Freeing Vegeta With Style – Didier G’s Tournament Report

The deck I is used at Gencon was a Basic Vegeta Freestyle build. I chose to use the Super Saiyan Vegeta Level 1  to guarantee I could put Vegeta’s Lurking back in the deck even without having Vegeta’s Energy Thrust.  I played the deck slim, letting attacks hit because of Vegeta’s ability to generate some insane rejuvenation. I try to rush to Vegeta, Settled Down Lv2 every game by using Vegeta’s Gutter Wallop as fast as possible. If I am facing a beatdown deck I try to jump up to Vegeta, the Last Prince Lv3 as quickly as I can. The deck runs three Krillin’s Concentration and Fatherly Advice making the possibility of double Vegeta’s Lurking in the same combat happen often and be very deadly if my opponent isn’t prepared.

The Sensei deck uses tons of ball/drill tech because control decks can mess up the Lurking combo.  I also use Vegeta’s Elbow Slam to help defend against Red anger decks.

Stare Down on a stick is kind of good.

Deck List

Super Saiyan Vegeta
Vegeta, Settled Down
Vegeta, the Last Prince
Vegeta, Acendant
Vegeta, the Revatalized

North Kai Sensei
Black Scout Maneuver
You’re Invited
Andriod 19’s Burst*2
Andriod 17’s Smirk
Vegeta’s Elbow Slam*2
Black Water Confusion Drill
Kami Fades*2
Breakthrough Drill

Vegeta’s Energy Detonation*4
Vegeta’s Energy Thrust*4
Vegeta’s Gutter Wallop*4
Vegeta’s Jolting Slash*4
Vegeta’s Energy Focus*4
Goku’s Power Strike*2
Gohan’s Kick*2
Energy Lob
Andriod 19’s Energy Burst

Andriod 18’s Stare Down*3
Aura Clash
Battle Pausing
Vegeta is Lurking

Vegeta’s Lunge*2

Goku’s Flight*3
Narrow Escape
Time is a Warrior’s Tool
Cell’s Defense
Pikkon’s Leg Catch*2
Tien’s Block
Vegeta’s Physical Stance
Energy Ricochet*2

Krillin’s Concentration*3
Krillin’s Power Tap*2
Fatherly Advice
Releasing the Sword
Heroes Lucky Break
Vegeta’s Temper
Expetant Tunks
Don’t You Just Hate That

Victorious Drill
Andriod 20’s Absorbing Drill
Vegeta’s Quickness Drill
Broly’s Evil Drill
Master Roshi’s Gawking Drill
Ubb’s Energy Drill

Tree of Might*2

Round 1 – Yamcha Red Buu Saga Energy – Rad Justice?
This guy caught me off guard with Yamcha. Especially the custom Dragon Ball Evolution movie versions he used as his main personality. He used Yamcha’s power to cycle Red Energy Blast and Vegeta’s Energy Focus allowing him to keep my field clear of drills and just pounded my deck each combat. His second Left Bolt managed to snag (and remove) my Absorption drill. Add in a misplay by myself with the combination of his Bane drill and my Aura Clash sealed the match in his favor.  Basically we just beat on each other with energies each combat, having Bane drill out for 50% of the game allowed him to push out more damage than me, despite my hand advantage.


Round 2 – Future Gohan Buu Saga Saiyan – Trent Fermanich
This was a good clean, fun game, despite him not selling me his Vegeta, the Revitalized 🙂 Future Gohan’s level 4 power makes the Buu saga mastery have amazing synergy. However, the high aggressiveness of my deck combined with North Kai to slow his level ramp shifted the match in my favor. I managed to end it before he hit level 3, a quick jump to the Settled Down with double lurking beat down sealed the deal. Good thing too, since trying to deal with Future Gohans Lv4 power would not have been fun.


Round 3 – Trunks Non-TW Ball OVA – Ryan Lewis
This match was bittersweet. Ryan and I built, tested, and refined all our decks together. Add in the fact that his main niche was surprise OVA control, I just sensei’d literally all 9 drill/ball tech cards I had. It was easy to ride out the game by thinning my deck with Lurking and my mastery to draw into tech cards to counter his control. I entered into combat with a Vegeta’s Energy Focus, a 4th turn Kami Fades, and a well placed Android 19’s Energy Burst for Joint Restraint crushing him. He did nearly come back with a double power tap on Restraint with OVA, but at that point my tech cards left him with only 4 drills. Who’s your daddy Trunks?


Round 4 – Buu Black Trunks Saga – Chris Bhatti
This is the deck that I thought would overrun the tournament. With its unmatched damage and consistency, it’s a monster. He tore into me hard early, all of his attacks hitting for close to 10 damage or more. It didn’t help that I made two huge misplays. For some reason, I deemed it more important to shuffle in a Gutter over Lurking inside the first combat with my power, killing the possible double lurking I had with Heroes Lucky. The same combat also contained the following:
“I’ll Lurking, get Wallop, Wallop, Thrust”
(Chris pounds me with an attack)
“I’ll Thrust for 4 life cards”
“How are you going to do that when at 0?”
“Good point”
Not even mentioning I started the combat with Staredown :'( I guess everyone gets one retard moment. Or in my case, two ones back to back.  Regardless, it was like the anime how badly Buu black proceeded to crush Vegeta into the ground. Too bad Goku wasn’t there to pick up my slack.


Round 5 – Buu Red Trunks Saga Anger – (No name sorry :’( )
I was prepared for this match because I built a version of it that my brother was running in the same tournament. Vegeta’s Elbow Slam ensured the victory almost solely, as the single time he was able to jump off his level 1 he was met with an immediate elbow slam back to Lv1. Simultaneously killing his anger gain in the combat. Taking the leveling from red leaves it a much slower beat deck that couldn’t keep up with the onslaught of my energies.


Round 6 – Yajirobe Black Cell Saga Ball – Shawn Hindman
Guess I had an advantage here since Zach Brandau was running my Blue Chi-Chi Bomb deck and been paired against Shawn the previous round. I knew the Namek balls were coming, adding hilarity to the small talk while shuffling:
“So West Kai huh? Basically that’s useless against me then. Unless you kill my mastery.”
“But what cards are there to do that?”
“In Black…hmm…Alt Namek 7?”
It wasn’t until 5 minutes later that he realized that I knew. This was a fun fun match. Using the same thinning of my deck with Lurking and my mastery to continually enter and with Vegeta’s Energy Focus.  I put strong early game  pressure on him. The match was sealed when I entered and Aura Clashed us.  Hitting the Vegeta Settled Down is a devastating blow against control type decks.  Vegeta’s Lv2 combined with losing both his CoGDs and level 1 power was a deficit he couldn’t recover from.


Top Cut – DBM Bojack Black Trunks – Dave Fashbinder
Wish all my matches could have been this fun. Bojack was probably the last MP I expected with that virtual Vegeta in existence. So much so that I removed all my ally tech from my Sensei the night before.  I figured…with his power, any ally tech is useless. I’m energy beats anyway right? They’ll at least need drainers right?…. Bojack lol

All in all, who else has been hit down to a single life card and bounced back to nearly take the win? He must have done over 200 life cards of damage to me in total. Since all my Vegeta’s Energy Thrusts were used by the end of the game rejuving me at least 30 cards each. It was a real nail biter for both of us. The game was sealed with the removing of my Android 20’s Absorption Drill with his Android 17 Smirks. My loss came with great stride as it was to a deserving player and well built deck.


My group did great this year. Zach and Ryan got 3/3, while me and my brother both top cutted. It was truly a nostalgic weekend and I’m already theory crafting for next year.

Cheers! 🙂

12 Comments to "Freeing Vegeta With Style – Didier G’s Tournament Report"

  1. mcq26 says:

    design behind the deck? as much shenanigans and trickery as possible while trying to stay alive…and i knew i should have never playtested speedball against you otherwise you may never have ended up running 2x kami fades in your sensei deck…

  2. Didier says:

    Looking back, I probably should have dropped Gawking and both Power Taps (since its only use is for Uub’s and any opponent’s drills) for 2 Prepped Crash and Nappa’s Energy Aura. And throw some ally tech in the sensei while I’m at it 😉

  3. Didier says:

    Also not mentioned here because it didn’t apply along with my ultimate decision of running a level 5, but this deck also does a very strong 1-3 anger victory. I used this set up up until a week before the tournament when I decided to run the extra levels for fear of Broly 1-3 anger. Which is about x3 faster than anything else 1-3.

  4. Joshman says:

    I was pleased to see this deck do so well. You proved to be everything we wanted to see in our event. Thank you for playing.

    • Didier says:

      No thank you guys for hosting. And don’t stop. I have a feeling this will only grow over time. Next year, my group may be bringing two cars.

  5. Garrett says:

    I agree with Josh. The deck looks like a lot of fun to play.

  6. Shaun says:

    Enjoyed the game a lot. Didn’t help you had seen my whole deck the round before lol. Getting caught by your one clash hurt for sure. Without the level 2, I think I had it locked. To bad I never saw WC. Anyways, great job and nice meeting you.

    • Didier says:

      I wouldn’t say whole deck. More like I became both aware of your Namek balls (saved myself a 2 Kami Fades sensei!) and the fact that you can get Dream Sequence with your power. Sad part is, that’s always how I always played with him, even in my own decks. Not sure if my brother told you (I think you faced him first round), but we put in 5 Earth dragon balls in his Sensei for a form of ball tech which he put in against you. Way to throw everyone a curve ball with Namek 😉

    • Garrett says:

      I’d love to see your deck list Shaun. If you don’t mind sharing.

  7. vegeta77 says:

    Of course Garrett. It’s a modified version of what I used last year (ended up much better going 5-0 in swiss). While Black Yajirobi is by no means an unknown deck, I do think my build was unique in that it didn’t run bomb, allies, etc… and while it was ball, it wasn’t speed ball. Want me to write up a report on it?

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