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Hello out there Retro community, Devin, aka Azarith Stryffe  is back again with another deck.  Trunks makes a return.  You all provided me so much great input with my previous Trunks deck.   I decided to change that deck to Future Gohan for Gencon.  I did fairly well with it and really enjoyed playing it.  But now I’m back with a new Trunks Sword deck. Its similar to what I played 2 gencons ago with a few modifications. I am really looking for your opinions on it.   So far the hardest thing I have to do is figure out what to put in my Sensei deck, as I only have a few cards in mind.

This deck moves slightly faster then my original build.  Due int thanks to cards like Tree of Might, and Trunks’ power. I have considered adding in Heroic Sword Catch and a Heroic Drill to search for the always great Confrontation. I’m also not set in stone about my Sensei.  I currently run Roshi, but have been thinking of switching to North Kai.  I’m still not entirely sure how to really write one of these up so without further adieu, my hand at Trunks’ sword.




MasteryFreestyle Mastery, MBS






I’m open to any and all suggestions for this deck, and can’t wait to hear back from you guys. It’s a fairly straight forward beat down deck, but there’s a few little tricks it can do. I do want to fit a Quickness Drill in, but I can’t figure out what to take out.


Thank you all very much,




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  1. Moogle says:

    Have you considered running Trunks Back Bash?

  2. I would fit Trunks Finds the Answer into the deck. I also like Trunks Back Bash a lot too.

  3. Josh says:

    Trunks Finds the Answer
    Speaking with the king drill
    heroic drill
    maybe a heroic sword catch since you can tutor it with trunks power
    or trunks swiftly moving for a block tutorable by mastery.

    id try to get those in there, TFTA and SWTKD for sure since they are the reason wanna you run sword position 3.

  4. Didier says:

    Trunks Finds the Answer takes Sword from ‘okay’ to ‘amazing’. A single card that gives you 2 to 6 attacks.

    I’d throw the Sword Tricks in the Sensei and put in 4 Find the Answers.

  5. Anthony M. says:

    i have a deck just like this but i have trunks deadly impact power overwhelming trunks finds the answer and if you can get your hands on them trunks swordsplay drill and trunks prepares and maybe trunks planning drill maybe trunks back bash and trunks makes himself clear or the luck of trunks

  6. Maupin says:

    Some things I would consider if you’re straight beatdown:

    Earth DBs 3 and 5: lets face it, who doesn’t like card drawing?

    Trunks Finds The Answer: Once again card tutor is amazing, and nothing in a sword deck is better than Trunks Finds The Answer. This keeps the beat rolling even after you’ve exhausted your hand.

    Victorious Drill: While your deck is concentrated on beatdown, I will always suggest to add this card, because there is absolutely no draw back to it, you gain 2 stages at the beginning of every combat, your opponent loses 2 anger and it starts in play 90% of the time ( unless you sensei it out ), how do you beat that?

    Champion Drill: I hear drawing 2 cards every combat is good, sure you have to get rid of a card from your hand to draw 2 cards, but the benefits outweigh the discarding of 1 card.

    North Kai Sensei: Honestly this is more of a personal choice. The biggest sensei in the game with a power on is good, his power can actually determine a game outcome by shutting off a mastery for a turn and who doesn’t like King Kai? Roshi will always be my 2nd choice in a beatdown deck, only because of the sensei deck size, but over all they are both really good in each situation.

    Goku’s Farewell: This really isn’t a suggestion, but just a fun card to use in beatdown to put a timer on yourself and your opponent.

    • Maupin says:

      Since I said what I would add, I must say what I’d remove:

      Trunks Sword Position #3: While its alright, very rarely have I seen a situation where this card made or broke a game with its use. It isn’t bad, but I just don’t see it as an optimal card

      Expectant Trunks: Better than Sword Position 3, but with Fatherly Advice this card plainly gets outclassed.

      The Sword of Trunks x1: Honestly I just see having 2 of them in here is overkill. Its good, but not life or death if you don’t have 2 of them in here.

  7. DBM says:

    i feel like it might be smart to fit in 1x krillin’s search if you can.

  8. chris says:

    whats the point of running so many mass blocks and gohans kick isnt that counter productive?

  9. Mark G says:

    I have one question why are you running so many gohan swordplay drills and no trunks swordplay drill since you could have 4 on the field at the same time, plus in my deck I run more of the trunks sword styles because of the mastery to trade crap for gold like the heroic drill choice too been wanting to put it in some thing.

  10. Matt Gette says:

    Give up on anger in this deck. Lv 1 is where you want to live. When played right this deck should eat itself to keep giving you attacks.

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