Movie 1 Vs. Movie 7: Garlic Jr. Vs. Android 20

Match between Garrett (Trunks Saga Red Style Mastery Android 20) vs. Joshman (MBS Orange Style Mastery Garlic Jr.). Match was streamed live on March 1, 2013.

Watch live video from Retro DBZ CCG on TwitchTV

Joshman's MP

Joshman’s MP

Garrett’s MP


2 Comments to "Movie 1 Vs. Movie 7: Garlic Jr. Vs. Android 20"

  1. Edison Carasio says:

    The image for this article on the main page is pretty bad ass.

  2. cabbageman says:

    Yeah man I agree.

    What’s up with that blue turd in the corner of the video?

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