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10 Cards I Want to See Again or Reimagined

My name is Danny Rider.  Long time fan of the Dragon Ball Z card game.  With the new game on the horizon and the reveal of some old favorites such as Blue Terror, Orange Stare Down, Blue Round Throw and Confrontation returning to the game, I have to say I am a little excited. The […]

CRD and Virtual Card Balance Update

The first few tournaments of the year have come and gone.  Some exciting new decks have popped up that are pushing the power level of the game up.  We have spent the last month looking at evaluating power level of certain decks and cards.  We have decided to rework a handful of the virtual to […]

Player of the Year

This year to increase the competitiveness of our tournaments, we will be having a player of the year. The season will run from the North Kai on March 15th until the last tournament of Gencon. The points will be awarded based on number of entrants and the top 3 at the end of the year […]

Gencon 2013 Top 16 Feature Match – Cell Jrs vs Yajirobe Non-Toku

Behold the first of the top cut matches.  Joel G piloting his Cell Jr Namekian deck versus Chris Baker and his Yajirobe Non-Toku deck.

Gencon 2013 Feature Match – Master Roshi vs Trunks

Need something to watch.  Well you are in luck. We have another Gencon feature match for you.  Joey DiCarlo (Blue Master Roshi) vs Mike Ingersoll (Freestyle Trunks Sword).  

2012: The Year in Review

2012 was a big year for us here at RetroDBZccg.  Our biggest yet in fact.  We held our second annual Championship at Gencon,  we reached over 400 likes on the Facebook page and started streaming matches on Twitch.TV.  We also started letting members the members of the community write guest articles.  This lead to many […]

Cell, Ghost of Horrors Yet to Come

Cell, Ghost of Horrors Yet to Come offer a nice alternative to Cell’s other level 3 personalities.  Late game Cells power can become quite hard to stop.  Giving you a good chance of finishing off your opponent.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Its an exciting time to be a DBZ fan.  If you haven’t heard yet, a  new Dragon Ball Z movie is headed to a theater near you next year.  Well if you live in Japan.  Battle of Gods is the first Dragon Ball Z movie to be released in theaters in 17 years.  It would […]

Virtual Card Set 2012 – The End Is Nigh!

The last of the Android themed virtual cards is here. Giving aid to the “gimmick” ally deck type, we felt that we needed to give an archetype like Androids the same treatment that Chi-Chi the Grandmother gives to a non-archetype like non-Saiyan Saiyan ally (confusing, huh?). In the same style as Chi-Chi, we made Android […]

Saiyan Saga Rule Book

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