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Change the Future: An Analysis of What We’ve Seen and What We Might Expect to See in Panini’s DBZ TCG PART 2 by Danny Rider

Danny Rider continues his dissicussion of thing we might see in future set of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z TCG.  If you missed part 1 you can read it here. Golden Cards: Set 3 gave us no Golden Card reprints. Many in the online community are ok with this as it was an eventuality given […]

Change the Future: An Analysis of What We’ve Seen and What We Might Expect to See in Panini’s DBZ TCG PART 1 by Danny Rider

With The Movie Collection (set 3) firmly out and in players’ hands, a lot should be considered; how the game has progressed, the deepening card pool, what developments we can expect based on past precedence with the Score version, or what may already have been hinted at in the cards currently available. As players understanding […]

10 Cards I Want to See Again or Reimagined

My name is Danny Rider.  Long time fan of the Dragon Ball Z card game.  With the new game on the horizon and the reveal of some old favorites such as Blue Terror, Orange Stare Down, Blue Round Throw and Confrontation returning to the game, I have to say I am a little excited. The […]

Danny Rider’s West Kai Tournament Report

Ever since discovering the Retro community online and rediscovering my enjoyment of the DBZ game, I’ve been itching to play in a tournament. Gen Cons came and went, players seemed to be having a blast across the nation, and out West I was resigned to dream big and catch the random pick-up games with players […]

Ban 10: Rule Reverse

The Dragon Ball Z card game is not without its quirks. Any player who has dabbled in it probably has had a few moments of uncertain rulings or card wording, and the more experienced players (and anyone who spent time learning, re-learning and trying to stay current with the evolving CRD during the game’s lifetime) […]

Help This Red WGS Cell Deck!

Danny Rider sent in this decklist and wants your input on how to make it the best it can be. Sensei (5): –Red Sniping Shot x3 –Red Trap –Huh??? Dragon Balls (4): Alt Namek 1 Alt Namek 2 Alt Namek 3 Namek 6 Combat (6): Time is a Warrior’s Tool Android 18’s Stare Down Trunks […]

The Top 10 Cards That Changed The Game!

DBZ like any other defunct CCG ended as a completely different game compared to what it had premiered as. There are a lot of factors to consider in how a game changes, why the game changes and what type of demands are often placed on the game which cause it to change or well…die. This […]

Danny Rider’s Keeping Retro In Fashion!

So the latest topics on virtual cards for Gencon, unreleased sets made playable and expanded tournament game play have really got me thinking…Retro-thinking. Thinking about what it means to be playing a game that has ceased printing expansions, but the player base is still committed to the game. With such dedication I think comes the […]

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