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Captain Ginyu Orange Heroes and Villains Deck List

One of my favorite decks to play in set 1 was Orange Ginyu.  I found it to be one of the most consistent and straight forward decks to play. If you would like to read an analysis of Orange Ginyu in set 1 Chippy wrote an excellent article on the subject.  With the release of Heroes and […]

RetroDBZccg Video Blog – Why Spoil Christmas

In this episode Garrett talks about Heroes and Villains previews, Spoilergate and his experience playing in a tournament in San Antonio.       Follow us on our Facebook page for more up to date announcements by clicking here. Join our Facebook discussion page to talk about the game by clicking here. (It’s a private […]

Con Report: PAX South 2015

Over the weekend I attended the first annual  Penny Arcade Expo South held in San Antonio Texas. Commonly called PAX South.  Just like with the other PAX conventions tickets very quickly became hard to find.  Leaving Sunday as the only day you could buy a badge for leading up to the convention.  PAX South set a record […]

Black Super Saiyan God Goku Deck List – RetroDBZccg

Ive only had a chance to run this deck in one tournament.  My only defeat was to my nephews Namekain Piccolo deck in the finals.  Namekain is pretty rough match up for this deck but you can beat it.  This was before the CRD update so the match up should be better now.  Hopefully Ill have […]

Thankingiving Leftovers

We have a lot to be thankful for this year.  The game is back and doing well. Old and new players are coming together form one of the best gaming communities out there.  It seems like everyday there is a new site, facebook group or podcast popping up revolving  around the game. It is a […]

Black Style Piccolo Panini America Playtester Deck List

Earlier this week I was able to free up enough time from my busy work schedule to go play in a local tournament with my nephew.  It has been over ten years since my nephew and I had played in a DBZ tournament in San Antonio together.  So the nostalgia factor was high.  I ran Piccolo Black […]

RetroDBZccg Video Blog – The Game is Back with Panini America DBZ TCG

Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z game is now back in stores thanks to your overwhelming support on Retro DBZ. Let’s all play some Panini America DBZ!

Your Wish Has Been Granted

Its  hard to believe that what started as a casual lunch conversation at last years Comic Con has turned out to be one of the most exciting announcements to come out of this years Comic Con. We here at RetroDBZccg are proud to announce that Panini America will be releasing the game we all know […]

Beware of the Blue Mist

This past week at this year’s East Kai Championship a new virtual card was revealed.  For those us who were unable to attend the tournament this is your first glimpse at Blue Mist Kick.  Blue Mist Kick is Blue’s take on the powerful Black Pivot Kick.  Blue Mist Kick is sure to become a popular […]

Beware of the Demon King

After a small break from virtual cards we are back.  Bringing you one of Kid Goku’s strongest foes.  King Piccolo, the Demon Lord.  Be sure stay tuned the rest of week as we reveal the rest King Piccolo’s virtual cards.

Future Gohan Was Lost But Now is Found

Over the years as people loose or throw away the the various rule books and tip cards for the game the CRD becomes more and more the main rules document that people use for the game.  Through out the years some of the niche rules fall off or never were never on the CRD because […]

One and the Same: The Unmerging of Cooler

Early last week released some updates to the crd.  The updates were met with much excitement.  But by far the most talked about change was the combining of Cooler and Meta-Cooler into the same personality.  This change sparked a discussion with the passion and fire of a great saiyan warrior.  This lead me down a […]

The CRD Just Got Updated!!!

With North Kai right around the corner we wanted to get out any changes to the crd.  For the most part the crd updates are very minor.  With nothing being banned or restricted.  In fact we felt it was time to remove some cards from the restricted list.  Blazing Anger, Enraged and Gohan’s Anger are […]

Video Blog: 2014 Updates

A quick video talking about whats coming up in 2014.

Gencon 2013 Recap

  RetroDBZccg Championship 2013 Top 16 Mike Ingersell – Trunks, Weaponmaster / MBS Freestyle Billy Skreiner – Goku, HT WGS / Orange MBS Chris baker – Jajirobe, Retired / Non-Toku Todd Bolen – Bojack / Black TS Scott Dashy – Broly / Saiyan CS Joey DiCarlo – Master Roshi / Blue CS James Stadtmiller – […]

Bringing the Hype – Gencon 2013

Gen Con 2013 CRD Update

With Gencon around the corner we wanted to get out any crd udates well in advance so that people will have plenty of time to play test with the changes.  For the most part all the updates are all card clarifications.  With exception of one big one.  After much discussion among ourselves and various members […]

Dragon Ball Z: New Moon

After much discussion and feedback from the community Saiyan Lunar Drill as been reworded to read “you only need to reach 3 anger to advance a level.”  This help clear up any rulings questions and potential abuse from cards like Krillin’s Power Tap.    A lot of cards from early in game suffer from bad […]

Master Roshi Goes Balls Out

When it comes to Dragon Ball decks you have a couple of different personalities to choose from.  Roshi, Goku and Yajirobi are the favorites with some argument to be made for Trunks because his high tech level 1 and ability to run additional sphere.  I opted to go with Roshi being able to choose what […]

Retro Video Blog 3 – Bringing the Hype

DBZCCG Championship Series South Kai Tournament

Once again we are proud to announce another tournament.  The community has done outstanding  job setting up tournaments all year long.  Now its our turn.  We will be running The South Kai Tournament later this month at former’s Score employee Erin Giddings very own gaming store.  Some of you may remember Erin from the Rise […]

DBZ CCG Championship Series Celestial Tournament

Its a good year to be a Dragon Ball fan.  A new movie is out in theaters in Japan and another tournament is right around the corner.         DBZ CCG Championship Series Celestial Tournament  June 29, 2013 Monroe County Senior Center 118 Home Avenue Woodsfield, OH 43793 Standard Tournament – Begins at […]

The Exorcism of Fortuneteller Baba

After playing some more games and  reviewing all the information and data provided to us to by community we have decided to make some changes to Baba.  The amount of allies she can play each turn has been reduced and her power only triggers at the start of your turn.  Bandages power was also changed […]

2012: The Year in Review

2012 was a big year for us here at RetroDBZccg.  Our biggest yet in fact.  We held our second annual Championship at Gencon,  we reached over 400 likes on the Facebook page and started streaming matches on Twitch.TV.  We also started letting members the members of the community write guest articles.  This lead to many […]

Lamenting the Future

Dragon Ball Z is full of characters who travel through time.  Most of the time they are traveling back in time to try and stop some terrible future where all the Z fighters have been killed.  Lamenting the Future is a card designed for those characters.

Cell, Ghost of Horrors Yet to Come

Cell, Ghost of Horrors Yet to Come offer a nice alternative to Cell’s other level 3 personalities.  Late game Cells power can become quite hard to stop.  Giving you a good chance of finishing off your opponent.

Ghost of Nameks Past

The holiday cards continue with Pikkon, Ghost of Nameks Past.  Be sure to check tomorrow night for another new virtual card.

How Majin Vegeta Stole Christmas

The year is almost over.  So we decided to end this years set of virtual cards with a round of holiday themed cards brought to you by Sayjin.  Be sure to tune in each night until Christmas for a new card.  

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Its an exciting time to be a DBZ fan.  If you haven’t heard yet, a  new Dragon Ball Z movie is headed to a theater near you next year.  Well if you live in Japan.  Battle of Gods is the first Dragon Ball Z movie to be released in theaters in 17 years.  It would […]

Gencon Panel Video – Its Time to Duel!! A History of Anime CCGs in the U.S.

This is the final of our two Gencon panel videos.  I had a great time doing this panel.  It allowed me to share some of my experiences playing many different anime based CCGs over the years.  The panel takes a detour for a little bit so we could inform the crowd about what Dragon Booster […]

Gencon 2012 Con Report – A Gaming Community With Balls

Another Gencon has once again come and gone.  Just like last year our community continues to grow.  This is the second year in a row that we have acceded the amount of tournament space reserved.  So next I am going to reserve even more tournament space and hopefully the trend of needing more will continue. […]

Gencon Panel Video – The Rise and Fall of Score Entertainment

With the exception of the tournament The Rise and Fall of Score Entertainment was the most anticipated event we held all weekend.  The panelist all worked for Score during various points of its existence.  The panelist were David Eckhart (designer), Garrett Wilkinson (designer), Erin Giddings (community manager) and Josh Morris (marketing coordinator).  We had planed to take questions from […]

Top 8 Feature Match – Vegeta vs Bojack

This year we we able to record some of the Top 8 matches so you guys can enjoy them over and over.  The first feature match was between Didier Greenleaf’s Vegeta Freestyle deck vs David Fashbinder’s Bojack Black TS decks.  This was one of the craziest matches I’ve seen in a long time.  Full of […]

RetroDBZccg 2012 Championship Results

The dust has settled from this years Championship and David Fashbinder skillfully piloted his Bojack Black deck to an undefeated record to take this years crown.   We had 56 people play in this years tournament.  Once again exceeding the amount of tournament space reserved.  Next year I am going to reserve more space and hopefully the […]

Gencon 2012 Schedule

Gencon is now only a few weeks away and you can feel the excitement in the air.  We wanted to remind you what events we are doing this year. If you’ve already purchased your Gen Con badge, you can already reserve your space for these events.  We encourage you to this so we can judge […]

CRD Update For Gen Con 2012!

Its the moment you have all waited for.  The final crd and rules changes before Gencon.  Anybody who has turned into the live streams probably has pretty good idea at what they are going to be.  It has been a popular topic of discussion as of late.  So BroZ lets get to it. Sensei Change:  Any card […]

Dallas Comic Con 2012 – Holy Ghosts, Batman!!

This is second time we’ve attended the Dallas Comic Con and each year it continues to improve and keep getting better.  Attendance was way up for this year’s convention, with over 15,000 in attendance (we hope success of The Avengers had something to do with it).  The media guests this year were quite impressive and […]

It’s a Virtual World

As most of you already know we have released our first batch virtual cards.  The response has been more than we could have hoped for.  The Tapion personalities have been a big hit and generated lots of discussion among the community.   I want everybody to know that any virtual cards are up for change if the community feels it […]

Smashing Face With Broly

Broly was never one of my favorite characters from the anime.  Don’t get me wrong, the fights between Broly and the Z Warriors are some the most entertaining DBZ has to offer.  But when compared to the shows other villains Broly lacks personality.  Despite his lack of personality when it comes to the card game […]

Gencon 2011 Recap

Last year we brought the game back to Gencon after a very long hiatus.  For me it been a very long time since I had played in a DBZ tournament.  The 2003 Grand Kai Invitational to be precise.   Shortly after GKI I started working at Score and never got a chance to play in a […]

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