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The Dragon Ball Panel – Gen Con 2017

Hey BroZ! We are back from Gen Con 2017 and will be rolling out content from the event in the coming days and weeks. To start off, we have out annual Dragon Ball panel with myself and Nick Glaser. We do this every year in the same format, and hope to see you at a […]

RetroDBZccg Video Blog – Why Spoil Christmas

In this episode Garrett talks about Heroes and Villains previews, Spoilergate and his experience playing in a tournament in San Antonio.       Follow us on our Facebook page for more up to date announcements by clicking here. Join our Facebook discussion page to talk about the game by clicking here. (It’s a private […]

RetroDBZccg Video Blog – The Game is Back with Panini America DBZ TCG

Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z game is now back in stores thanks to your overwhelming support on Retro DBZ. Let’s all play some Panini America DBZ!

The Road to North Kai 2014

I know many of you must be antsy about seeing those action packed North Kai tournament Top 4 match videos and beyond, but good things come to those who wait. In the mean time, follow along with me as I travel halfway across the country. Join the East Kai crew as we voyage to the […]

Gencon 2013 Championship Finals Match – Trunks vs Goku

At long last the finals match from the 2013 Championship.  Mike Ingersell (Trunks Freestyle Sword) vs Billy Skreiner (Goku Orange).

Gencon 2013 Top 4 Feature Match – Trunks Freestyle Sword vs Broly Saiyan

We are getting close to the finals…….  In this Top 4 feature match Mike Ingersoll (Trunks Freestyle Sword) battles Scott Dashy (Broly Saiyan).

Gencon 2013 Top 8 Feature Match – Broly vs Master Roshi

On the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z. Broly (Scott Dashy) takes on Master Roshi (Joey DiCarlo).  

Gencon 2013 Top 16 Feature Match – Cell Jrs vs Yajirobe Non-Toku

Behold the first of the top cut matches.  Joel G piloting his Cell Jr Namekian deck versus Chris Baker and his Yajirobe Non-Toku deck.

Gencon 2013 Feature Match – Blue Majin Buu vs Red Goku Anger

Its taken a long time but the first feature match from Gencon is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.  This match is between Fresko (Blue Majin Buu) and Josh Merckle (Goku Red Anger).  Be sure to keep checking back in because more match videos will going up all week.

Video Blog: 2014 Updates

A quick video talking about whats coming up in 2014.

Didier Plays with Himself: Tapion Orange vs Vegeta Freestyle

It’s been a while since a video went up here, so I bet you’re teething for some hot DBZ action. Catch glimpses of my smiling face in my new YouTube segment entitled ‘Didier Plays with Himself.’ Witness as I face off two decks in epic battles that shake the table in my living room.  

Gencon Player Interview: Didier Greenleaf

Its taking me awhile to go through all the video footage I recorded at Gencon this year.  But Im almost done.  Im going to kick the videos off a player interview Didier Greenleaf.  Match, panel and more player interviews with be post over the next couple of weeks.

Gencon 2013 Recap

  RetroDBZccg Championship 2013 Top 16 Mike Ingersell – Trunks, Weaponmaster / MBS Freestyle Billy Skreiner – Goku, HT WGS / Orange MBS Chris baker – Jajirobe, Retired / Non-Toku Todd Bolen – Bojack / Black TS Scott Dashy – Broly / Saiyan CS Joey DiCarlo – Master Roshi / Blue CS James Stadtmiller – […]

Bringing the Hype – Gencon 2013

Retro Video Blog 3 – Bringing the Hype

A Spirited Discussion!

Chippy and Drunklops got into quite a “spirited” discussion about the DBZ CCG over Independance Day. It runs pretty long, but it’s an entertaining discussion. Watch live video from Retro DBZ CCG on TwitchTV

Gen Con CRD Update Online Discussion Panel

Here is a little discussion panel that we did at the end of last Thursday’s stream with the community. It leads to some great discussions about events, running our site, the community and rules changes. It ended up being a much longer panel, so we’re only presenting the most coherent parts. Enjoy! Warning: Adult Language […] Video Blog #2 – A Major Announcement for Gen Con 2012!

After nearly three years, a second video blog is now up with Garrett Hat and Joshman discussing a major change for the Gen Con 2012 tournament, upcoming ways to help support the site and some very special thank yous! You can expect a follow-up article for the things discussed in this video within the week! […]

Impromptu Game Designer Panel and Commentary Video

An impromptu panel/discussion occurred on our channel this weekend, with former Score Employees and all around game design veterans Chipmunk, Garrett in the Hat and Joshman. Topics go from the possibility of virtual cards to the future of the game and the eventual tournament at Gen Con. It’s a fun time, if a little […]

A Blast From the Past

The first Retro DBZ ccg video blog posted way back on January 8, 2009. It’s hard to believe the site is over three years old now. Look for the long awaited second video blog to hit the site soon.

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