Master Roshi Pulls His Balls Out For Android 18!

Match between Garrett (Blue CS Mastery Master Roshi) vs. Joshman (Freestyle MBS Mastery Android 18). Match was streamed live on February 2nd, 2013.

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Joshman’s MP

Garrett's MP

Garrett’s MP


8 Comments to "Master Roshi Pulls His Balls Out For Android 18!"

  1. I always thought Pure Defense would make them “If successful, this attack is unstoppable” :O

    • Joshman says:

      Being “Unstoppable” is a modifier, not an effect. It is along the same lines as the attack being “Focused” or doing “+3 Power Stages of Damage”. Chippy, feel free to step in and correct me.

      • The rulebook states that any effect not directly associated with an attack is a secondary effect. I would read this as “+3 power stages of damage” as this text creates the attack, and also Focused since it’s always included with the attack’s creation text “Focused physical attack doing..”

        Unstoppable was never specially defined by the game. There are no ‘Unstoppable attacks’ like there are ‘Focused attacks’, but rather attacks that are unstoppable. The text “This attack cannot be stopped” isn’t directly associated with an attack (creating an attack) so I would call it a secondary effect.

  2. Edison says:

    Anything after the period at the end of “energy attack doing 6 life cards of damage” is a secondary effect. Any other effect that doesn’t say “if successful” is a secondary effect really. So I agree with Didier and found you guys playiing it that way to be extremely odd.

  3. Anthony M. says:

    What is with the Piccolo sensei puzzle?

  4. mcq26 says:

    i gotta agree too that “This attack cannot be stopped or prevented.” is a secondary effect and can thus be affected by pure defense…at last year’s gencon chippy even ruled this as i had to recycle pure defense to use it against krillin’s heat seeking blast 3 times in a match to be able to stop it and avoid a db capture :)…damn dende with uub’s energy drill and fs dende drill that makes your pur +3…um…khsb for 16?…um no thanks…

  5. Sayjin says:

    Going to agree with Didier here. Unstoppable is not a type of attack, nor is it “the attack”. It is merely a secondary effect that alters how your opponent can react.

    Also, to add to Edison’s list, don’t forget “Costs X power stages to perform”, which would be a cost and not an effect.

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