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Agent Z : Baba Black CS

Agent Z : Baba Black CS          with Kevin Bock and Didier Greenleaf Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) Agent Z! Hello everyone, Chris Smith here with a new article series for RetroDBZccg. In Agent Z,  I will test newly created decks from myself and others from the community against decks […]

A Look Back at the 2014 North Kai Championship

Hello Z fighters! Chris Smith here with my look back at this year’s North Kai Championship. I’ll be giving you all a brief tournament report and other thoughts I had during this spectacular weekend. Well enough staring down at each other for a few episodes and let’s get to it. Tournament Report: Retro Frieza MBS […]

North Kai Tournament! March 15, 2014 in Beloit, WI

Dragonball Z Championship Series : North Kai Tournament 2014 Date: March 15, 2014 Time: Registration starts at 10;00, Tournament starts 11:00am – 6:00pm Battlefield: AK Comics 2000 Sutler Ave. Beloit, WI 53511 1-(608)-364-0442 Cost: $10.00 Rules: Following all rulings and erratas. Also all the virtual cards made on Retros site are legal. Proxies are […]

Chris’s North Kai Tournament Report Part 2 – “Meet Your Top 8”

The following interviews are in order of the top 8 based on the players record after swiss. (All views and opinions are those of the top cut player and not mine) Each player was asked the following questions: 1:  Why did you choose your deck? 2:  What’s favorite DBZ personality card and why? 3:  If […]

Chris’s North Kai Tournament Report Part 1

2013 Inaugural North Kai Championship Event Weekend started off pretty good, Korey Hicks, John Spears, Nick Sparkle-Princess Glaser, Andrew VanSickle, Chris Baker and Joel came into town on Friday night. So, we all gathered at Trent Fermanich‘s place to get some last minute testing and trading done. Didn’t get to bed until like 3 or 4am (like a typical DBZ weekend). Saturday, started […]

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