Top 4 Feature Match – Dr. Willow vs Buu

This is the next video in our series of feature matches from Gencon.  Its a match between two very interesting decks.  Josh Merckle using his Red Buu Drill based beat down deck and Joel G using his Dr. Willow Black Kamehameha deck.  Joel was kind of enough to provide us with his deck list which is posted below.  Be sure to tune in later this week when we post the finals match.  Enjoy!!!



Black (TS)


Sensei – North Kai:

Physical Attacks:

Energy Attacks:


Combat Cards:




5 Comments to "Top 4 Feature Match – Dr. Willow vs Buu"

  1. DBM says:

    man it’s a shame you can hear every freaking move i did in my game over this game.

  2. SSJGotenks says:

    I always played Red Aerial Force that you get to look through the Sensei Deck and remove 3 cards (similar to discard pile hate). I see the point about how the discard pile is “common knowledge” but the sensei deck is not. I will point out that any time a card targets the hand or the life deck, it explicitly mentions how to target those cards, e.g. “remove the top two cards of your opponent’s Life Deck”, “Look at your opponent’s hand and discard a card”, “discard a card at random from your opponent’s hand”, “Name a card. Your opponent searches his Life Deck for all copies of that card and removes them from the game.”
    Aerial Force simply says “Remove from the game 3 cards in your opponent’s sensei deck” the same way Heel Kick says “Remove 5 cards in your opponent’s discard pile from the game”. Some other discard hate says to “Remove the top X cards” from the discard pile, but the sensei deck does not need to be kept in a particular order.

    It only becomes critical when you incorporate cards that deal with the sensei deck during the game (Spirit Bomb, HAT, Fusion, etc), and it is magnified when you allow any card to be run in the sensei deck.

    I’m inclined to say you get to look through the sensei when using RAF since it does not specify how the cards are removed (something that is always provided whenever you target an “unknown” group).

    Anyway, cool match! Thanks for posting it!

  3. Joel says:

    That was kind of my point. Any time that the common knowledge “barrier” is broken it says so specifically, as if the card effect were giving permission to break the barrier. The fact that RAF doesn’t specify leads me to believe it shouldn’t be allowed to break said barrier. He got rid of the wrong thing anyways (I wasn’t running HAT and he was concerned I was when he pitched an attack he could’ve stolen later), so it was all for naught.

  4. cabbageman says:

    Where are your Z Counters! lol

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