Virtual Card Set 2013 – LEVEL UP TO THE MAX!

Back by popular demand, this Gen Con 2013 will have its first TUFF ENUFF tournament on the schedule in close to a decade. As such, we wanted to make a few TUFF ENUFF ONLY cards in the virtual set. We started with some traditional ideas, but we came up with something awesome and new for the TUFF ENUFF scene that we quickly started implementing it into the next few virtual cards. It’s really quite awesome, and you’ll see it next week. Don’t worry, it’s nothing crazy or complicated, and we bet a lot of you will say “Why hasn’t that been done before now?”! Unfortunately, there was really no way to incorporate the new TUFF ENUFF mechanic we came up with into this card, so it will be one of the few standard TUFF ENUFF ONLY cards in the set.

21 Cosmic AscensionBefore, many decks ran copies of Are You Tuff Enuff??? to level up in TUFF ENUFF, and I don’t blame them because it’s a really good card. Endurance 100 pretty much eats any attack and the instant level up makes it hard to run any non-Freestyle deck dependent on drills. It’s still a good card to run in the format, but we wanted to make something a little more reliable for gaining levels, as well as not affecting your opponent as much. We came up with this card, so that for the low price of discarding cards in your hand, you can instantly jump to your star level and commence with the beats mid attack! Decks like Lord Slug, Kid Buu, Broly and Trunks can jump right to the level they need to really lay on the pressure. Plus personalities that have slow low levels but awesome higher levels like Android 16 the Battler, Krillin the Great or Majin Pui Pui the Flashy now have a more consistent way to compete on the same level as the other top dogs.

Don’t ask me about the Celestial Fighter thing. That just got added somewhere and I never felt like removing it.

This card actually was conceived as a standard format card at first, before it evolved to its current state. After a bit of hammering and some playtesting, this was the power the original version had before being scrapped:

“Focused Energy Attack. If successful, you may give up winning by the Most Powerful Personality Victory for the rest of the game to advance your Main Personality a personality level and you may not use your Main Personality’s personality powers for the rest of combat.” (We were working on the wording.)

Eventually this idea was scrapped because we didn’t want too many effects that eliminate a win condition, and level hopping made some of the group uneasy about unforeseen abuse in standard. But pretty much anything goes in TUFF ENUFF, so we actually amped the card up a bit. The only major change from what you see on the actual card (besides that baffling Celestial crap), was that it was originally proposed as ______’s Cosmic Ascension, and worked as a named card in the same way as _______’s Guard Crush. However, some felt that this gave way to much advantage to the Majin Buu Saga Freestyle Mastery, so it became what you see here.

That’s it for this week. Come back next week for a TUFF ENUFF ONLY themed week with a new mechanic and just the thing the Saiyan Style needs: a new drill!

Later, BroZ!

4 Comments to "Virtual Card Set 2013 – LEVEL UP TO THE MAX!"

  1. arik says:

    My favorite part of this is actually the “celestial fighters only” bit. More cards like that would make me consider playing Torbie or something.

  2. TuffEnuff says:

    Bubbles needs more luv… >_<

  3. Danny Rider says:

    Right as I was going to bed a thought popped in my head about this card is and Gohan lvl 1 from Buu. Might need a look see or test as I believe the way the errata reads he can choose to not discard 3-4 cards and gain that many levels. It’s only one personality but it seems a bit strong there…

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