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Captain Ginyu Orange Heroes and Villains Deck List

One of my favorite decks to play in set 1 was Orange Ginyu.  I found it to be one of the most consistent and straight forward decks to play. If you would like to read an analysis of Orange Ginyu in set 1 Chippy wrote an excellent article on the subject.  With the release of Heroes and […]

Dustin’s DBZ Theory Craftin – Gohan Goes BOOM!

Howdy all, After doing a Saiyan set review last week it really got my creative juices flowing. Before I get into the deck lets talk about combo. In Magic the Gathering and TCG’s in general combo describes a specific type of deck. This type of deck is often looking to setup a certain board state (maybe draw […]

Chippys Crazy BFT – Analyzing Orange Captain Ginyu

Chippy’s Crazy BFT – Analyzing Orange Captain Ginyu So another weekend has come and gone, filled with DBZ battles extraordinaire. We just recently had our first BFT, and some of the results are surprising. Over half of the field played Orange Ginyu, and over 80% of the field played some form of Ginyu. The Top […]

Black Super Saiyan God Goku Deck List – RetroDBZccg

Ive only had a chance to run this deck in one tournament.  My only defeat was to my nephews Namekain Piccolo deck in the finals.  Namekain is pretty rough match up for this deck but you can beat it.  This was before the CRD update so the match up should be better now.  Hopefully Ill have […]

Yajirobe Black Energetic Expanded Deck: Winner of 2004 DBZ Atlanta Regional

Talk about a blast from the past! I was going through some of my old belongings and I found the deck list for my Black Yajirobe deck that I used to win a Dragon Ball GT Expanded Regional at the DBZ Atlanta Comic Con event way back in 2004. There were 128 players in that […]

The Dark Force: A Black Style Captain Ginyu Community Deck List

Submitted by Will Jonathan I have a small play group where I live here in Florida that plays the Panini Z card game (We’re all vets of the old game as well!), and we created this neat deck idea that I thought I’d share with you. We call it The Dark Force. It’s a Black […]

Black Style Piccolo Panini America Playtester Deck List

Earlier this week I was able to free up enough time from my busy work schedule to go play in a local tournament with my nephew.  It has been over ten years since my nephew and I had played in a DBZ tournament in San Antonio together.  So the nostalgia factor was high.  I ran Piccolo Black […]

Captain Ginyu Panini America Playtester Deck List – Blue Ginyu Force

Panini America Dragon Ball Z Playtester Joey DiCarlo was kind enough to send us his deck list for a Captain Ginyu Panini America deck, using the Blue Protective Mastery. Since his reveal, Captain Ginyu has been one of the most talked about personalities and many in the community are now trying to make their first […]

Goku Infinite Orange – A Panini America Expanded Deck

At this point we still haven’t seen all the cards for Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z, but the imagination is flaring for the possibilities in expanded. We still don’t know how we will integrate Panini cards into an expanded environment, but for fun I decided to see what I could whip up with what we […]

Red Tapion – Matthew Shrum’s Deck List and Cell Games Report

So I figure I’ve been to enough events to start contributing to the community too. Fourth is the charm I suppose. After North Kai, Jacob Shrum, Matt Gette, and I talked a fair amount about what we may run at the Cell Games. Jake talked some about going all in, hardcore, in it to win […]

Kevin Bock’s Tenka’ichi Budokai Tournament Report

We had 11 people come out to play, far more than I expected. We even had 2 random local guys come and play that I didn’t expect whatsoever, I thought that was pretty cool. Guys came from Oklahoma, KC, and Northern Kansas (Manhattan). Overall, a pretty good turnout. I wasn’t sure what deck to run. […]

Respect Your Elders A Roshi Tournament Report

Master Roshi: he is the old man with blue balls. As far as I can tell in my fairly short experience with the game, that’s what he has been for a long time. If you’ve listened to Endurance Test, you know that I like to try odd things and experiment around so I decided to […]

Danny Rider’s West Kai Tournament Report

Ever since discovering the Retro community online and rediscovering my enjoyment of the DBZ game, I’ve been itching to play in a tournament. Gen Cons came and went, players seemed to be having a blast across the nation, and out West I was resigned to dream big and catch the random pick-up games with players […]

Joel’s North Kai Tournament Report

Due to laziness and the bounty of good content from other players coming after tournaments, I’ve avoided posting/writing/whatevering anything when I’ve gotten home.  After others dashed to the keyboard just hours after North Kai, I was going to avoid writing anything for this one, too.  But in my exhausted state I told Nick Glas(s)er I’d […]

Agent Z : Baba Black CS

Agent Z : Baba Black CS          with Kevin Bock and Didier Greenleaf Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) Agent Z! Hello everyone, Chris Smith here with a new article series for RetroDBZccg. In Agent Z,  I will test newly created decks from myself and others from the community against decks […]

Charlie’s Popo Invitational Recap

I love Janemba. His powers are a very fresh take on the game and offer an extremely fun playing experience. When building a deck for him I looked over each different style and landed on Red, since Goku’s Power Strike, Red Power Punch, and Red Pulverize have great synergy together and all work with his […]

The Sidekick: A Krillin Red Anger Deck

I decided to run a slightly more serious deck for The Mr. Popo Invitational than I had for other events in the history of Retro DBZ events. I went for a more straightforward and simple deck, yet with a personality and strategy only possible in the Retro format, yet again one that has yet to […]

Kevin Bock’s North Kai 2014 Tournament Report

I was considering this deck and Baba Black CS (which I ran at Gencon) for the entire week and even hours leading up to North Kai. I know Baba is a much stronger deck, but for the sake of running something new and different, I chose to roll with Bardock. Here is the deck list: […]

A Look Back at the 2014 North Kai Championship

Hello Z fighters! Chris Smith here with my look back at this year’s North Kai Championship. I’ll be giving you all a brief tournament report and other thoughts I had during this spectacular weekend. Well enough staring down at each other for a few episodes and let’s get to it. Tournament Report: Retro Frieza MBS […]

Shannon Jakul’s North Kai Tournament Report

I hope everyone that travelled to North Kai has made it home safe, or if you have not left yet I wish you a safe journey. Remember, it’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Here is a deck list of my Vegeta, Raging Saiyan Orange MBS deck. In playtesting, this deck was code word “Range Vegetables” because […]

Dragon Ballin’ with a Frenchman 003: Tapion Orange vs Gohan Black

The Frenchman is back again battling it out with fellow Z warrior Joshua Merckle. Tapion 1-4 Orange WGS Goku Sensei Orange Rapid Attacks x3 Gohans Kick Orange Reflex COGD x2 Black Water Confusion Drill YI Huh??? 68 + 6 = 74 Physical Attacks 24 O. Sword Sweep x3 Gokus Power Strike x3 Gohans Kick x2 […]

Meta Cooler’s Blue Christmas Decklist

Despite my cherry warm demeanor, I’ve always been a little blue. Every Magic deck I’ve built has included islands. Reactive playing, using your opponent’s strength against him. With how much I love being defensive it should come as no surprise that I’ve been trying to build Blue style every way imaginable for a while now. […]

BUNOBLOCK! – A Majin Buu Hero Deck

This is just a silly idea that I ran with to see if it would be possible/feasible to run a deck with absolutely no blocks. I made it as a Dragon Ball deck, but I bet it could be made into a decent beatdown deck as well. In use, there are some decks it does […]

An Angry God – A Kami Decklist From Gen Con 2013

So keeping with tradition, I of course built my deck for the Gen Con event the night before and played it based completely on theory with no playtesting to refine the deck (or even if it would work). I won one match. But on the plus side, I was never steamrolled and some of the […]

Broly is Tuff Enough: DBMs Gencon Tuff Enough Tournament Report

About The Deck I have never played Saiyan in any sanctioned event before, both standard and TE.  I did know Broly was probably the most powerful choice, especially with Broly, The Electrified.  So, I cobbled together a proto-version of this deck on OCTGN and was fortunate enough to playtest a few games.  I definitely wanted […]

Goku’s Anger: Merckle’s Gencon Tournament Report

After the changes and new cards time was running out before gencon, so I decided to build an old classic. It seemed like a good choice since I wasn’t sure what the meta was going to be. I went back n forth between SSJ Goku lv 4 and King’s Pupil. I ended up going with […]

Team Baba: Shannon Jakul’s Gencon Tournament Report

Baba 1-3 Black Style Mastery CS Elder Kai Sensei Sensei Deck: 3 Black Scout Maneuver 2 Power of Cookies 2 Showdown 2 Awful Abrasions 2 The Plan 1 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7 1 Huh??? 1 You’re Invited 1 Piccolo, The Trained 1 Ghost Usher, Attendant 1 Spike, Devil Man 1 Bandages, the Mummy 1 […]

Love Lockdown: Didier’s 2013 Gen Con Tournament Report

My predictions of how fun this weekend was going to be were right on the money. I didn’t end up making it to the Drunk Panel due to playing Krillin in the Tuff Enuff tournament (which I was told afterwards I was very, very happy about), but I top cutted in both Retro tournaments, recorded […]

Team Baba: Kevin Bock’s Gencon Tournament Report

Baba 1-3 Black CS Mastery Elder Kai Sensei Sensei Deck HUH??? x1 Black Scout Maneuver x3 Black Mischevious Drill x1 Black Water Confusion Drill x1 Android 20’s Absorbing Drill x1 Majin Babidi’s Ship x2 Mind Control Device x3 The Plan x2 Fangs x1 See-Through x1 Bandages x1 Spike x1 Grandpa Gohan x1 Ghost Usher x1 […]

Master Roshi Goes Balls Out

When it comes to Dragon Ball decks you have a couple of different personalities to choose from.  Roshi, Goku and Yajirobi are the favorites with some argument to be made for Trunks because his high tech level 1 and ability to run additional sphere.  I opted to go with Roshi being able to choose what […]

Tapion’s Awakening

With my rapping career close to the end (there are only so many Freestyle decks after all) it’s time for a new direction! Virtual cards are selectively being introduced into the game and bringing new possibilities. The game has been stagnant and now those following Retro are witnessing new decks emerge each year. All these changes can be […]

Zarbon Red is Beautiful, But Orange Zarbon is Monstrous!

Yes. It happened. Zarbon won an event. Has your joy or ecstasy settled yet? Well it needn’t because he isn’t going anywhere. He’s the dainty diva with a dark secret and he’s been dying to show you what he can do, and last weekend in Woodsfield Ohio he got the chance. The tournament was pretty […]

Die Con Tournament Report

Yes. It happened. Buu won an event.   Has your rage or disappointment settled yet? Well it better fast because we are diving right in here. We are fresh off the heels of a fun Diecon 2013 that featured several different tournaments. Those were the Apocalypse tournament (featuring the Four Horsemen of Supreme West Kai, […]

You Know My Name! (It’s Tien)

This is the Tien deck I came up with during playtesting and have used on the JustSaiyan Stream (subscribe). Admittedly, it’s the most simple deck one could come up with: just put every Tien named card in the game into it, then a few select cards to help it go. Say what you will about […]

Baba Black Sheep Deck

Since Baba has been quite the topic of discussion lately, I thought I would post my Baba decklist that we used during playtesting. Sensei Deck Black Scout Maneuver x3 Grand Kai’s Palace x3 Allies (6) Spike the Devil Man Grandpa Gohan, Masked Fighter Fangs the Vampire Bandages the Mummy See-Through the Invisible Man Ghost Usher, […]

Goku Freeballin’

This is a Goku ball deck I threw together right before Gen Con. We didn’t have a true Dragon Ball deck in our rotation and we’ve always lacked a Goku, so this deck covers both. It’s actually more enjoyable to play than most DB decks, since this one doesn’t mind getting its hands dirty in […]

Devins Trunks Sword Deck

Hello out there Retro community, Devin, aka Azarith Stryffe  is back again with another deck.  Trunks makes a return.  You all provided me so much great input with my previous Trunks deck.   I decided to change that deck to Future Gohan for Gencon.  I did fairly well with it and really enjoyed playing it.  But now […]

Jarrett’s Orange Buu Deck List

Jarrett was kind enough to provide us with his Top 8 deck list from this years championship.  Jarrett piloted the deck to a 5-1 record.  I really like how he used the new sensei deck rules to take advantage of Hercule’s Amazing Technique.  It reminded me of the old Wish boards from Magic.   Mastery Orange […]

DBM Unbinds Bojack – Tournament Report

The last time I was at Gencon, it was 2004.  I was playing in the Dragonball GT Expanded Worlds, using a deck that nobody really took notice of until the last couple of rounds of swiss.  A few of my playtesting partners from the old IRC days were very helpful in putting the deck through […]

Top 4 Feature Match – Dr. Willow vs Buu

This is the next video in our series of feature matches from Gencon.  Its a match between two very interesting decks.  Josh Merckle using his Red Buu Drill based beat down deck and Joel G using his Dr. Willow Black Kamehameha deck.  Joel was kind of enough to provide us with his deck list which […]

Freeing Vegeta With Style – Didier G’s Tournament Report

The deck I is used at Gencon was a Basic Vegeta Freestyle build. I chose to use the Super Saiyan Vegeta Level 1  to guarantee I could put Vegeta’s Lurking back in the deck even without having Vegeta’s Energy Thrust.  I played the deck slim, letting attacks hit because of Vegeta’s ability to generate some insane rejuvenation. […]

Backlash Without Backlash

Lets go back to Origins 2003. This was the site of the third ever DBZ CCG National Championship. At the time, Roshi Dragonball and Cell/PTT Namekian Energy Beats were widely considered the big guns and were the tournament favorites going in. In the previous two National Championships I had finished 2nd and T8 respectfully. I had […]

Help This Red WGS Cell Deck!

Danny Rider sent in this decklist and wants your input on how to make it the best it can be. Sensei (5): –Red Sniping Shot x3 –Red Trap –Huh??? Dragon Balls (4): Alt Namek 1 Alt Namek 2 Alt Namek 3 Namek 6 Combat (6): Time is a Warrior’s Tool Android 18’s Stare Down Trunks […]

Joshman’s Blue Chi-Chi Deck

Here’s a deck that I’ve played a few times on the stream and is the deck I’ve had the longest. I’ve recently updated it with some Virtual Cards, so let’s take a look at it now! Sensei Deck: –Gotenks Lv. 1 –Huh??? –Blue Upward Block x3   Allies Goten the Playful Pan, Granddaughter of Goku […]

DBM’s Spirit Bomb

I know I talk about it a bunch, but I genuinely take a lot of pride in essentially inventing one of the game’s final Ultra Rare cards, Earth’s Spirit Bomb. When we first arrived for Kid Buu Saga playtesting, ESB was very different than the card it is today. Those funny non-Tokui Waza drills in […]

Joshman’s Saiyan Trunks Energy Beats!

This is a deck I toyed with that has quickly become one of my favorites. It uses the much maligned Majin Buu Saga Saiyan Style Mastery and the underused Goku Sensei to get Kid Trunks to the incredibly broke Trunks the Powerful (via Kid Trunks the Teenager). Once you get there, you pretty much cripple […]

Devin’s Trunks Deck Discussion

Hey everyone, first time I wrote an article/deck list so this might suck lol.  Recently I was trying to find what I wanted to play at Gencon, I went through different decks, and I came back to wanting to represent Trunks again, being a huge fan of him I felt I needed to.   Now last […]

Android 18 the Soccer Mom Deck

In honor of all the Androids Virtual Cards that we have been previewing, I felt like sharing my Android 18 “Soccer Mom” deck that I used at Gen Con last year. It’s largely the same deck and you may have seen me bust it out on the stream. I originally wanted to run it Hero […]

Dr. Willow

In life, I have always had a taste for oddities.  Those who have seen me know this, as I like to wear a hat that is not currently, nor has it ever been in style.  So it should come as no surprise that I like to play exotic decks.  I tend to avoid Goku because […]

Smashing Face With Broly

Broly was never one of my favorite characters from the anime.  Don’t get me wrong, the fights between Broly and the Z Warriors are some the most entertaining DBZ has to offer.  But when compared to the shows other villains Broly lacks personality.  Despite his lack of personality when it comes to the card game […]

Piccolo Beat Down/Control Hybrid

I built a Piccolo deck in November of last year with the purpose of being a hybrid deck that would be strong against any other type of deck. Utilizing Piccolo’s Multiform for both recycling and damage I feel that the deck can stand very formidable in both a long match and a second turn win […]

Red Kid Buu Beats

This is a deck I built to take advantage of Evil/Kid Buu’s ridiculously high power stages. I chose the MBS Red Style Mastery for its ability to make attacks focused, since very few decks run a lot of straight physical blocks outside of the “stop alls”. Red also has a good amount of attacks that […]

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