The Return of Broly! Watch out, Trunks!

Match between Garrett (Saiyan TS Broly) vs. Joshman (Saiyan MBS Kid Trunks). Match was streamed live on September 15, 2012.

Watch live video from Retro DBZ CCG on TwitchTV

Garrett’s MP

Joshman’s MP (via Kid Trunks, Teenager)


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  1. Casey says:

    I’ve read about Broly Triple Victory being one of the better if not the best decks for Focused Z in the past. Did “Retro Rules” have a negative effect on this archetype? It seemed to not get any play at Gencon this year from what I understand.

  2. Chipmunk says:

    I don’t know if the Retro rules had a negative impact on that specific deck (Broly Triple Vic). But the rules changes did indeed color the game differently in peoples minds. So I think it was more that people thought the Retro rules helped other decks, instead of negatively impacting this one.

    Good stream, BTW.

  3. Josh says:

    the triple vic deck took advantage of the fact that most of the best control mps were 1-3. With DPR gone there were better options like buu for control and swk was banned. Broly is still a great deck, but the triple vic version is prolly best suited in a non retro environment.

  4. Casey says:

    That makes perfect sense. So fundamentally, the deck would move towards some of the bigger hitting saiyan style cards such as: power beam, beef, rapid slam, etc. to top off the beats instead of focusing on a more consistent “quicker” deck focused on drawing your anger raising cards? With less explosiveness around leveling would Broly the Electrified be a bad play?

    • Fresko says:

      I run Broly the Electrified, and while the beats isnt “as good” in a lot of people’s opinion, it can really boost you’re win % in a lot of matchups. It gave me a huge edge at GenCon. I played against Ryan Lewis, playing the Trunks subset (if you have no Tokuiwaza, which he didnt, he has a defense shield that stops the first two physical attacks) ball deck. Every turn I would enter combat for a focused physical, which I only had one set of in the deck. Obviously, focused attacks go through, and break defense shields. I got 3 straight turns of that, and usually more if needed due to Saiyan Youth Bruise. It was also amazing vs Namekian. I was able to keep him under Saiyan Beef lock (6 turns of no Power Stage gain). That’s a pretty big deal against Namekian as they run multiple blocks that gain stages (Pikkon’s Leg Catch, and Namekian Ducking Technique), attacks that gain stages (Namekian Dash), and they have their Mastery. I did this against Chris Duncan at GenCon, and it pretty well paved my way for the win. The ability to grab a Cliff Slam or a Saiyan Broly Smash is huge too. It allows for guaranteed non combat removal when you enter, or just shutting off all drills (Power Beam).

      For triple vic, the movie level 2 is obviously better, but I cant see myself leaving Electrified.

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