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The Pure Evil of King Piccolo

DKP Level 3 While not the most changed from early development, this card generated the most discussion.  We are not big fans of power caps, but realized this one should be kept under control.  Only a level 3, it could be reached pretty easily and early in games.  It’s still a potential HUGE attack with […]

The Many Faces of Demon King Piccolo

As the discussion around Demon King Piccolo Lv 1 started to gain steam, it dawned on me that at first glance, he is an ally-centric personality.  The game has had many powerful ally decktypes gain prominence recently, from Bojack to Spirit Bomb to Baba and Cell Jr’s.  We definitely don’t need another one. But what […]

Broly is Tuff Enough: DBMs Gencon Tuff Enough Tournament Report

About The Deck I have never played Saiyan in any sanctioned event before, both standard and TE.  I did know Broly was probably the most powerful choice, especially with Broly, The Electrified.  So, I cobbled together a proto-version of this deck on OCTGN and was fortunate enough to playtest a few games.  I definitely wanted […]

DBM Unbinds Bojack – Tournament Report

The last time I was at Gencon, it was 2004.  I was playing in the Dragonball GT Expanded Worlds, using a deck that nobody really took notice of until the last couple of rounds of swiss.  A few of my playtesting partners from the old IRC days were very helpful in putting the deck through […]

The Top 10 Tournament Cards From Androids Saga

Last time, when I talked about Trunks Saga and its special place in the history of the game, I meant it. However, Androids Saga has a much more important place in my personal history with this game. I was fortunate enough to win my Androids Saga pre-release, and take home an entire box! Since this […]

DBM’s Spirit Bomb

I know I talk about it a bunch, but I genuinely take a lot of pride in essentially inventing one of the game’s final Ultra Rare cards, Earth’s Spirit Bomb. When we first arrived for Kid Buu Saga playtesting, ESB was very different than the card it is today. Those funny non-Tokui Waza drills in […]

DBM’s 10 Best Tournament Cards From The Trunks Saga

Score totally had us hanging on baited breath for the Trunks Saga. After a multitude of delays and the absolute disappointment of not being able to play as Frieza or any major villain from the show (except Guldo) during his own set; the community was hungry. We wanted the biggest villains; we wanted the Super […]

DBM’s 10 Best Tournament Cards From The Frieza Saga

Hey everybody, DBM here and today I’ll be giving you my top 10 picks from the Frieza Saga.  Just like with the Saiyan Saga, the cards on this list are in no particular order.  These cards are the ones that, in my opinion, had the biggest splash on the tournament scene over the life of […]

The 10 (or so) Best Tournament Cards From Saiyan Saga!

Part One of a multi-part series, DBM takes a look at some of the best cards for tournament play from each set. In this installment, DBM reminisces about the Saiyan Saga and it’s lasting effect on the game. 10. Goku’s Physical Attack A big part of Infinite Goku, this card also has a lot of importance in […]

DBM Gets Huge With Lord Slug

Tuff Enuff was my favorite format.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  I was never fortunate enough to win a regional, national, or world-level event, but I won almost every single Tuff Enuff event I managed to participate in. Why was Tuff Enuff so much fun?  The answer is pretty simple – Diversity. Dragon Ball […]

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