Majin Vs. Makyan: Buu Vs. Garlic Jr.

Match between Garrett (Blue MBS Mastery Majin Buu) vs. Joshman (MBS Orange Mastery Garlic Jr.). Match was streamed live on March 1, 2013.

Watch live video from Retro DBZ CCG on TwitchTV

Joshman's MP

Joshman’s MP

Garrett’s MP


7 Comments to "Majin Vs. Makyan: Buu Vs. Garlic Jr."

  1. Ryan says:

    Random question, but what type of sleeves are those?

  2. Edison says:

    I normally only find Ultra-Pro at Wal-Mart for about $2.98 a pack around here.

  3. Josh says:

    if ya wanna get real fancy you can import sleeves from japan like geoff and me. They run around 4-7 a piece with 15-20 daru shipping. Bushiroad comes out with some awesome character sleeves.

  4. Edison Carasio says:

    I just buy whatever is cheapest I can find since I only use proxies now so I don’t have to dig out my actual cards and risk losing/damaging them in travel to tournies.

  5. Darryl Fisher says:


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