You Know My Name! (It’s Tien)

This is the Tien deck I came up with during playtesting and have used on the JustSaiyan Stream (subscribe). Admittedly, it’s the most simple deck one could come up with: just put every Tien named card in the game into it, then a few select cards to help it go. Say what you will about the deck and the strategy behind the build, at the very least it works. It’s fun to play and about as pure a Tien Named deck as you can get.

Sensei Deck:

2x Kami Fades

2x Guru Fades



Tien Named:

4x Tien’s Flight

4x Straining Tien Mafuba Move

4x Tien’s Surprise Technique

4x Tien’s Physical Attack

4x Tien’s Focused Beam

4x Tien’s Tri-Beam

4x Tien Stands Ready

4x Tien’s Energy Defense

4x Tien’s Block

4x Tien’s Ready

4x Tien’s Solar Flare

4x Tien’s Mental Conditioning

Tien’s Power Stance

4x Tien Mind Reading Trick

4x Tien’s Power Burst

4x Tien’s Jolting Aura

4x _______’s Guard Crush


Blue Styled:

Blue Terror

3x Blue Betrayal


Non-Tien Named Freestyle:

2x Caught Off Guard Drill

Where There’s Life There’s Hope

Fatherly Advice

Energy Lob

Trunks Effortless Drill

Expectant Trunks

2x Arqua’s Arena

Victorious Drill

Chiaotzu the Partner


I chose to run this deck Blue for two reasons. 1) You get a block every combat. Combine this with Chiaotzu, you get two blocks per combat which isn’t too bad. 2) You get Blue Betrayal, as Tien (and heroes) don’t really have any good way to deal with Non-Combats and allies. The only other Blue card I run is Blue Terror, cause it’s really too good not to run it. I have a little bit of a history running styled decks with only one or two styled cards, since the Freestyle Mastery isn’t always the best solution and really doesn’t add much to the deck other than the sweet tutor ability, although with Tien the time you really need specific named cards is towards the end of the game hence why I use the evergreen Blue Style Mastery. This strategy has worked for me before though, I won the Expanded Georgia Regionals in 2004 with a Black Yajirobe, Retired deck that only had two Black styled cards in it (Black Power Up and Black Mischievous Drill).

The deck basically has three win conditions: Straining Tien’s Mafuba Move, Tien’s Flight and Tien’s Focused Beam. Mafuba is only going to work for you during close games or 50-card speed decks, but I pack the Trunks Effortless Drill to make sure that goes off for the win. Tien’s Flight is a no brainer, but it’s typically the card your opponent looks out for when playing against you. That’s why most of my wins come from Tien’s Focused Beam. Focused Beam almost always catches the opponent off guard, and with Tien the Crane Master’s power you can almost feed the attack into perpetuity. Ultimately though, you will need an Arqua’s Arena in play to pull off the Focused Beam win if you’re behind.

The other cards are basically a handful of staples and named cards in the deck by virtue of being Tien named. Tien’s Mind Reading Trick is game changing against villains, but Mafuba fodder against heroes. Tien’s Ready is actually useful with redirecting physical attack damage to Chiaotzu. The rest of the cards are pretty straightforward attacks. It really sucks if you’re leveled up off the Crane Master, but Tien the Quick has a pretty decent attack if you get stuck there. I run the Frieza Saga Tien Lv. 3 over Tien the Leader simply because I think if you ever end up on that level, the Frieza Saga attack would be better (though there are situations where Leader’s attack would be better, the FS Lv. 3 is almost always useful).

Well, there’s a new deck for you all to play with. Later, BroZ!

9 Comments to "You Know My Name! (It’s Tien)"

  1. Mark G says:

    Great deck, like how you don’t run all that many blocks works well with tien’s power. Keep up the great work guys.

  2. It goes without saying that I would prefer this deck freestyle, but I see what you did here and like it. Suicide with two “guaranteed” blocks for high damage/if successful effects. Plus you’re very spot on about the non-combat tech problems heroes have in freestyle. The only thing Goku had was Aura Clash/Apocalyptic and this was a big reason (among Jolting Slash) I chose to run Vegeta as a Villain.

    Looking at this I can already tell my version will be very different.

    • Edison Carasio says:

      City in Turmoil + Goku’s Instant Teleportation solves Goku Freestyle’s non-combat woes. Plus for some reason I don’t see any freestyle decks running Majin Buu’s Assault.

  3. Joshman says:

    Two cards that I would like to add to future builds are ChiChi’s Cheering Drill and Uub’s Energy Drill.

  4. Edison Carasio says:

    Cheering Drill is pimp in current environment. I can’t call how many games lasted longer than needed or I lost because of random endurance (FU Champion’s Aura).

  5. mcq26 says:

    does tien’s energy defense actually STOP an energy attack, or just prevent the damage?…i couldn’t find anything in the crd about a clarification

  6. Toonami says:

    Good deck overall, but I hate it when the power levels go down when you level up. I think Tien deserves a full set of personalities that actually go with each other.

  7. BoxofScraps says:

    Very cool! some cards I’ve never seen before. Man it feels good to see dbz ccg again. I’ve been collecting every card as a hobby recently and its cool to see this website. I used to have a Tien Freestyle Deck. Wasn’t built for long but I would rock 3 devastation Drills + Roshi scouting drill + Tien lvl 1 Saiyan. Tien’s Flight of course. and actually the tien cards that allowed you to preform multiply engery attacks just to through off. Then I dismantled it and made a freestyle majin buu which i still have!

  8. I love this deck, I was looking at building a Tien deck for a long time, and that new Level 1 makes me all the more excited for a Tien deck. I love this version, and I am working on a very similar build, but it is off of Orange. Rather then Blue Betrayal it plays Orange Stare Down, and Rather then Blue Terror it plays Orange Uppercut. I decided Orange over Blue because Orange makes the Tien’s Focused Beam/Tri-Beam a bit more viable kill condition. Not sure if it will work out yet. Hoping to test it this weekend. If I can get my friends over I am going to set up my Camera and I am going to stream on my Twitch channel,

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