Master Roshi Goes Balls Out

When it comes to Dragon Ball decks you have a couple of different personalities to choose from.  Roshi, Goku and Yajirobi are the favorites with some argument to be made for Trunks because his high tech level 1 and ability to run additional sphere.  I opted to go with Roshi being able to choose what your going to draw seems good.  The deck runs a high amount of non-combats and very little defense.  You need to either avoid combat or be able to get out of it very quickly.  The two biggest threats to the deck are very aggressive beat down decks such Red Buu or Saiyan Brolly.  Both can kill you in one combat.  Caught Off Guard Drill is the key to this match up.  You want to name either Gohan's Kick, Majin Buu's Fury or City in Turmoil.  All cards that lead to a quick loss.  The next biggest threat to the deck are orange drill decks.  Against these decks City in Turmoil is your best friend.  I run one in the main deck but it can easily be moved to the sensei deck.  The new virtual card  Gohan's Heroic Deeds also helps a lot with this match up because it allows you to get around Orange Focusing Drill and deal with drills like Black Water Mist Confusion Drill.

CP7 Master Roshi Lv. 1


Master Roshi Level 1

Master Roshi Level 2

Master Roshi Level 3


Blue Mastery


Piccolo Sensei

Your're Invited

Majin Buu's New House

Gohan's Heroic Deeds*2

Yamcha's Good Wishes*2


Goku's Capturing Drill*2

Caught Off Guard Drill*2

Victorious Drill

Long Journey

Mommy's Coming Dear

Hero's Lucky Break

Bulma's Scouter

Goku's Lucky Break

Vegeta's Plans

Vegeta's Smirk

Releasing the Sword

Where There's Life There's Hope

Don't You Just Hate That

Hercule's Dream Sequence*2

Namek Dragon Ball Wish


Fatherly Advice

Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation

Combat Cards

Blue Leaving*3



Pure Defense

Trunks Energy Sphere*3


Blue Terror

Blue Betrayal*2

Energy Lob

Earth Dragon Ball Capture*2


City in Turmoil

Winter Countryside

Dragon Balls

Earth Dragon Ball 1

Earth Dragon Ball 2

Earth Dragon Ball 3

Earth Dragon Ball 4

Earth Dragon Ball 5

Earth Dragon Ball 6

Earth Dragon Ball 7

6 Comments to "Master Roshi Goes Balls Out"

  1. Shane Steinhauser says:

    DB victory needs a rework. It takes about half an hour to beat someone with a beatdown deck unless you are using some kind of Goku/SWK attack spam. DB on the other hand takes only a few turns to win with, and it can turtle down drawing the game out forever. DB doesn’t fit the spirit of the show either. Since when did the heroes gather the dragonballs and wish for eternal life, or for the main villain to be destroyed? The DBZ anime was about fighting and the card game should reflect that.

    • Sayjin says:

      Garlic Jr wished for immortality. King Piccolo and Lord Slug wished for eternal youth. Frieza and Vegeta aimed to wish for immortality. If I recall, either against King Piccolo or the Saiyans it was brought up about wishing them to be defeated, and it was stated they couldn’t because they were stronger than the dragon.

      Also, they only won in the fight against Kid Buu because they used the dragon balls to revive earth, revive the earthlings, and then power Goku up. They only won against Frieza because they wished back Piccolo with the dragon balls.

      They also used the dragon balls in the Battle of Gods movie as a key to the climax, but I won’t spoil anything from that as it isn’t out yet for western viewing for another month or two.

  2. Edison says:

    I think this deck needs ALOT of work. I don’t see how it would win a single game in Retro’s format or environment.

    The deck relies on Mommy’s Coming Dear and Hercule’s Dream Sequence as its only defense along with its Mastery. What happens when someone uses North Kai and declares first turn and you don’t have a Blue Leaving in the top 6?

    And Shane Steinhauser – I don’t agree with your assessment of two beat down decks taking 30+ minutes. If they are both well built the game should be over in 1-2 combats tops with someone claiming victory. Unless the two beatdown decks are full of random “stop a _______ attack, lower anger 1” and no offense.

  3. Darryl Fisher says:

    I would probably try to add some more d to the deck. Only 5 ways out of combat first turn and no blocks is kinda risky, especially in a small deck.

  4. I’ve always really liked Ultra Uppercut. Gets around Fury and Ball is probably most afraid of Saiyan. Those guys really don’t play hard physical blocks (S. Stop, Broly Supreme Power, S. Brace).

  5. blueskydreamy says:

    Master Roshi Level 1
    Master Roshi Level 2
    Master Roshi Level 3

    North Kai Sensei
    Black Scout Maneuver [2]
    Goku’s Blinding Strike [3]
    You’re Invited [3]

    Blue Mental Drill
    Bulma’s Scouter
    Caught Off Guard Drill [2]
    Dimension Scream [2]
    Don’t You Just Hate That
    Earth Dragon Ball 1
    Earth Dragon Ball 2
    Earth Dragon Ball 3
    Earth Dragon Ball 4
    Earth Dragon Ball 5
    Earth Dragon Ball 6
    Earth Dragon Ball 7
    Energy Pouch [2]
    Fatherly Advice
    Foreboding Evidence
    Frieza’s Force Bubble
    Hero’s Lucky Break
    Goku’s Lucky Break
    Goku’s Running Defense
    Mommy’s Coming Dear
    Namek Dragon Ball Wish
    Nappa’s Energy Aura
    Nappa’s Physical Resistance
    Orange Destruction Drill
    The Power of the Dragon
    Powerful Followers [2]
    Pure Defense
    Releasing the Sword
    Saiyan Power Block
    Saiyan Truce Card
    Startled [2]
    Super Saiyan Effect
    Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation
    Time Is a Warrior’s Tool
    Trunks Energy Sphere [3]
    Vegeta’s Physical Stance
    Victorious Drill
    Where There’s Life There’s Hope

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