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The Dragon Ball Panel – Gen Con 2017

Hey BroZ! We are back from Gen Con 2017 and will be rolling out content from the event in the coming days and weeks. To start off, we have out annual Dragon Ball panel with myself and Nick Glaser. We do this every year in the same format, and hope to see you at a […]

Dragon Ball Events at Gen Con 2017

Gen Con time is here again and RetroDBZ will be there to cover all the Dragon Ball action, as well as hosting a few events of it’s own. Here is your guide to everything Dragon Ball that we could find! For the most up-to-date info and for finding more players, trades and events, we have […] Events at Gen Con 2016

Hiya BroZ! It’s been an exciting year already and Gen Con is only days away now. Here is a rundown of all the Just Saiyan events at this year’s show. Also, I am super proud to be one of Gen Con’s Industry Insider Presenters this year and represent the DBZ community. Be sure to check […]

Final Gen Con 2014 Preparations, CRD Updates and Schedule

This is it, we are about to head out to Gen Con 2014 where we will have a few demo decks to sample the Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG. We have posted a couple of the demo decks in the Card Library where you can actually print out and sample your own games with […]

The Dragon Ball Z CCG: The Journey From Score Entertainment to Panini America

It’s been such a crazy week since the announcement that the Dragon Ball Z game was coming back. It’s fun to look to the future, but while we wait for more information let’s look at how we got to where we are now. A few years ago, some alumni from Score Entertainment got together at […]

Gen Con 2014 Final Events Schedule

This is the final events schedule for JustSaiyan events at Gen Con Indy 2014. Added is the Dragon Ball panel on Thursday. While we try to accommodate everyone, preference is always given to those who reserve their space. For some panels, this has never been a problem and so far we haven’t had an issue […]

Gen Con 2014 Preliminary Events Schedule

It’s that time again already for the planning to start for Gen Con 2014. The event schedule is already live on the Gen Con website, so let us point out some of the events we have that are already on the schedule. Anime events have not been added to the schedule yet, but we anticipate […]

Complete Gen Con 2013 Just Saiyan Events

Gen Con Indy has finally approved the last of our events for the 2013 show. We’ll relist all of our other events here as well, but the Thursday line-up is brand new! We strongly recommend pre-registering for events, even the free ones, though we’ll do our best for not turning anyone away. Some of our […]

Gencon Panel Video – Its Time to Duel!! A History of Anime CCGs in the U.S.

This is the final of our two Gencon panel videos.  I had a great time doing this panel.  It allowed me to share some of my experiences playing many different anime based CCGs over the years.  The panel takes a detour for a little bit so we could inform the crowd about what Dragon Booster […]

Gencon Panel Video – The Rise and Fall of Score Entertainment

With the exception of the tournament The Rise and Fall of Score Entertainment was the most anticipated event we held all weekend.  The panelist all worked for Score during various points of its existence.  The panelist were David Eckhart (designer), Garrett Wilkinson (designer), Erin Giddings (community manager) and Josh Morris (marketing coordinator).  We had planed to take questions from […]

Gen Con CRD Update Online Discussion Panel

Here is a little discussion panel that we did at the end of last Thursday’s stream with the community. It leads to some great discussions about events, running our site, the community and rules changes. It ended up being a much longer panel, so we’re only presenting the most coherent parts. Enjoy! Warning: Adult Language […]

The Ginyu Force Tryouts

Footage from the now legendary Dragon Ball Z panel at Gencon 2010.  

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