Jarrett’s Orange Buu Deck List

Jarrett was kind enough to provide us with his Top 8 deck list from this years championship.  Jarrett piloted the deck to a 5-1 record.  I really like how he used the new sensei deck rules to take advantage of Hercule’s Amazing Technique.  It reminded me of the old Wish boards from Magic.




Sensei Deck


Dragon Balls

Physical Combats

Energy Combats





8 Comments to "Jarrett’s Orange Buu Deck List"

  1. Mankat says:

    Good stuff. It really reminds me of wish boards in MtG (Which are still around). I am curious as to why he plays EDB7 opposed to some of the other combat stoppers. Is it just for the extra effect of stacking your deck for your next draw or is there some sort of other agenda?

    • Josh says:

      gets around brolys might and tes while being able to stack your deck for next turn. Plus if your playing against a ball deck if you get it out 1st, it makes them have to steal it to win. Its an ok build, but mbs orange is good enuff you could use any mp and do alright with it in the right environment.

  2. Jarrett says:

    Yeah there’s a few things I would have done differently if I were to have played some more DBZ before the event. It turned out ok – I probably would have ran a full set of Dragon Balls (probably Dende or Namek) and EDQ if I would have known how much damage I would have taken the entire tournament (I probably only took maybe 30-40 life cards of damage total the ENTIRE tournament and that’s being generous).

    Buu defensive was probably the MP to play in Orange at that tournament – especially with the CRD/Rules changes. 50/50 percent at going first – prevents a TON of damage from beatdown, good PAT base, and he gets some great cards like Cookie! and Majin Demise (which I was not running because I forgot about it lol). The only other good personality with that rule set that would be playable was SWK, and she was banned, Weaker personalities were not as good because you lost the advantage of mainly going first and you had to worry about Evil Buu or Saiyan going crazy with damage against you. You could have possibly gotten away with running Android 18 for the great android only cards or Bojack for the awesome allies, but that was about it.

  3. Anthony M. says:

    hey guys i know you guys are big into your decks that you build i was wondering if you might do some deck postings from the fans i have a few decks i would like you to look at im a pretty good player just started making new decks but i would also like feedback i could post in a comment or however u want me too if you want me to

    • Garrett says:

      That would be great. You can send your deck list to retrodbzccg@yahoo.com

      • Anthony M. says:

        i have sent a few decks to the email you posted but no reply but i do have around 12 decks i have new deck ideas every week and when i need to take apart a deck in order to construct a new one i make a list of the cards in the deck first before i take it apart but i do think that the fans could get some good ideas or get some tips from me i am an active player and collecting and deck building is my passion that is all 😀 oh and just a fun fact i happen to sell my levels 1, 4, and 5 of majin vegeta 2 of which were ultra rares and the 4 was a foil rare all unlimitted somehow sold them on ebay for $150 together lol just saiyan

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