Zarbon Red is Beautiful, But Orange Zarbon is Monstrous!

Yes. It happened. Zarbon won an event. Has your joy or ecstasy settled yet? Well it needn't because he isn't going anywhere. He's the dainty diva with a dark secret and he's been dying to show you what he can do, and last weekend in Woodsfield Ohio he got the chance. The tournament was pretty small (just 9 players), but the competition was stacked, including two previous Championship Series tournament winners. I had brought my winning North Kai deck just to be safe (AKA to punish people if I thought I was gonna see a lot of cheese-ball net-deck Buu decks), but I really wanted to bring out my new hot rod deck, Zarbon CS Orange. And that's exactly what I did. Some of you know that I've been playing Zarbon since he was first released in the Fusion Saga subset. Most (read β€œall”) of that decade was spent using the WGS Red Style Mastery, a decision which I don't regret per se, but I have in the last few weeks come to realize was not maximizing Zarbon's potential. Being the Orange Hat Guy I had considered changing him to Orange plenty of times in the past, but I never pulled the trigger until I was urged by my good friend Trent Fremanich to give it a shot. Last weekend I finally did, and I never looked back (this article doesn't count as looking back, shut up). Orange Zarbon is now in my stable, and all is right with the world. Sensei Deck: 3x Goku's Blinding Strike Huh??? 2x Black Scout Maneuver Orange Reflex Aura Clash (for Trunks/utility) You're Invited Energy Attacks: 3x Double Whammy (AKA Super Happy Fun Time Card) 3x Android 19's Energy Burst 3x Piccolo's Power Ball 3x Tien's Tri-Beam 3x Krillin's Solar Flare 3x Vegeta's Jolting Slash Energy Lob 3x Orange Might 3x Orange 5-Finger Focus 3x Orange Energy Setup 3x Orange Stare Down 3x Orange Scatter Shot 3x Orange Intense Power Orange Obliteration Physical Attacks: Orange Uppercut Blocks: 3x Orange Fist Catch 3x Pikkon's Leg Catch 3x Goku's Quick Dodge 3x Orange Resistance Cell's Defense Time is a Warrior's Tool Nappa's Physical Resistance Frieza's Force Bubble Vegeta's Physical Stance Events: 3x Android 18's Stare Down 3x Gathering of Heroes 3x Trunks Energy Sphere (You're welcome MeddlinMage) 3x Hercule's Amazing Techniques Battle Pausing Super Saiyan Effect Non-Combats: Orange Destruction Drill Don't You Just Hate That Victorious Drill Fatherly Advice Allies: Guldo Vinegar Kogu Android 14 Bujin Zanya I played the red version of this deck at GenCon both of the two prior years, and it didn't do well at all either time. I always got beat my physical decks even though I ran all sorts of physical control. The difference this time is all about the mastery. It seems like a small boost, and it is, but it's the right boost for this deck. Most energy decks are afraid of physical decks, but the Cell Saga Orange Mastery flips the tables and makes them scared of combat with me. Even if a physical deck does catch me with my pants down and keeps me at zero, they can't damage me without risking a Double Whammy putting me right back in the game. I picked this deck because it's the trifecta of things I like. It's my favorite personality set and my favorite color. It also eats Buu for breakfast lunch and dinner, and then it goes to Taco Bell for 4th meal and orders Beefy 5-layer Buu-rritos. I've already made some changes to the build, adding some cards that were left out accidentally (Android 17 Smirks) and removing some others that weren't as useful as I had hoped. I make no promises about what deck I'm playing at GenCon this year, but I will promise that this deck will be assembled and ready for pickup games at least. I hope to play you there! Zarbon Out.

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  1. Ok, I think you’ve won enough this year. Why don’t you just play something fun at GenCon?

    But seriously, first North Kai with Goku Ball Control and now Zarbon Energy Beats? Goes to show what a good player with a well built deck can do. I completely overlooked that Orange CS..until I read it. Makes so much sense.

    Kudos and looking forward to playing you in Indy.

  2. Sayjin says:

    Zarbon seemed pretty fun to me. Just because it can win doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. *shrug*

  3. edison says:

    Congrats on a well earned win.

  4. Birdman says:

    Awesome deck and great article! Why Friezas Force Bubble over Nappas Energy Aura? And no Uubs Energy Drill? Obviously you did awesome with the deck so I’m not being critical, just curious. πŸ™‚

    • edison says:

      Zarbon level jumps like crazy so uubs energy drill would be a waste.

    • Joshman says:

      I too was curious about the Frieza’s Force Bubble, due to it’s universal stoppage of energy attacks.

      • FFB vs NEA was a tough choice, but since my deck ran so few energy blocks I thought it best to use the one that doesn’t remove itself from the game so I could try to recycle it with my power if I needed to. Admittedly it’s far from ideal, but the only time I need to worry about other energy decks is if they are hitting me harder than I am hitting them, in which case stopping everything is a good idea.

        All in all neither option was great, and neither are currently in my deck.

  5. Sayjin says:

    Frieza’s Force Bubble isn’t removed after use, so it can be recurred and used again. I assume that’s the reasoning, at least.

  6. Birdman says:

    I suppose, but you stop all of your own energy attacks with FFB.

  7. Cham says:

    This was a fun deck to play against! A breath of fresh air! πŸ™‚

  8. SaiyanWithStyle says:

    “Sure is Zarbon in here.” πŸ™‚

    Great deck! It must have been very formidable!

  9. Chris Wilkins says:

    Have you considered Orange Energy Phasing Drill somewhere in your list?

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