese concepts go much further to explain the above mentioned and how they intertwine. Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here hoping to share an “Ah-ha!” moment. Goku […]

The Ten Dirtiest, Sexiest Card Images In Dragon Ball Z

Ok BroZ, I try to be subtle about it but it seems a lot of you are just here looking for T & A from a card game based on a show about musclemen fighting. I know this because at least half the search terms that lead people to this site are hentai or yaoi […]

Ten Dragon Ball GT Cards That Should Be In The Game

There’s a reason why we play Retro DBZ and Retro GT. Retro GT stinks. It’s not particularly compatible with DBZ, the source material sucks, the power creep is terrible, there are many pointless and confusing new mechanics/keywords, etc… That being said, there are a handful of cards that deserve a look for being brought over […]

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2013 recently got to attend the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days event, being Dallas locals and all. Once again held at the Irving Convention Center, the set-up was much better than the previous event and the congestion in the halls was not as bad this year. Hopefully in the coming years, Dallas Comic Con will […]

Complete Gen Con 2013 Just Saiyan Events

Gen Con Indy has finally approved the last of our events for the 2013 show. We’ll relist all of our other events here as well, but the Thursday line-up is brand new! We strongly recommend pre-registering for events, even the free ones, though we’ll do our best for not turning anyone away. Some of our […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Impin’ Ain’t Easy

This is the last card that will be legal for Gen Con 2013. You have the update to the CRD. You have all the cards, now get busy! As an immortal, Garlic Jr. can stand up to a bit more punishment than most. We didn’t want him to cap power stages like Android 16 the […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – The Dead Zone

This is the second to last Virtual Card to be revealed that will be legal for Gen Con events. You’ll notice by the numbering on the card that this skips a number in the set. That’s just because I rather that card be the very last one we reveal, but I’m sure you probably have […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – A More Vanilla Vegeta

One of the things that we heard from the community is the lament about the lack of good Vegeta Lv. 1 characters. So far, only the Cell Saga Vegeta Lv. 1 performs a halfway decent attack, while the rest are a combination of odd powers or random effects meant to help the fairly unfocused (from […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Bold Centerfold

Bulma gets lucky this season with yet another Lv. 1. She’s a great support character, especially with amazing cards like Bulma Finds a Dragon Ball to encourage her use as an ally. Vegeta and Kid Trunks got a little help last time, but we can’t forget Bulma’s first boyfriend who could use just a little push […]

Virtual Set 2013 – Gen Con Briefs!

Gen Con is now less than a month away, and we promise that all Virtual Cards legal for the tournament will be revealed by the 1st of August. This next card isn’t so much a game changer, but a logical card for the Retro DBZ environment that has probably been imagined since the Saiyan Saga […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Big Shot!

This card, we wanted to make a pretty big attack for Namekian that you would need to hit certain conditions for it to go off. Before, we made a card that had you sacrifice your allies to hit your opponent hard. This time we wanted to hit something more near and dear to a Namekian’s […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Down Right Fierce!

Continuing the whole TUFF ENUFF  theme we started last time, we have a new card that straddles both dimensions. Obviously, this drill was made specifically to work with the World Games Red Style Mastery. There are a few other cards, mostly blocks like Red Counterstrike, Red Power Block and Red Passive Block that this card […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – In The Name of The Moon

This preview adds a new mechanic that I hinted at last week, that we feel really makes a lot of sense as we move forward with some TUFF ENUFF events. Now honestly, think back to the whole TUFF ENUFF Promo Set from the Cell Games Saga (arguably the first insert set): Do you remember what […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – LEVEL UP TO THE MAX!

Back by popular demand, this Gen Con 2013 will have its first TUFF ENUFF tournament on the schedule in close to a decade. As such, we wanted to make a few TUFF ENUFF ONLY cards in the virtual set. We started with some traditional ideas, but we came up with something awesome and new for the TUFF […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Resistance is Futile!

We have often argued over what to do with the Cooler and Meta-Cooler personalities. They both *kinda* work with the Blue Style, and nothing else, so we often thought of allowing the personalities to mix. Ultimately they were just too different to make that even a viable choice. We also thought of allowing Meta-Cooler to […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – Deeds, Not Words!

One of the best advantages that villains have is a freestyle anti-noncombat attack in the form of Android 19’s Energy Burst. This card fits nicely in just about any deck, and automatically gets past things like the Majin Buu Saga Freestyle Mastery. Plus it’s the card you pray to draw against Orange or Black Drill-heavy […]

Virtual Card Set 2013 – The High Road

This is the last month for virtual cards before Gen Con 2013. Every tournament legal virtual card will be revealed before August 1, 2013, so we better get a move on! One of the things that’s always bothered us about the game is how much of an advantage the villains have over the heroes. Higher […]

Victimized by Victorious Drill

Does Victorious Drill need to go or be changed? I think so. No card has had as detrimental effect on the game as good old Vic Drill. Originally only meant to have 32 copies of the card out there (or at least this is implied by the “Top 32” text in the lore box), this […]

Hashing It Out!

Facebook recently adopted the whole Hash-tag system made popular on Twitter. While we do have our own Twitter page, the vast majority of our followers are on our Facebook page. So going forward, we will start using the hash-tag #RetroDBZ when talking about the Score Entertainment DBZ game on Facebook and Twitter. As part of […]

Virtual Card Set 2012 – Just Saiyan!

The end is here. This will be the last card for the 2012 Virtual Set. After this, you will have all the cards and all the rules you need to start making your deck for the 2012 Gen Con Event. Thank you all for your great responses to the virtual set. We’ve seen it generate […]

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